[Star Supremacy] Maintenance at 02:00 8th server time

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Dear players:
We will have a maintenance at 02:00 8th server time. please log out before the maintenance to avoid unexpected issues
1.Resource card for sale in Shop (limited amount)
2.Domination war timer added
3.End battle function added, 10 free times per day
4.Special offer function added. use B-creds to exchange resources
5.Lever of Fortune interface optimized
6.Class A skill book for sale in Shop
7.Lance Base damage decreased
8.Change Ingenuity’ Industrial activity to Fleet armor bonus

Sorry for any inconvenience
Thanks for your support

Star Supremacy Operation Team

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I appreciated last two server maintenance a lot.
In first istance the lance base animation got fixed.
In second istance “Ingenuity” now gives 1 armor every point. A little change like this… actually fixed many different thingy: military rank bonus is less important than before, cuz theorically u can get 200% armor just from Ingenuity (against the +100%armor of higher m.raking). Other than this, rails weapon are more handy now if u use em in a tank setup. And without goin in detail, the fight mechanism is much more balanced. xD

Tumb Up !

ps: just a question, could barbily bit a little more clear about how much lance base damage has been reduced?

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I think further action is needed on Rails, maybe a small dmg boost.