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Everyone keeps coming up with interesting ideas so lets post em here!

Let’s have a computer controlled option. You can be afk but still clear maps etc. To balance you’d get like 50% exp and it can’t be new quest maps or however Karma feels keeps it balanced but it’d be nice to not always have to control just to grind.

Credit goes to jake0192 on this one :)

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Nice idea, i would like also to be able to delete characters from party to create new one.

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want a restart lvl funktion or a select misson option. is hard to grind when i must click all time on deadwood 5 than loading port deadwood 4 loading, finish map port to a other map for reset loading and port back zu 4 loading.

so is better when i can port from deadwood 4 to deadwood 4 and monsters are back or can select in the menü the misson.

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-spectator mode in pvp

-destroyable spawn tower in pvp to increase tactics

-weapons with permanent damage based on weapon level to justify prices

-no limit to protection and stat increase

-parties separated by color or marker

sticky this thread and advertise this game so we get more players in the mix

-pvp wager
-to be able to manage teams in 2v2 normal
-enable “hard mode” in pve