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since this is a pretty nice game i actually don’t want to quit but there is no content for people lvl 50 and above which somehow forces me to.

i suggest to release some kind of hard mode, i.e. all the dungeons that are currently available filled with monsters level 50 above. (a lot stronger than the current deadwood-monsters to give a motivation to collect higher level mythics)

i am not sure how much effort it takes to make such changes but since u only have to change the monster’s stats it might be doable

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No question Skull, of all the suggestions I’ve heard, this is one of the most obvious glaring holes in the gameplay right now. Currently the game is designed like so:

Each ‘act’ takes you 25 levels. We want to finish the last two ‘acts’ to bring you up to level 100.
Beyond this, each difficulty brings you another 50 levels. So there will be hard (100-150) very hard (150-200) and nightmare (200-250).

But, we didn’t want to unlock the difficulty modes until we actually had all the ‘acts’ in there. So, expect new content, followed by difficulty modes, in the future. Until then, all I can recommend is to try with a different character, or playing PvP.

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alright, thanks for the reply

do u have any approximate release date for the third act? (within 1 month or more likely later?)

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Hard to say, it’s a lot of content and it might take a couple months before it’s bug free and ready for release. But, it is certainly going to be top priority after we finish our server upgrades.

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Since this is the suggestion section. The attack skills become useless at higher levels. They keep their same damage. I would suggest making them based on base damage or making them based on the immortals level. You could leave it the way it is and have this base damage/or/level based damage only work on the highest level of the skill. I would also like to suggest the same thing for the summons.