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I really want bosses, you can’t level up until you defeat the next boss, thus there would be 25 bosses. I think i’d be nice to see some of the sets in action. Like for a boss have a warrior monk an assassin, a noob prisoner, A demon for lvl 25. You know? Something to give the items and the game more depth.

I thought you will fight normal AI until you hit the next level, you will immideatly be stopped right before you level (You’d have like 750/750 xp but you wouldn’t lvl up) and you would need to defeat the level champion to level up. I was thinking if you can still fight normal AI for silver and you would gain extra xp, but you would only earn 50% xp and wouldn’t be able to lvl up until you defeated the champion.

It just seems neccesary with a game such as this where there are myriad items of various descents but we know very little about the users/origins/information about the weapons. Champions would also have a small little backstory just to entice the player

Bosses would also be able to drop certain items that would benefit the player at their level, you’d still earn the silver you would get for lvling up, but the item would be more or less of a bonus.


Level 1 Champion Drop: Well used Short Sword, Rusty Short Sword (+1), Fishermen Boots, Foreman’s Bracers

Level 2 Champion Drop: Ranger Blade, Ranger Belt, Well Used Short Sword (+1), Apprentice’s Shoes, [Rare] Pirate’s T-Shirt

Level 3 Champion Drop: Ranger Blade, Short Silver Sword, Worn Linen Vest, [Rare] Brawler’s Pants

See? The Champion would have a chance to drop a set of on par items for the player. [Rare] items would drop at a much lower rate.

So what do you think?