[Knights of the Sky] DO NOT PLAY - Game Going Downhill

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I’ve been playing this for three weeks and have experienced 2 bug fix updates and 1 major update. The game seems to be going downhill from here for the following reasons:

1) Each bug fix only creates new bugs. See item 2)

2) Each new update is incomplete, despite having ~8 hours to work on it. When new quests and a tutorial was implemented, the developers did not implement a link for where to complete the quest

3) Recent updates favor existing high-level players and put new players at a severe disadvantage. So even if you reach the maximum level 60 cap, you will never be able to beat the original level 60 players… or even the original level 40 players, for that matter

4) Moderators and developers have stopped listening to the players. They do not respond to any bug reports nor show any signs of fixing the bugs in the future. They also show no sign of caring for the players

If you still want to play this game, I highly recommend you play the JP version at Gamania.co.jp . For whatever reason, Atlus refuses to do a full translation conversion and only work on bugs that have already been fixed in the JP version.


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Hi raa275,

Apologies for the delayed response to your post, as well as the current bugs in the game. Please rest assured that—even though we may not respond as often as we’d like—ATLUS ONLINE does indeed read each and every one of your guys’ posts regarding Knights of the Sky, and that we have informed the developer of the bugs you mentioned (among others) currently in the game.

We are waiting patiently (and eagerly) for the developers to implement fixes as soon as they can. I personally wish I had an ETA to share with you, but I unfortunately do not. I will definitely let you know once we hear back from the developers.

Again, sorry for the inconvenience. We hope this is just a minor hurdle as we build toward a better game.

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Hello jiuribu,

We appreciate the feedback! We have different teams focusing on BattleSpace and Knights of the Sky to bring a balanced gaming experience to both communities.

Hi raa275,

We apologize you are continuing to experience bugs. We will send these concerns to the developer for further investigation.

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I reckon if AtlusOnline and its moderaters work more on making the game better people will come back….either they are making something new or something it does not give a reason to give up on such a game….and such as this one with great graphics (in my opinion)

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Well saw game closing in month now anyway so I guess your dream has come true….I will miss it here for sure :(