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Since the developer won’t always be in the chat to listen, feel free to post any bugs here.
And remember:

Apparently right now certain players are turning up invisible.

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Chrome is crashing with a “Plug-In Not Responding” error when I open the game sometimes, also happened when I left it open for a while. Windows 7/Chrome 18.0.1025.168

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We’ll check with your team here and let you know ASAP.

BTW:Did you happen to have Unity installed in your machine already?

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Here’s what I found this morning.

  • Player list in match and in TAB-UI not updating or displaying correctly.
  • Diamonds – no one knows what this represents. Needs to clearly state “COLLECTION VALUE”.
  • Still firing weapon in background while pressing “Let’s Rock” button during weapon load-out (especially when I have no weapons selected).
  • Auto-respawn stops working, have to use “Q” for weapon select, then get back into game via that UI.
  • Invisible players – forced us to restart the server. Entire match full of people – 80% of them not visible, but can see me, can shoot and kill me. Only way I know they are there, weapon flash and impact particles. SERIOUS bug.
  • Purchase tokens UI, should just exist after purchase is made (and celebration UI is displayed). Don’t force player to return to purchase UI screen, press “cancel”. Bad flow.
  • BASH” particle/glow that usually surrounds player during that mode, seen floating mid-level with no player attached to it.
  • in-game count-down timer stops working – forever at 7:00, effectively kills the progression of the game. SERIOUS bug.
  • need to celebrate leveling-up!
  • BASH indicator and player glow particle not vanishing after BASH timer has expired.
  • weapon icons not always appearing in end match UI for all players
  • white color name/health bars over players – seems to be a cross-over bug from NPCs?
  • current in-game UI does not effectively communicate my match rank, or that of my teammates
  • in-game store, difficult to distinguish between locked and not locked items, make it more obvious
  • UI precedence needs to be sorted for ALL UI elements
  • random respawn points not working
  • buying a weapon (or toy?) permanently says “you bought for 0 days” – should say “forever”.
  • getting “double cursor” (windows + in-game)
  • shot myself in back of head with own rocket launcher – lag issue :(
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If you have general browser/plug-in crash issues, remember you can often solve those by simply clearing your cache. In Chrome you go to settings, under the hood, then clear browser content.

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Yes also had the ‘invisible’ bug. It occurred after I bought my first toy (Tribo) in the store. When i went back to the game, everyone was invisible.

While the game is loading, i can hear the game going on in the background. (gunshots,reloads and player running around)

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The p button didn’t seem to be toggling sound effects for me properly. It turns them off but not back on. Also, I think a way to turn off some of the more advanced effects and turn down the quality would help, as my computer almost caught on fire :D

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When I play the game in full screen, the game is pushed too far to the right, cutting off what I can see on the right. As well the aspect ratio gets squished horizontally making everything look stretched, taller and skinner.

I do play on a 1024×768 resolution which I know is kind of outdated.

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On the Buy Stuff Screen, Under Weapons, When I scroll all the way down, the names of the last two weapons are obscured.

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The Particle effect of the Shotgun blast goes through everything, walls and floors. Not sure if the damage actually goes through as well.

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I will send these feedbacks to the team and add them to the "To- Fix’ list.

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Alrighty then. Here are some of the latest things I have to report!


This screenshot with taken by using the printscreen key while in fullscreen mode. Oddly enough this is not how it appears on my screen. Something I would like to point out is that my tickets earned is at 0 which brings me to my next screenshot.


First on the top of the screenshot. I have 50 Diamonds, 17 Tickets, 10 Coins, I am Level 1 and have EXP of __.

I have played a handful of games and I think only obtained tickets in one, which brought me to 17.

I really want to level up and be able to use my earnings!

The next thing this screenshot illustrates is that the server capacity is not updating when I use the refresh button. I was not able to show it, but in the kong chat screen there was only one other person logged on with me when I took this screenshot.

I have to refresh my entire browser for it to update.

Next screenshot.

First of all, I was alone in this room when this screenshot was taken, but yet I have a pirate monkey icon next to my military one on the player bar on the top.

Second, this would be easier to see if it were video, but my character is currently floating in the air right there. Stuck on an invisible ledge. I cannot move to the right, but I can still jump and move to the left.

I get into this position by jumping off the spring board on the area below my character and hitting the corner of that ledge. It can be kind of frustrating to get stuck there in the middle of a firefight.

Just another screenshot to show that I was alone in the room and I’m still floating

Floating on the other side as well!

Finally this happened quite recent, someone with a monkey toy did join but this was a good 10-15 minutes after my original screenshots. But once our match was concluded, I was greeted with this conclusion screen.

I don’t think that was supposed to happen, unless this is some kind of new gameplay dynamic that I am unfamiliar with, you guys are pretty smart cookies so it could be. Pioneering the new minimalist score menus. Very Zen!

I think that’s about it tonight. Have a fine day y’all!

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Oh, Left out my last screenshot. Sorry about that, should hopefully make more sense now.


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Those are some great comments. Thanks for helping out! We’ll get all that sorted out ASAP. :)

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Happy to Help! Thanks for making a groovy game to help me relax.

Anyway, for my latest report


Something strange happened at the victory screen, not sure what!


I’m not sure what happened here either, I spawned, flew up into the air through the level, then teleported outside the level and was dead.

I noticed I am saving the tickets from my matches now. I am also somehow level 9. On my BHB Homepage my EXP still is a ____

I have been able to purchase weapons now, which is quite exciting. The whole Kreds and Gold coin system seems to be up, but I don’t know if I can afford to help test that one.

At one point in a game in the Jungle Today my character was walking along and fell through one of the logs on the bottom level, into the water and died.

Today I was also stuck with a Sticky Tron and in the jungle I went through a teleporter before it exploded and did not seem to take any damage when it did explode.

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Coin / Kreds system works fine Zach, I used it to buy a weapon

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My chatroom doesn’t apear to be loading (only on this game), and in game I recive large helpings of lag, which means my gameplay is horrible and all my foes probably think I’m a noob who fires at where they where :P

Using the latest Firefox and Windows 7.

It’s finally loaded after half an hour, the lag is still perplexing though.

Edit Edit
Oh, I also respawned in a wall and then fell to my death.

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Was playing May 11 between approximately 18:00 UTC and 18:30 UTC

Playing Robot Factory, Spawned inside of a teleporter which then pushed me off to the side of the level. I then fell down and was stuck somewhere underneath the level, I was able to move left and right, but could not seem to interact with anyone else.

eventually I became stuck under the level and found that when I shot my machine gun, it would automatically hit someone on the enemy team, got a decent amount of kills from under the level.


The Sticky Tron doesn’t seem to need to be reloaded.

At the level up screen, my cursor completely vanished.

Half way through a match today I lost the ability to switch weapons, both weapon icons disappeared and I was left only with my main weapon.

After dying and changing weapons twice, the problem corrected itself.

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Got the joining the game, please wait… screen hung up on my screen. Map loaded still there, left game still there…

Some players in game seem to be invisible.

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Haven’t been able to play in the last couple days. But another thing I wanted to mention was sometimes I would have an issue with the Sub Machine Gun or Shotgun where there firerate and reload speed would drop quite a bit, maybe half speed.

I’m not sure what would trigger it, but it would resolve itself once I died, which would be pretty soon when my damage potential is cut in half.

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Just one bug that happened to me today. It’s kind of vague, which is annoying to developers, but it was somewhat critical. While I was playing ( Big Head Bash in Firefox was the only application I had open and the only tab) my computer randomly turned off (instantly, not a normal shut down). My two guesses are either some horrible Unity bug or my laptop overheated and turned itself off (do laptops do this?). Windows 7 64-bit, FF13, Intel i3 processor.

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Laptops do not do this,heck i play my laptop for 12 hours non-stop

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A few times I have dropped the other players health to 0 but when it hits 0 the players name and health bar disappears but they are still alive and shooting… I saw a teammate spawn with no name or health bar i started shooting at him/her to see if they were the enemy and apparently they weren’t.

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When I am moving in one direction sometimes I get pushed back and it will happen persistently for a time and then go away. Mostly seems to happen when going from, say, a building to the open.

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I’m experiencing the same problem as kendahslice. Especially when going from indoors to outdoors as well. Maybe it’s my computer, but I don’t know. Otherwise it was a great game!