[Chronicles of Herenvale] Android App Suggestions

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First, I am wondering if we should have a sticky for each Android and iPhone suggestions, as the suggestions could entail different aspects of each respective app (as well as the differences between the apps and Kong’s version).

Second, I do have a couple suggestions for the Android app (and possibly the iPhone if those have the same issues):

1. Loading Time – Is there anyway to decrease loading time of the app? While I understand it has to grab a lot of data from the server (completing login, retrieve last “location” [book/chapter], menus, raids, etc) it does appear that on my phone (Sprint Evo 4G) at least it takes a considerable amount of time (5+ minutes on my home wireless network) for the app to finish loading and present me with the main screen.

Possibilities: My first thought on this one was to make a “disable sound” rather than “mute”, this way the sound clips would not even load into memory, granted on the first run it would take a long time to load anyways, but if “disable sound” is checked on startup, then it would not have to load the sound at all. I had thought of ways of decreasing the amount of data to be sync’d as well, but without obvious “locked secrets” being exposed, I am not sure how the sync could be more efficient.

2. I believe this has already been mentioned, but I will place it here just in case, Guild tabs/raids – We currently do not have access to guild data on the Android app.

3. Guild tags on PVP areas – I hope this is a little obvious as well, when PvP’ing, we do not see what guild the target is in, this will hurt the guild stats if we accidentally farm a guildie.

Others to follow (I hope at least), I still would like to see this topic stickied, and a new topic created for iPhone, or at least make a “Mobile App Bugs/Suggestions” thread.


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Hey Derath,

Load time for me is about 10-15 seconds so I’m not sure what is going on for you :(

He may already be looking into adding it but I also submit my vote for access to guild raids.

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I love the app., especially pvp, however there are some issues i am having rather consistently. My phone is htc sensation, if it helps. The app is unusable if I attempt to connect at any speed slower than my wifi connection. The main screen freezes when I use the network at 4G and 2G speeds. The gem progress bar stops moving and it never gets past the loading page. I’ve waited up to 3 mins. to see if anything would happen, and nothing ever happens. The game works flawlessly at 4G and 2G speeds in my phone’s web browser, but for some reason the mobile app does not.

If people are curious how to play the game through their mobile web browser here is the link:

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I’m having trouble equipping gear on my android nexus recent update to newest 4.0. It has been happening for a while but I tried today to switch out of my raid gear in app and it wouldn’t hold.

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I would really like to see a change in the equipment part of the android version. Whenever you want to swap items in the equip screen, you can’t see it change. It does for sure, but you just can’t see it probably unless you exit and reload the app. I would like to see that change.

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Is there any chance for an android version of the app for tablets ? Maybe a port of the kong version ? I am also having the ridiculous load time issue as above [samsung galaxy tab].