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The Guidelines

Welcome to the Kongregate forum for Big Head Bash! First and foremost…

This is the first rule in Kongregate’s behavior guidelines and ultimately the source of all the guidelines below.

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Table of Contents

Never give your password to anyone ever: Seriously, we mean it
Moderators: The different kinds and what they do
Flagging posts: Help mods help you
Spam: What counts?
Threads: How to be legendary (or at least not suck)
Etiquette:General guidelines
Trolls: Don't feed 'em
Links: Making good choices
Language and terminology: Understanding what you read
Forum search tool: Useful!
Formatting: Everyone wants to be one of the cool kids
Contact info: How to find a mod or admin

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Never give your password to anyone ever

See that picture? You’re not the snake! You’re the bird, and your password is the only thing keeping those jaws from snapping around you and swallowing you whole.

NEVER give your password to anyone. NEVER trade accounts with anyone.

1. Never “trade accounts” with someone. They’ll steal your account, and we will not help you get it back.

2. Never give your password to anyone promising you stuff. Ever. Ever ever ever. It’s a scam.
Do NOT give your password to anyone offering to make you a beta tester.
Do NOT give your password to anyone claiming they’ll give you free cash or cash hacks.
Do NOT give your password to anyone claiming to be staff.

3. Do not download game hacks; they steal your account.

4. Anyone trying to steal accounts in the forum will receive an automatic one week ban (even if you post on alts, which we can see). So don’t lose all that playing time because of a foolish decision.

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This gets a little confusing, we know. You will encounter three types of mods here:

In-game mods are chosen by the game developers. They can’t do stuff on Kongregate, and the Kongregate moderators (see below) can’t help you with things in the game.

Kongregate chat mods have an orange M next to their name in the chat list. They can help you with chat problems like spamming, flaming, overly sexual language and so on. They can silence or ban you, so you should listen to them; they are volunteers, so please be nice to them.

Kongregate forum mods have an orange F next to their name in their forum posts, and their name is listed in the upper-right corner of the first page of the forum. They can help you with forum problems like spamming, people harassing you or derailing your thread, overly sexual language and so on. They can edit or hide your posts and lock your threads, so you should listen to them; they are volunteers, so please be nice to them.

If you have a problem with a mod or how they handled a particular situation, please don’t make a forum thread about it or them! Instead, contact them directly or contact an admin. You can report Kongregate moderators by going to their profile and clicking the link that says “report abuse.” (We read them all, I promise, though we don’t write back to everyone.)

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Flagging posts

Moderators can’t read every single post the instant it’s made. We rely on users to flag inappropriate posts. To do that, look in the blue box to the left of each post. See the link that says “flag post”?

Click it, choose a reason, maybe write us a charming note. Then send it and walk away. Don’t quote the post, don’t announce you flagged. Just flag and ignore. We will love you forever!

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Please don’t spam

Spam is anything pointless or annoying that adds nothing to the forum. A wise woman once said that spam is like porn—you know it when you see it. If you see something and think, “My oh my, that sure is cluttering up the thread,” it’s spam. One word “lolwut” or “orly?” replies? Spam. Posting a picture of a can of spam? Spam. Basically, if you see something and think it’s spam, it probably is.

Kongregate is not an image board
Ragefaec, trollfaec, foreveralone, oh my! There is a whole internet full of funny pictures and memes. While we don’t prohibit posting images, they will probably be removed unless they contribute to the conversation AND are accompanied by words. The more content you add, the more likely we are to take you seriously! A motivational poster and “u suk lol” will get removed; a small funny picture and with a paragraph of genuine discussion will probably be allowed to stay.

Quote pyramids are awesome!
Lolno. Quote after quote just to make a giant green ziggurat on the page is just another form of spam. Quote pyramids involving images are doublespam. When in doubt, remember: don’t be a jerk.

I see spam! Wut do?
First of all, do not quote the post. Second of all, DO NOT QUOTE THE POST.
What you should do is flag it and let a mod take care of it. Quoting the post, even to say “get back on topic,” just makes the problem worse. If you want to get the thread back on topic, do so! Just don’t quote the post in the process. (Also: don’t quote the post.)

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What about threads?

Since this is the Big Head Bash forum, threads should focus on various aspects of the game.

Use the master threads
If there’s already a thread open on a topic, please use it rather than starting a new thread.

Bumping old threads
“Bumping” refers to posting something without value (often just the word “bump”) in order to return the thread to the top of the first page. This sort of thing gets spammy really fast. Please don’t bump threads, especially not ones that are really out-of-date. That being said! If you do have something to add, feel free to revive old threads.

This thread is inappropriate ohnoes!
First of all, do not post in the thread.
What you should do is flag it and let a mod take care of it. Posting in the thread, even to say “this is inappropriate” or “flagged,” just bumps the post back to the top of the list and gives it more attention. Bear in mind that anyone bumping a spam/inappropriate thread may receive the same punishment as its creator. The worse the thread, the harsher the likely punishment.

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The fact that you are reading this sticky means you’re already off to a great start! Here are a few expectations and traditions; observing these will help you fit in.

If you’re going to make an alliance/clan/guild/group, make sure your thread has a well-structured opening post involving a members list, ranks, and requirements. Also, it’s really never okay to spam or otherwise harass threads for other alliances/clans/guilds/groups.

Acting like you’re smarter or better than others is a fine way of trolling, but it’s no way to become accepted. No one likes someone who thinks they’re above everyone else. Similarly, don’t bother trying to impress us with your level, game achievements, IQ, popularity, wealth, hacker skills, sociopathology or general badassery. Finally, if you’re ever wrong, just admit it! Carrying on a pointless argument makes you look like an ass and makes people not want to tolerate you.

Postin lyk ur typin a txt to ur bff inint cool. Occasional spelling and grammar errors are okay, but typing an entire paragraph without punctuation or proper spelling is just flame bait; ditto for typing completely without caps or IN ALL CAPS. On the other hand, commenting on every little slip-up is annoying and makes you much less likeable; find the middle ground.

Read up
Please read the stickied tutorials and guides before making a thread. This will keep you from asking the same n00by questions that have been asked a thousand times before, and will generally help you fit in and seem awesome.

Don’t get butthurt (angry; mad) over stupid things. Losing your cool will make the other users lose respect.

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Don’t feed the trolls

“Troll” is an internet term for a person who wants to ruffle some feathers and make people upset. They aren’t usually evil, just extremely bored. What they want is for you to pay attention to them; ignore them and their power is lost.

Fighting back is the worst possible thing you can do: it gives them exactly what they want—attention. The best way to combat trolling is not to get in an argument with them, but to straight-up ignore them. They want to be important and to ruin your good time—don’t let them. Flag their post and move on.

An argument needs at least two parties for it to continue. If one person says “u suck lololol” and the other one ignores it, it’s not an argument. No matter what anyone else is doing, your actions are your own. This is extra-super-important because, no matter who started it, if you’re harassing someone you may be silenced for it. Don’t let give someone the satisfaction of getting you in trouble! Instead, flag the post and let us deal with it.

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Choose your links wisely

Can you post a link here? That depends!

—If it’s porn or a shocksite, absolutely not. (Kongregate’s behavior guidelines are still in effect.)
—If it’s a referral link, don’t post it anywhere on Kongregate. We know you want reward points/that next picture/to win a free time machine, but we don’t actually care. If everyone posted their links here, the forums would be totally unusable.
—If it’s not related to the game, please don’t post it here.

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Language and terminology

Kongregate is relatively lax about swearing. We care quite a bit about how people interact, though— saying “oh, crap” is an entirely different matter from telling another user they are crap. Similarly, racist or hateful terms are not allowed. Other terms you may see and wonder about:

Alt – Short for alternate account.
ITT – In this thread; a topic or activity for the thread.
Kong – Abbreviation for Kongregate.
Necro – Bumping a thread that was out of use (dead) back to life.
OP – Original post / original poster (aka the first post or person in the thread).
PM – Private message.
QFT – Quoted For Truth. Used to agree with a post, though if you have nothing to add this practice is frowned on as spammy.
Reg – Short for regular.
TL;DR – Too long; didn’t read. Post was too long for the average user’s attention span.

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Forum search tool

To search the Kongregate forums, go here.

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Formatting like a boss

This section was copied almost wholesale from ArcadianFire’s new user guide here. Many thanks to him for his excellent work!

Quoting posts
Kongregate has the option to quote posts, thereby making it clear precisely what you’re responding to. Simply click the ‘Quote Post’ button located below someone’s username (circled in red):

If you only wish to quote a small portion of a post, use bq. Just type “bq.” and then copy and paste the relevant portion. It allows you to quote small portions of posts rather than entire posts. It really cuts down on the length of your post, and also prevents quote pyramids from forming.

bq. Like this

Editing posts
There’s not need to post multiple times in a row. People tend to get annoyed when you do this, so knowing how to edit your posts is important. There’s a little button underneath your post count labeled ‘Edit Post.’ Use this button to make changes to your post. You can add anything you missed or change grammatical/spelling errors with this button.

Deleting posts
Click on the “edit post” option as outlined above, then look to the right of the typing field and you will see a small button labeled ‘delete post’:

Other formatting

This guide explains everything you need to know about Kongregate’s formatting. The basic things in that guide that you should know would be…


*bolded text*


+underlined text+


_italicized text_


-crossed out text-

Posting an image:




Note: You cannot post images directly from your computer. You’ll need to first upload the file to an image-sharing website like Imageshack, Photobucket, Tinypic, Imgur, etc., then post a link to the image.

For even more formatting and html goodness, go to Hokage4345’s thread here and Aurian’s thread here.

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Want some clarification for anything you see here? Need some help with some unpleasant spam or a flame war? Unhappy with something you see happening? Please don’t hesitate to contact one of the forum moderators (shown in the upper right corner of the first page of the forum) or one of Kongregate’s community admins: trickyrodent, Zshadow or IAmTheCandyman.

If you need help with any aspect of the site, you can always email support@kongregate.com.