[Immortal Empire]WTF???

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My character was 26-28 lvl, just cant remember..i was playing for about 3-4 hours to lvl up..

and TA-DA i login again and i am only 20 lvl…

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Man, i really LIKE this game.. I faved it at put 5/5 cause nowadays it is real treasure such a casual cool retro-style RTS-RPG. Real nice!

But… i spent a lot of time to lvl up my characters + bought some nice equipment for troops. So now i hve to spend another couple of hours. And NOone is guaranteed not to loose achievments in future due to server bug or so…



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so//i am still NO difference. No radiance, no debug..nothing..

I dont think any1 will spend a penny into this game, before it is more or less stable.

And when U dont gain any compensation for time loss – it is really-really BAD.

Hope u do smth with that..

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No question the server is still splitting. But, I have put in a fail-safe that will minimize losing progress when it happens. Regardless we are now focusing all our energy on fixing this splitting problem. Will be resolved eventually I promise :)