[BattleCraft] undead totally imba

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I am dead, and now I alive, I am dead, and now I alive again.

I need account reset button!!

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therefor ressurecting costs energy, they might come back always but they die faster than u if they dont kill all of ur heroes.

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I agree with rhys. In the begging the computer seemed a lot tougher than was fair; however, with more game play and stratagy options available I find this game to be significantly easier. Each class gets its perks. The knights get tons of armor. The forest archers get 4+ random bonus damage. Most orcs have the ‘grow’ ability which allows them to continually gain extra attack and health. And, the undead do not die. In the end, this game seems balanced in most aspects, including the undead.

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lol level 21 now, all story completed.

my major pack

1. block 2 knights

2. relive archer mage undead

3. cover tree archer nature

4. cover heal fairy nature

there are some strategy difference between 30(morale)/30(energy) battle and 50/50 battle.

undead get more advantage in 50/50 battle, but game balance is acceptable now.