are the rockets broken?

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I’ve seen too many rockets go through tanks, over tanks or hit them and do nothing which begs the question, are they broken?

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They are not “broken” per say, but they have been SEVERELY nerfed, I would suggest turning to AT guns for your primary source of AT.
If you MUST use zooks, then have a look at this zook firing guide by Brute.
Along with his very helpful explanation.

“as you can see from these pictures, bazooka rounds tend to explode in rings around the bazooka unit itself. The X on the diagram marks roughly where I stacked all the bazookas in all the games. The vertical red line shows the path of a bazooka round in the air. The horizontal red lines indicate the areas where the bazooka would explode if a target is detected. The blue lines measure how much space is extra onscreen. More on that later.

The first explosion ring (From here on, they will be called Rings of Death :mrgreen:) is at 200 pixels away from the center. This first Ring of Death is the minimum range of the bazooka. In those 10 games, I never had a bazooka fire a round that exploded less than 200 pixels away. If a target is detected while the bazooka is passing through the Ring of Death, the bazooka will explode right there at 200 pixels. If not, the bazooka round will continue flying on.

The second Ring is 125 pixels away from the first Ring, 325 pixels away from the bazooka unit itself. If a target is detected there, it will detonate at 325 pixels. If not, it will continue flying on until it flies another 125 pixels. The third Ring of Death is located at 450 pixels away from the bazooka. And again, if a target is detected, the round will detonate there, if not, it will continue flying.

Now you may have already guessed that there is another 4th line. There is! I just couldn’t show it on the diagram. :cry: As the blue lines indicate, there are 150 pixels of screen left, 100 on the bottom, 50 on the top. The fourth Ring of Death is located at 575 pixels away from the bazooka. Some quick subtraction, knowing the screen’s dimensions (400 width x 600 height) leaves 25 pixels, meaning if a bazooka is placed 25 pixels from the bottom of the screen or less, the fourth Ring of Death will appear on the top (Important to note, these calculations are for vertical height not a diagonal radius. Meaning the 4th Ring will appear even if the bazooka is more than 25 pixels from the bottom, but the rings will only appear near the upper corners)." ~(Brutalized)