[WarMetal Tyrant] Post your sealed decks, let people guess

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So, I plan on writing a standard tournament guide in the near future (when I have 4 more nodes and get heracles and longshot tested)

But a lot of people like to do sealed as well. Since a “guide” is rather hard to write for sealed and there’a a lot of huristics, it’s probably better to have a large pool of decks and results displayed.

Here’s how it’s gona work

1.post decks in sealed tournaments you found perticularly intresting (perferably with the entire draw)
2.guess how well the decks posted by others did
3.reveal your results 2 pages later

no trolling here, would appreciate forum mods to remove any flame posts.

When guessing on a deck use the following format:

(put a space between @ and <name> then right click the time stamp of the post to get the link)

@ shian
1/5/10/25/50/below50% blah blah blah.

little side comment

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Cards not used:

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Congz for being top 1 in sealed!
Seems like you didn’t see my WP~

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– termor hunter might’ve been something else, by far my best pull pitty I joined with less than an hour left and didn’t quite get my apollo.

these were old draws only got the decks.

– don’t remember the rest of the cards just gona tell you this is my first 1%

I drew atlas about 7-8 times, 2×1%, 4-5×5% he’s preaty op.

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Ajax Arc = 5%
Malort Apex = 5%
Malort Draq = 10%
Ajax Tesla = 5%


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You could try evaluating the cards in each pack piece by piece. Also use the wiki for some info, but know that there are strategies an cards that care sometimes not so good alone, but work excellent together.

Also by examining top decks you can determine cards that are completely useless.

Ajax probably top 10%
Malort top 5%
Malort top 10%
Ajax top 10%

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Fell free to post your own decks too btw, I wana make this more of an archive for references, even if you only remember the key cards in your decks.

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Originally posted by BlankZero:

Damn OP! I am jelly as hell at that Phobos deck! How did you do?

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last Gold Tournament, joined with 20 minutes left:

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This is an interesting idea; one added bit of info that might be useful is whether the tourneys were 2h or 24h, and for HW whether they were wb or gold buy-in, since those factors can affect the results sometimes (e.g. in 2h wb tourneys it can take more points than usual to make top 25%, but fewer than usual to make top 1% or whatever the highest bracket is, due to the low number of participants).

Anyway, guesses at all of the results posted thus far, in order:

shian – 1% (pretty sure this is the deck you had in Enclave yesterday), 5%, 10%, 5% (kind of a giveaway to say “didn’t quite get Apollo”)

BlankZero – 1%, 5%, 10%

lolizard – 5%

Silvoz – 10% (probably would be 1% with more time)

This is the only result I have a screenshot of atm; the format was 24h wb buy-in (will add a couple later when the current tourneys finish).

Unused cards (there were 2 more duplicates I’m not sure of):

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Silvoz – 10% (probably would be 1% with more time)

Well i managed 15 fights in this time Frame Finishing 11th (500+ Players) with 13/2 and 1101 points. makes it Top 5% (2h tournament btw)

As commanders are crucial in HW I’d guess you ‘only’ got to Top 10%.

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@ BlankZero

syco-5% (since there’s probably not 100 players in wb tourny) great draw btw

duncan-5% (decent comander with 3 decent raider support, tiamat emp and hatchlings are strong, quad walker and neocyte isn’t 2 bad)

lord baldy-5% (this 1’s perticularly tough if the comander was atlas I would’ve said probably 1%, however the assult and action more than compensates for the bad comander, vigil and nimbus which works perticularly well with pandemic, EMP is a very strong action card I like pelican the rest are so-so)

@ silvoz

1% (assult cards seem a little weak on offense but atlas (best card in gold) with 2emp should cover that problem, vet’s one of the top uncommon assult cards after hatchlings, without atlas I’d actually say 10%)

@ Summoncamel

10% (taken into acount the slightly higher quality of HW players, and people tend to post decks they do well with)

Another tough one, I’d say 5% if the comander were zander, Dawnbringers my favorite HW card in sealed, plenty disease to cover any refresh thats for sure. Intresting you went with bulbus slug here for the counter 2 over a 2nd eclipse cycle. That one card actually let me see the strat behind this deck (disease everything pump out maximum damage while mantaining some survivability) at first glance I almost rated it 25% due to the bad commander. Of all the decks here I find this one the most intresting, the success of this deck perticularly depends on the decks it faces. The deck would excell vs heavy slowroll refresh cards like UB making it 5%, but if it faced more balanced decks it’s as bad as 25%. The combination of swipe and disease can be very deadly if allowed to set up however survivability seems a bit lacking but then again there’s Dawn Bringer.

Clasic example of mostly mediocre individual cards (cept dawnbringer), yet together it makes a rather impresive deck due to it’s great flexibility. Just imagine playing this deck in a live tournament, it’ll almost seem like you’ve riged the computer and always drew the perfect counter, nice job.

My experiance with HW sealed isn’t that great so please forgive me if my statments seem eronious.

Gosh can’t wait to see the actual results.

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as normal all the decks are fail 10 card decks in seals = fail good try doh

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arn’t you missing the latest episode of my little pony or something?

HW you can run half decks, if you don’t run full decks in gold and enclave in perticular you’re probably stupid.

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a few of my 1% decks:

Most of the time i run 7-9 card decks in sealed.



Freddie – 2x Quad, Apex, Havoc, EMP, few others. (hades)
Freddie – 2x Quad, EMP, terminator, Aegis, Reaper, few others
Vyander – Apex, EMP, Hatchlings (x3), Enfeebler, few others
Malort – Asylum, hatchet, annelid, vampire, apex, dominated, quad, EMP

Enclave -
Ryoko – Smog, 2x Rabid, Arc, Cannon, Tremor Hunter, Blood Spout, Death From Above, Enclave Warlord, Glaive
Inv Coord – Dragoon, Phoenix, 2x Artillery, 2x Mindcontroller, Smog, Monstrosity, Enclave Warlord, glaive. (Got me apollo)
Inv Coord – 2x Speculus, Chaos Wave, Death From Above, 2x Glorious Assault, 2x Rabid, Phoenix

Mix -
Vyander – Dragoon x2, Hatchling, Mind Controller, Arbiter, EMP, Arc Trooper, few others

HW -
Daizon – Toxic Corruptor, 2x Quilled, Elite Diver, Radiant Dawnbringer, Nemesis, Tainted Whip, Silent Surveyor (8 card deck)

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@mschurma Your HW deck was quite weak and you managed 1%
I only see Radiant Dawnbring as a good card (which only helps toxic and silent =_=)

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  • Ajax1: 1%
  • Malort1: 5%
  • Malort2: 5%
  • Ajax2: 5%, based on your own commentary

lolizard: 5%

summoncamel: 10%

The sycophant deck was actually my draw in one of the first Phobos tourneys, and there were well over 100 players (since the expansion had just been released). I took the top spot, and saw a lot of rage quits on the way. Probably the most broken draw I’ve ever seen in a tourney, this side of an Atlas + Missile Silo + Tiamat + EMP combo. (1%)

That Duncan deck is how I earned Apollo. (1%)

Like shian said, I had great assault and action draws, but no commander bonus meant a few losses. (5%)

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ya people tend to post decks they did well in so keep in mind results will tend to be slightly inflated.

@blankzero since u said the duncan deck was ur first 1%, I’m assuming it was a while ago? Ya, tournies were much eazier in the past.

perfect guesses on my decks

Both malort:eazy 5% though not quite 1% capable, I could’ve probably pushed for 1% with the hatchet/apex deck

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It’s a lot of fun to see how the decks turned out; congrats to everyone for all of those impressive results.

Anyway, here are two more card pools, both from several hours ago (24 hr Nexus and 2 hr Gold/Enclave):


Unused cards:

Other Commanders – Alexander, Terrogor


Unused cards:

Other Commanders – Alexander, Whisper, Bianca

It’s kind of late here, so I’ll post the results for all 3 tourneys tomorrow.

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My last Blight/Nexus deck: (don’t know how to do the facny pictures in the last post)

Yurich, Jericho, Maximum Damage, Fenrir, Injection, Fury Walker, Flanker x2, Wicked Mantis, Invasion Scouts, Carcass Scronge
Unused cards of note: Multi-Strike, Naval Bombarders X2, Fulfilling Myst, Cloning Lab, Gustmich, Terrorgor, Hydroblade, Enclave Remnant

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I don’t intend on playing for too long with this. It’s nice but I’m not too confident.

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To mix things up:

My confession: I’m great at seeing the potential of a deck, but my optimism leads me to continuously play decks that have close to zero chance of winning. This confession probably gives away the result, if the card selection didn’t already.

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Originally posted by BlankZero:

To mix things up:

My confession: I’m great at seeing the potential of a deck, but my optimism leads me to continuously play decks that have close to zero chance of winning. This confession probably gives away the result, if the card selection didn’t already.


I can’t really see it doing much better than that. It was too bad that you got another Dementia and Grinder.