[Star Supremacy] Player GM Recruiting

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Thanks for all players’ long term support to Star Supremacy.
All Barbily members from players’ perspective are dedicated to make Star Supremacy the most influential space war strategy game.
We hope more players can join with us in designing this game and together make it better.
Now, Star Supremacy Player Designer Recruiting starts! No matter you are young or old, no matter you are student or office clerk, no matter you played star supremacy or not, if only you love games , if only you are willing to share your ideas, you are welcome to the designer team of Star Supremacy!

1. Report bugs and glitches in game
2. Send good game suggestions to official mail (support@barbily.com)
3. Help newbie get familiar with Star Supremacy
4. Keep secret on the coming updates content

1. We will add a Hall of Fame in the game and add your name into it. Let every players know your contribution
2. Name new equipments or ships after your name
3. B-creds and items rewards
4. And of course also welcome to become one of us in Barbily

The recruiting ends at May 25th 2012.
If you are interested in such position, please contact support@barbily.com as soon as possible. We appreciate it if you would like to attach a doc of some thoughts on the current version.

BasicBasic (from Kongregate)and Rohan(from official) are recruited :)
Thanks for everyone’s participation

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No need to reward me Barbily, but all I want is that you see that energy is in per hour, so why not make a burner that burns ore for energy? 200/hr for 50 Energy

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Technically the power station should already do that, whether its fuel or ore so I agree.

Also: I applied however my E-mail was regarded spam >.<, so yo guys didn’t receive it…. Can you fix this?