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Choose your side, sharpen your Axe, and prepare to make WAR!

Welcome to WarAxe, your newest addiction brought to you courtesy of the crack development team at Diviad. Since I’ve been a Beta-tester from the beginning, I thought I’d share some tips based on my personal experience. This is not an official guide endorsed by Diviad, just the thoughts of a WarAxe beta-addict that I think might be helpful to newcomers. I hope you find it useful.

The Basics
When you start a combat, in either Story mode or PvP, there is a bar at the top that shows the balance of power. The balance is based on the strength of your Army vs the strength of the Opponent. It usually starts somewhere around the middle. The scale is based on Victory Points (VP). For you to win, your final VPs must be higher than your opponent’s.
Take a look at the balance of power when you start a fight. You want to have at least a slight lead when the fight is started. If you don’t, it’s going to be an uphill battle, and, to be honest, very difficult to win, despite your best efforts.
If the PvP opponent or Quest is stronger than you when you initiate it, find another target until you are stronger, you’ll be a lot less frustrated in the end.
You get VPs by inflicting damage to the Opponent’s units. You get additional victory points if you cause their unit to Flee (indicated by a White Flag on the unit), and yet more if you completely destroy the unit. Therefore, it’s better to focus on damaging one unit and making it Flee rather than wounding many units.
This is not a mindless clicking game. You need strategy. You will have to experiment and find what works best for you. The goal I aim for is to have as many Opponent units Fleeing at the end of combat as possible.
Use your Actions and Spells. Let me repeat that. Use your Actions and Spells! You’re going to have a difficult time winning without them.

What do all those Skills do?
If you hold your mouse over the name of any Skill in the skills list, a tool tip will pop up telling you what that particular skill does.

Army Building
Your army is built around a Formation. As you progress though the game, you will earn different formations with more ‘slots’ and more base power. Each slot has a unit type, Hero, Elite, Core, Support, etc.
Each Unit other than Hero units has a size (usually 5 or 7, but sometimes more or less). The statistics (HP, Attack, Defense) of the unit adds up / stacks in each slot. Therefore, a Unit with 3 blocks added to it will be 3x as powerful as a Unit with 1 block in it.
From my experience, it is better to maximize each unit slot before spreading out. You may want to consolidate your initial Core troops into a single stronger unit rather than two weak units. I had more success with this as it was less likely for my unit to break and flee.
When your unit is over 50% strength (some say higher), add a Command Unit to them. I like getting to at least 3 of 5 or 5 of 7 in a Unit and then adding a Command Unit. Why? Because Command Units give your Unit the ability to rally, and that can make all the difference in Round 5 of a tight battle. Also, you can add Weapons, Armor, and sometimes Artifacts, to Command Units to further strengthen them.
Command Units do not take up part of your Unit Size. If the maximum number of subunits in a unit is 5, that means you can have 5 blocks of the unit plus a Command Unit for that slot. The Command Unit is really more like a modifier for the unit, as opposed to one of the subunit blocks. [Contributed by Solus Artum]
And maybe the most important thing… FARM FREE UNITS! I really can’t stress this enough. In every region there will be units you can farm from quests. They have a pretty decent drop rate. Farm them! You can fill up your Cores with all free units and save your Tokens for Elites in R1. In R2, there may be other units to farm for your new formations. Make sure you farm these to full strength and use your Tokens on unit types you can’t get for free.
Buyer Beware! Be careful with what you buy. Don’t buy Elites if you don’t have an Elite slot in your formation. Don’t buy a Hero-Only Armor for your Core troops. Don’t buy an Orc-only weapon if you have only Undead units. Hopefully you get the idea… [Contributed by Rob Vink]
Plan ahead and concentrate your efforts. Obtaining 1 or 2 of three different units isn’t going to help you. Plan your army ahead and focus your purchases.
You can and should change your army around for some Quests or PvP. For example, you dont want to equip powers or units that only target a specific unit type (e.g., reanimated, infantry) if that type of unit is not in your Opponent’s Formation. This is also a good reason to diversify your collection of units. [Contributed by Erica Thomas]

Story Mode
This is where the story line advances and you pit your army against the opposing forces.
The Main Quests will help you unlock new regions.
The Side Quests will help you build your army.
Green Quests are standard, and usually the easiest.
Blue Quests are somewhat more difficult, and usually have either a cooldown timer, or require extra energy to complete. Blue Quests can also give you multiple coins as a reward, and once you’re strong enough, are the best to use for farming coins.
Purple Quests are going to kick your arse. At first. You usually need upgraded units from the next region to complete a Purple Quest. Either that, or donation items.
Just because you can enter the next Region, doesn’t mean you should. You will need to spend time in each Region building the strongest army you can to stand a chance in the next one, so don’t rush – take your time [Contributed by Solus Atrum]
However, as soon as a new region is open, go take a look at what is available at the Merchant that you might be able to already afford with PvP Tokens or Blessed War Tokens! Also, have a look at the first quest to see what it drops and plan accordingly. Might be a new formation, might be a troop.

I don’t like PvP, should I do it? YES! The combat is really just like story mode, except you are fighting other people’s formations rather than Diviad-generated formations.
There is NO downside to PvP, no negative stats are tracked.
There are Core, Elite, and even Hero units that can only be purchased with PvP tokens. And, furthermore, they’re usually a little more powerful, IMHO, than the ones you can buy with Story Mode Tokens.
This is a great way to build strength of your army before you are strong enough to complete the tougher quests.
Most importantly, PvP Tokens are “universal currency” that can be used in any region, so if you store up some PvP tokens, you should be able to buy new some units (and usually extremely strong ones) from a new region as soon as you unlock it, without having to farm that region! [Contributed by Rob Vink]

Use your daily clicks!
Another great way to build your army, with some very powerful units, is to log in every day and use your daily rewards! Why should you do this?
The units you get are free.
The units you get are powerful.
Do you need another reason?
By Level 15, you can have a few free Core units, a free Core Command Unit, a very strong Elite unit with a Command Unit, and a very powerful weapon. Free!

Should I Donate?
The age-old Donor vs Non-Donor debate. Here’s my take. Again, this is my take and is not endorsed or influenced in any way, shape or form by Diviad.
The game itself is completely free. And, as a beta-tester, I participated as a strict non-donor. Anything in the game can be accomplished with zero donations. I’ve done it. You just have to farm more and have more patience.
I view Facebook Games as Entertainment. The same as going to a movie (at least $10), drinking beer with my mates ($10-$40 depending on how late of a night it is), or playing other video games ($40-$60+). I spend money on my Entertainment, from time to time. And I do the same with good Facebook games.
I donate to Facebook games on occasion, but only the ones with great customer support and ones that release new content regularly. All Diviad games meet these criteria.
I play Facebook games far more often, and for far longer than I do XBox or PS3 games.
So, if you like the game, and want to support the developers and help new content come along, then donate from time to time. I donate 3-4 times a year at the $20 level to what ever game I’m playing the most. The last three times I’ve donated, they’ve all been to Chronicles of Blood.
A little donation can go a LONG way in WarAxe. Most Hero Units are in the 150-250 Blessed WarTokens range. Full sized units will be 500-1000 Blessed WarTokens. $20 gets you a donor item and 800 Blessed WarTokens. That, along with the Blessed Wartokens you can earn free in-game, can get you a full-sized Elite Unit and maybe a Hero. So, if you want the game to move a little more quickly, want to farm less, and want to have an easier time with missions and a leg-up in PvP, $20 will do it!

Written by Grand Gouda

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Thank you for that GrandGouda :)

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lol I had just finished typing up a much more condensed version of starting advice

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man …. what are you doing? this is your beginners guide from the wiki? right? put a link to the wiki page here, not a copy of the text. so, if you are updating your guide you just need to update it in one location. programmers call that “free of redundancies” ;)

just edit your post so it says:

you can read a beginners guide written by GrandGouda here:

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thats how you spread information the right way.