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Thanks for your great feedback and bug reports on Dragons of Atlantis! I’m Barry, helping out with the DoA team at Kabam.

I see a lot of stuff like missing troops and error messages. The best thing to do with those is to contact our support team here: http://kabam.force.com/PKB?gameId=32&game=Dragons_of_Atlantis&l=en_US&locale=en_US&naid=30225833

Give us detailed information, such as your DoA name, Realm, the date your issue happened, and some detailed information about it. We’ll read it over and respond as quickly as we can!

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this isit a bug but i think u should have a storm dragon i think he should have purple wings feet shaped like lihitnine and the aromur very awsome also the outpost can be a dark cloud with the dragon keep or something im just saying that whould be the best dragon its awsome and elamental like that it can be eqaul dragons :)

the soldiers can be spical archers or spear throwers and the egg can be found in a montien lvl 7 or higher

this is just an idea of a new dragon i dont mind if u use it or twek it a bit with the soilders or egg out post or look or lvl of montien or if u even use the monten

but if you guys do make it, it would be really awsome if u can put my name on wiki for the page (if u make the dragon) of the dragon :)

i also think this drgon should be very fast and strong because a thunder strom is fast and pwerful and thunder stroms can strick anywhere so thats why i think it should have avvrege renge attack and very high mellle attack (loud 0)

agien if u do use this idea i wont mind if u swich it up a bit or put new stuff in it or something its just a idea :)

( hope kabam sees this :) )

plees reply on this page on what you think (kabam) of my dragon idea

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what i would really like to see its a new building called market where you can trade one resource for another, perhaps at a loss of profit and it would even out at 1 for 1 at level 10 or something, since the player trade doesnt work very well. dunno if that would make the game too easy though.

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Although the storm idea is also interesting, I agree with the market idea because I find the current trade isn’t working. In over three months since I started this game I haven’t seen anyone use it yet. Many other games have trade capabilities between players and these are constantly used. Maybe it’s just a question of better marketing of the idea. It definitely needs to be modified.

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