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So… Massive wait times with the energy. (4 hrs 35 min for 330 energy) Unwise to spend money on it due to idiotically high prices. (300 energy refill costs 100 tokens. 800 tokens costs $20. One refill gives you about 5-20 minutes of gameplay. $20 for a few hours of gaming.)
Battles can be won or lost due to luck. The progression is extremely slow in almost every way, from leveling up to being able to expand your army, be it items or units. Making it quite boring too.
It’s sad that it’s being advertised as if this is based on skill. While it’s all about LUCK, and a mans wallet. Does ‘the chance to do bla bla bla’ apply or not. Chance this, chance that. This has absolutely nothing to do with skill.

This game does have a plus point, it’s addicting and fun. But with the mechanics revolving around it this just makes me hate it and the devs even more. First you give people something nice, then you barr them from using it in the slightest relaxing way. Not caring wether people enjoy your garbage, just focused on the money. Descpicable.

Perhaps that explains the 3.33 rating? (Down from being the highest rated game on kong for a short while, probably because you paid some people with crappy ingame items on FB to rate it high here.)

Such a pity the way players are treated. Just know even though you’re thinking you’re looking down on us players, as if we’re bags with $$$ signs on ‘em, we’re looking down on you, as a waste of oxygen and space.

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You dont need to pay anything at all to succeed in this game, your energy is constantly coming back for free if your all out of energy do something else and come back in an hour
And it seems like you havent gotten very far in it, to be able to beat later quests you need to put a lot of planning into your army set up and there are a huge amount of possible units and such to use

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Obvious statements are obvious.
I know you don’t need to pay to succeed. You’re missing the point though, the prices are insane, the wait times are insane, the progression is insanely slow.
Battles are based on luck, planning is not equal to skill. Anyone can spend hours to figure out a decent setup, while another could “plan” an extremely good setup in minutes. This has to do with intelligence but still does not mean the smarter player will do better. He/she should just have an easier time. Whatever “Skill” is needed in this, it comes from your knowledge of the game.

And don’t get me wrong, I think it’s a fun game. Just so horribly much wrong with it in the current state, I don’t see the game itself succeed. Once again, the low rating should indicate this as well, so i’m guessing i’m not alone with these thoughts.

You wanna think it’s perfect the way it is, that’s fine with me. I don’t judge, and I ask to receive same treatment. It’s not very fair trying to undermine me with saying “You dont need to pay anything at all to succeed in this game” while I never said you do. I’m all for pay 2 progress, if it’s fair. But in this, it’s not.
I paid for Terra Monsters. I did not pay for King’s Bounty: Legions, and I will not pay for this, with it’s current pricing. I’m stating these games as a comparison, there’s plenty other even more horribly priced games, but this is recent. In Legions you pay over $3 for a single unit (And a single unit can be compared, or even be viewed as worth less, than a single unit in this). In Terra Monsters you pay $2.50 at most to double the initial amount of creatures you can keep. (Which is enough to enjoy the game fully.) Still hard to compare but I hope you get my point.

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Well… i don’t know if i’m messing where is not my place. I’m pretty new in posting… usually, just play and go… ;)

But… i like the game. The art is very good and the ideas in it – well… let say, that they fit very much for my taste.

Sadly, i need to said with Antigaprime. I agree with almost anything what he say (and for witch i do not – is just from my lack of exp). The slow pace is not bad (for me), but is ridicules how little money i receive as reward and what i can buy with this money in the shop… so, yes… this is made to “purchase” stuff out of game… but come on! This is way too much.

For one hour play i barely can buy a skimpy “Gobbo gits”. And the only reasonable way to test the game is to wait few days, for some reasonable reward from the “Daily Click”…

I don’t see how i can progress further, because i receive all the reward in the first hour from the missions (that is possible to finish) and Tutorial. After that i can’t progress, because the battles are insane. The enemy have some elite units, more health and so on… So what i do? I don’t have resurses for “strategy planning”. Wait or buy? Huh…

P.S.: Excuse me for my bad english! And if by some way i broke some rule or mess where is not my place.

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Progression is minimal.
I’m lvl 8 and still just spamming bullshit missions in chapter 1 to get tokens to buy elites/reserves. It’s one massive grind, but at least 330 energy is spent in a few minutes.

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And you want to beat game in few days? I dont like such games.

Battles won/lost thanks to luck only? WHAT? You wrong man… If you press random keys and face roll keyboard, then yes – its luck mode; if you dont use skills and spells – then yes, its only luck mode.

Me for example saving action points and spells in first turn to see how luck will change tide of battle (only in first turn), then if i got some damaged enemyes – i am trying to make them flee with my action points (or instant kill) and in most cases, if i will not smart-use action points and spells – i will lose. Also, you should pay attention to your units HP and use low hp units skills before they die.

You havent played SkylancerOnline as i can see, you dont yet know what is real “luck dependence” and “long farming” as well as meaning of real “High Prices” and “Slow Progression”.

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Maybe you are right. I wish, but i doubt! Why?

Very often i lose battles from weaker enemies. And this is with very good tactics (how much is possible with the starting resources). For me, the system is broken… because is not giving much victory points for destroying an enemy groups. Is better to keep them in “escape”… they rally back and you “farm” them again. Often i beat that way with great difference in the points, when i destroy everything in the field… which is ridicules!

I mean: I lost a fight, when i have all my groups intact (1 hero, 1 elite, 3 core + 1 reserve), no escaping from them… and from his groups remain just 2 (from the same amount like mine)… one was escaping… So what you call that? I destroy one group in the beginning. Second in the second round! And still i lose…

In equal battles (which in the story mod are very rear, usually my opponents have much greater strength) is worse. There is 50% win/lose… and don’t know what tactics can help, because until the game not give you some better Formation, Magic and Troops, you barely survive. Don’t know how is the opposite campaign, but my troops are few, weak and the only way is to wait, farm and repeat again.

For the end – from your post i conclude that the game is just… not for me. Has specific style of slow pace and big waiting . Now, to discuss, is my tactic good/better and where i make mistake in my game… well… this is not the point. I think the root is that – the people expect more easy and simple pace. This game give something else. Hard fight and difficulty . For me this is not hard, is not difficult. Is simple farming. Waiting 15 clicks for good army and giving money to easy … what?… my farming.

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Hm. Maybe i was not clear enough.
The problems (i guess, i’m not expert) come from the expectation of the people. In the beginning the game is look with simple pace, that will give you a lot of things… but soon you realize that you need to fight for your survival. You are not conqueror… you’re some weakling. And need to put a lot of efforts to become something more (and i guess you never be a real “tank” (until you not buy some good things, of course)).

Well, frankly – i don’t like how this is realized. But i will continue to play… maybe to the moment that i’m totally disgusted… But I will continue to play, because the game has great art. I like it very much… so… great congratz! to the artist and the designer that realize how important part of the game is this! ;)

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If you gonna download any mmorpg and go straight to mobs 10+ lvl over your, then how are you gonna win? Will you whine about it as well? Too hard? If you lose to weak enemyes,- this mean they are actually strong – thats how it is… your strategy is fail if you lose to low lvl mobs.

Its always better in any real war to make your enemyes flee, this will give you much bigger effort then just killing all. So i think its fine in this game, this making it more tacticaly full. In real life its also 50/50 most time, so its fine to win only half battles.

The most common problem of all games in our days – they are too easy, too much arcade, only few buttons, no skill required and people asking all the time to make it even more easyer…

And yes, thanks to some developers, we still (sometimes) have games where you cant wipe-own everything and i like it. If you cant easy win right now – you turn back, you trying to become stronger, you learning and puting some effort, you trying to be better and better, you are evolving and then… you come back and win – this is how our life must be, when we reach point of nowhere to move forward – we become dead people, there always must be place, which we cant reach yet.

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Ya. Almost agree with you.
Just don’t like how is realized here. I mean, that in story mod i never fight with weaker opponents*. Witch is ridicules, because (i’m undead) I attack them. In real life… nobody weaker will attack stronger force, when has no chance to succeed (only if is pushed in the corner) or is 50/50. About this – i also can’t agree. In “real life” nobody make a fight in equal terms (only the duels, but this is not the matter and there is a lot of “but”-s and “if”-s); You always try to put your enemies in disadvantage. Or to attack, when he is weak!

Here – this is not possible. The only possible fights to influence are this 50/50… and maybe with (let’say) +10% if you choose some right combo. Now i test the fight without using a skill. My enemy has the equal force (i just have better stacks + better skills for this fight). And just don’t play…. only push the button for the next round. And guess what: I win 10 time one after another… with losing 50% of my army!!? My hero, my reserve and my cavalry…
Is this close to the real life?

And in real life, in battle is much better to “kill” everything**, rather than – give them the opportunity to reorganize and strike back. Destroying a squad for short time in the eyes of the other ally is… much more “devastating” for the moral, than just give them the opportunity to flee (e, there is no rule… the matter is to win!). If in the game was some bonuses (like fleeing stack gives penalties to the other stacks in the line, or at least… destroying all of the opponents forces to give you some funds in the end reward) and conditions that can chain witch each other***… will be something. But is not (or i not see… i’m in the second part (still in the beginning, i know));
But as i say – i’m almost agree… and the big part is “agree”. Because this is game and as such need to satisfy some players taste. It not works for me. I play only for the art and some interesting game mechanics (i endorse board games), but find the battles random. Not challenging (for me).

And very much agree with that:
“The most common problem of all games in our days – they are too easy, too much arcade, only few buttons, no skill required and people asking all the time to make it even more easyer…”
You can find this in even “serious” games (but will not say names, to not detract from the theme). But is better the difficulty to come from sane matters – not from stupid controls, not from useless ideas (or lack of ideas at all).

The last part of your post is iron, man. Good words and true!

1* Aye… i CAN fight with weaklings, after i go forward in the story and to re-play some old fights… but this is just for grinding.
2* Is sad but true… because of that very often we read in history books, how the villages and people was burned, butchered and destroyed to dust. Because total destruction instil fear: “If you not step back and surrender, you will be slaughtered as this one… no mercy, no respite!”
3* Like, attacking a fleeing stack is making the others stacks in the line more susceptible to fear. Or when some stack is in “fear” condition, he receive greater damage, or… can use only defend, but is nor fleeing… And then, using “fire spell” on it – is “sure success” to make it flee and do greater damage. And so on…

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Tedeum, I disagree about most of this…

In real life, yes, it does happen that you need to attack a stronger force. Consider that in this game you don’t command the whole army, just a part of it (at least at the beginning), so it could also be that you whole force is stronger but your small party is weaker, relatively speaking.
You kinda answered yourself, since you ARE able to put your enemy at disadvantage by deploying the right troops.

Would you rather have your losses not replenished after each battle? That would totally suck. I don’t get your point here. Imagine the hero escaped, if you need to justify the fact he’s not dead next time, imagine you conscripted new men or raised more skellies etc…

The flight here is well represented, in other games it’s not. If you actually knew a bit more about tactics, you’d understand that sometimes you have to let your fleeing enemies go. For example if you need to focus on more non-fleeing enemies (just like here), or if you don’t want to corner them since then they’d actually put up a desperate fight, while they’re harmless when fleeing etc. Real life.

As for non challenging battles, yes, R2 is too soon for that I guess. R3 is said to be hell.
As for details like making nearby stacks more likely to flee as well, or adding a fear effect to fire etc, those are unneeded complications atm imho. They can sure be added later on, but I’d prioritize more content and some more urgent adjustments first.

So I’ve read on the diviad boards that in R3 you are forced to use demons to have a decent win rate, at least in 3.1 and 3.2…But even before that, as someone else pointed out, you can’t really have an optimal undead-only formation: it appears it’s always better to splash some greenskin and/or demons. I guess same goes for FoG.

I think it would be nice to have both a mixed army and a “pure” one to be equally viable. Pure armies also make more sense to me flavor-wise, but I understand the mixed ones are important as well.

Maybe add an ability to some heroes-units-items that activates only if your army is 100% undead (or greenskin, or demons). Even further, 100% corrupted or reanimated or orc or goblin etc…I know we already have heroes that buff some races specifically, but it’s not enough to make you play just those races, “splashing” some of the other ones is just too good in comparison…

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All this bla bla. Putting words in my mouth, or pulling them out of context and saying “And you want to beat game in few days?” is based on what? Where with your mind have you found this information? You formed it yourself.
My point stands, I wouldn’t care if I never finished the game as in terms of how large it is. However, minimal progression… is minimal progression. And just because there’s even more horrible games with shit luck and no progression does not excuse anything. That’s little child mentality.
Either way, i’ve decided i’m done with the game anyway. It’s been a boring and long ride, with a bit of hope for more diversion, which just gets crushed with every empty energy bar. Grinding my ass off in possibly one of the most senseless manners.
1. [Do Quest]
2. 5x [Next Turn]
3. [Repeat Quest]
Repeat steps 2 & 3 about 20 times. 2-5 times a day.

The battles that actually take some effort with abilities n skills quickly bore the crap out of me as well, as it’s quite the repetetive game. And with the minimal progression; where in 2 days of playing and spending hours on the game you can come out with absolutely 0 change or improvement, maybe a few dozen blue tokens extra, the repetetiveness strikes even deeper.

And try to argue with me all you want, it’s pointless. It won’t improve the shitty low rating which barrely puts the game on the hot list with 3.5+, and it won’t change my opinion. As that’s all this is, my opinion.

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First… want to say – it was nice talk. I enjoy to discuss the game… because as i say before – there (were) few things that i like. And i will not write if i didn’t like something in the game. Pure hating is useless (for me).

Second – this is my point of view, but all my suggestions was based on – what will make the game more suitable for Me.

Now… Aenarion – you suggest that we command just part of the army… but if is like this – for my taste – is also not presented well.
And all of the conversation now become where my taste is “right” or not and vice versa. I apologize if i turn the theme to this narrow road. Is not good, but i wanted to share my disappointment.

The game is not new (i think is published in other game sites and maybe has it’s own site… i don’t dig much), so i guess… all my words goes in vein.
And – yes. I think is really pointless to continue, because i agree with Antigaprime – it can’t change my mind about the game.
And – i cant change your mind (and i don’t want) Aenarion or to every body liking the game. Because i see that… you really like it. So this is great stuff! And the game designers make a good hit. Still i think it can be better with a little… But i think this, because i’m from the opposite site ;)

So. Have fun and good play!

P.S.: Aenarion said : "If you actually knew a bit more about tactics… " now, this is complicated thing and is not good to give such a conclusions. Maybe i know? Maybe i study and have practice? But this is complicated matter and every real Tactician will laugh on us, because nothing can be put in simple sentence (or it will be like Zen quote). Yet i simplify my answer, because my post become long from longer.

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Yeah sorry about that Tedeum but it was based on your claim that “it’s always better to destroy everything rather than allow escape in real life”.

But you and Antiga are right about some things. I for one really like this game tho, despite it can be improved quite a bit. There are many units, it’s not frustrating since if you lose you “just” lose time but you don’t permanently lose troops/equipment etc…

The grind is a little annoying, but it’s a necessary evil. It’s there in EVERY online game, it’s what you need to do if you want to stay F2P (and in many good games even P2P have to grind a lot regardless). I’ll say more, the grind here is much lighter than in other games. You can use your 330 energy in 15 mins and come back in 4 hours: I love it, since I value the time I actually spend playing, I don’t mind waiting times that much.

The one major problem there seems to be according to the forums, imho…is that you’re “fixated” on having to use some units. Like you have to use demons in R3, or your success chances seem to drop too much (from 95% to under 50%?).
Now what I (and many others, I trust) expected, was the chance to use your selected race efficiently anytime, maybe splahing a unit or 2 from other races, but not having to change your whole army. I’d love to be able to do it all with undead, w/o orcs and especially w/o demons (and even more especially w/o cultists…). Not sure if that is possible atm, not withouth a gargantuan effort at least.

Now this is based on the forums, I haven’t tried it myself yet, so correct me if I’m wrong plz. But overall I really like the game so far (R2.1, day 4). I’ve been trying out A LOT of similar online games lately, and this is definitely the one I like most. We’ll see how it gets going deeper in the content…