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Here’s your chance to guide our development by telling us what you would like to see implemented next. Clearly, there are many directions the game can take, so knowing what you want most will help us prioritize our upcoming features. Thanks for your input!

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I would like to see new features, especially card trading. New content would be at the bottom of my list.

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New Content is always at top list, don’t say that Fallacy >_>

Trading is less relevant when you can earn every card in retail save for rares, would help for rares but it is already rare for a player to have spare rares to trade

Little tidbits that could work could be access to deck builder and shop through Multiplayer Adventure, and perhaps being able to challenge people in Multiplayer Adventure to PvP from the same screen. Exiting menus every time is kinda cumbersome

Flamethrower and Flamebomb kinda do the same. I would recommend to have Flamethrower deal damage to a single target over turns. Perhaps 1 over 4 turns for 0 or 1 over 5-6 turns to single target without cantrip

Other stuff when i get them on my short-term memory

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I wish for more “synergy” inside the diffrent factions (Cataclysm, Nightmare, Druid etc.)
What I want is them to be more like Hive, since they have many spells and creatures that gets better if you have more creatures out, I was thinking that the other factions could get something similar BUT that it should be resticted to only of the same faction. At the same time some of the “staple” cards could get a minor nerf so they aren’t always included in all decks.

0 Cost
Can use another spell after
1dmg to target creature (+1 for every creature you have from Cataclysm)

This way it would be a nerf if it was used in a Hive deck, or any deck that doesnt use any of the Cataclysm characters, but it would be a slight buff, or about the same in a deck with many Cataclysm createures (remeber they all cost 3gems so you will have 1-3 out max)

This way you could try and give your deck a better focus, instead of right now you just try to take all the good cards (Fireball, Potion of XP, Memory Burn, etc) and put them in one deck, maybe memory burn could get a nerf also, maybe it should cost 2gems to cast but -1gem for every nightmare createure you have, minimum 0cost)

This way nobody would run it, unless you have a nightmare deck.

Ofcourse not every card has to be changed or has to scale this way, but it would be nice to see some staple cards nerfed to “only” work in a deck with its faction, and maybe some of the “bad” cards could see play if in its own faction.

The reason for all of this is that I feel that right now all I do is to put all “good cards” in one deck and then I’m happy I dont see a reason to play things from the same faction or do anything differnt, the only thing diffrent in this game is Hive, and I wish more/all factions was more like that. Could maybe have some powerful cards that requiers you to have X amout of cards from that factions in the deck to be able to play it (like you must have 15 Cataclysm cards in your deck to add this card).

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Playing enough Multiplayer adventure makes me notice we could use a Tracker. As in, in order to know where your fellow guildies and your edifications are placed. Would make it easier to avoid getting lost and would also ease fortifying your own citadels

I will second Zahmet, he got me at Memory Burn, hah

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I’d like to be able to see how many cards are in opponents hand
A redone text only deck editor with search functionality
An expansion set that gets similar bonus as hive does, but for spells/abilities cast that turn

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I think there needs to be a few card alterations. Spells: High damage spells should cost at least 2 mana. Why? Some spells, like earthquake, decimate the enemy in one turn, even at the beginning of a match. Also, i wish cocoon could chain. I would also like a pack featuring fast mana boosts and many weak, but chainable creatures, perhaps with the added ability of being able to put three in a deck (in fact, why not do that for all weak creatures?). Last thing, team pvp matches or free for all matches. I’m not sure if that’s shooting too high, but guilds should be able to have massive battles, and maybe 2 friends could join up for a boss cpu match or fighting against another team.

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For adventure map:

Need a way to communicate with guild members easily:
Either some kind of shoutbox (message is visible even if you were not online at the time message was written) or at least a way for guild leader to post announcement for other guild members.

Grant control to guild leader to decide who can join guild or not. Right now you can benefit from buildings on the map by joining corresponding guild and leaving it afterwards.

Possibility to know in which guild someone is, maybe put that information on profile screen and allow people to see profile of other players.

This is more balancing, not sure exactly what should be done – maybe current situation is fine.
It feels wrong for me that the cost in gem/time is higher to construct a building than to destroy it.
Especially for defense building like tower, for other buildings it could make sense to have it less costly to destroy them than to build them.
I think a brand new player can easily gather the 20 gems required to destroy tower by lvl-ing up several times quickly.
A high level player will require minimum 15 hours to get the 15 items necessary to build tower ( and probably much more than that, as drop rate probably below 50%)

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I think there should be a small mini-game put into tournament pvp so the players who win thier games faster have something to do in the mean time. The game could give a small coin reward or slightly higher prize rating. Either way having a mini-game will make tournaments seem to run more smoothly for those who try to win games fast.

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Woah, i like Capjames idea :)
It could be mini-mini game, nothing special :P Just something with increasing difficult, so it wouldn’t be boring :P And it could (or not ;d) give a small coin reward (really not much).

Great idea, +1.

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I think a simple memory type game would be fun. Skylanders Pirate level had a decent memory game that was a fun distraction.

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I think the “new” player with starter deck should not pvp or tournament against player with rares and mature deck as it is almost impossible to win then.
Instead there should be different leagues.
Also i have no idea what is tier 1-3. It should be explained ingame.

Also the campaign should have different modes now the computer normally spawns 2or max 3 creatures and sometimes at the point where it could easily spam some other creatures it just plays on normally.
You could put a hard campaign option inside and let the ai play properly…

The Practice is kind a boring as the ai seems to play the same deck over and over.

If you want to have some ideas how to make a campaign and other stuff more interesting take a look at spectromancer.

A 100% rare while buying a boosterpack vs 1% against not paying member… kinda heavy stuff but okay, just make sure the paying player and the not paying player will not battle against each other as then it would be kinda heavy unfair advantage for the paying player.

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“You could put a hard campaign option inside”

I suggested this some time ago. I still think that hard difficult option, after clearing campaign area, would be awesome :P not that much work ( just add more monsters, increase their stats or something like that). Now i think that the work done with making a campaign area is disproportionate to the time of playing campaign :d

So, again +1 to this idea ;)

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1. Sealed deck/booster draft tournaments. (open X amount of cards, player’s make decks out of cards).
2. Alternate tournament formats sealed to normal. Additionally, alternate sudocash to gold with sudo only occurring a fraction of the time.
3. Increase rare probability to 4-5% as favoring paying player’s seems a bit too much.
4. Give paying player’s more stuff not more card advantages! Ex: Pay for your sprite avatar when you walk across map or in tournaments paying member get to play first, meaning matched up against AI.
5. Overall card/game balance needs to be looked at more. Currently, the game is still favoring a basic slow-roll direct damage deck-type. Faster deck choices and deck concepts (like egg deck) should have a chance at this game, but they don’t.
6. Guilds don’t not need to be joinable anymore. Leader/officer’s can kick players and to join a guild must need to accept applicants.
7. Create attack guild system. Create a loyalty guild system. Every time you defend a structure +1 pt and attack structure +1pt. Perhaps, contemplate good/evil structure. Guild’s that attack become evil, defend = good and there are overall bonuses for good/evil guilds.
8. Significantly increase rewards for killing human structures, but structures (1) all have auto defenses of current members and (2) can be manually defended if someone in guild is online.
9. Redesign the game interface. Create a new button category and subcategory list and keep that navigation the same no matter where you go to any page. Credits page doesn’t need to take up an entire category.
10. Create encyclopedia of all cards with card art for player’s to easily access.
11. Redesign deckbuilder: make card art smaller. You can add/subtract card from just clicking on card. Deckbuilder could have optional ways for player’s to view all the cards and card types.
12. On map, if I land on player, with dialogue box I can challenge players to PVP. (player’s can have auto-decline option too).

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A new update made the cards and abilities played are shown battle in the middle of the screen.

Can we please change it so that it doesn’t delay the game by 1s each time I play a card/ability… or make it optional (can turn it off). For those of us who know the cards/abilities well already, it’s really annoying being told what exactly is being played slowly and being forced to wait 1s every single ability/card played. Thanks

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I would also like to see more automation of the actions:
1. If only one choice for defender, please auto-select.
2. Give me an auto choice box to be selected to have “creature that attacked last turn will auto-attack again this turn” or just “all creatures auto-attack”
3. auto-select me best choice for defenders and attackers and spell choice. Yep, let the AI take over my turn so it can go faster.
4. Overall game speed could be 25% faster.

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Trade up for unique tourney rewards… 2×100point card for 1×200point card, 2x 200point card for 1x 300 point, 2x 300point for 1x 400 point…. cause right now the 400 point reward cards are unobtainable….

and reward for winning a tourney is usually a card that sells for 75gold vs 200gold for simply participating and losing

also something for tourney after 100 championship wins achievement???

+1 to modvenger’s suggestions to improve efficiency/game speed

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not big but in pvp it would be nice if there is only one monster u attack it immediately instead of having to select to defend.

Also in pvp if opponent is afk should be booted after so many turns or time limit

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A better screen for creating a deck and selecting the cards that you want to be in it. (better filters)

More information about what cards you are missing. (in what pack they are)

Bug fixes :P (like over urchan volley and parley, not going away with cleanse)

More organised view of How to obtain cards in adventure mode.

wel lots is already mentioned so i wil just ad this ^^
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OW i forgot to mention, to add rating with tournament when fighting a other player.
(about the reward maybe a sign-in bonus wil be enough to get people of your back about that)

ow and if anything about trading wil be implented. (card trade are kind of useles)
maybe the item found in the guild/adventure mode could go traded.

Maybe also a way to deconstruct cards to materials. (i for one have alot of cards but they are all the same so instead of selling them i can creature materials from them) although it is hard to see what to do with them… so best is to gather them :P)

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I wish, items weren’t 80%+ pointless. As in, why in heavens would I sell an item for 5-20gp? Items GP should be a translatable formula to # of actions. Additionally, there isn’t a single thing on the map that helps transmute common-uncommon items to help get rare items. Please give a barter system, so I’m not sitting here with bulk useless stuff.

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Even with a potential Hunting at 20 actions a day x 7 days a week, I don’t see even remotely possible to getting “rare” items as seen on the map. I guess the rarity is fine, but not when you factor in there is ONLY 6 things on the map to attack over and over and over. It’s getting boring seeming the same things on the map, multiplied by the fact no ability to trade/barter items with AI.

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my new #1 wishlist item is now sealed deck/draft format tournaments. I’ve played all the cards, now I want to play with the best of the worst!

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Profile avatars, would be nice if they where all visible like the achivements. I got the feeling that old avatar pictures get deleted while new once get unlocked.

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Map upgrade: Trades. Make both sides of a trade possible: EX: Currently 3 gold ore = compass. However, we can’t make 1 gold compass into 3 gold ore (which is far more valuable). Just because you get rare items,. please don’t make them non-valuable/low value to sell.