[WarFlow] Improvements after May 23 maintenance (locked)

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1.Gold for Starsoul protection is decreased from 20 gold to 10 gold.
2.Gold for Soulception slot is 20% off.
3.Farm production increases 100%.
4.Premium improve 30% off.
5.Daily Quest refresh 50% off.

1.The Walking Evil
2.Treasure Rush
3.MCU sale
4.Opening inventory slots and totem slots 30% off.

The Walking Evil
Duration: 2012-05-23 maintenance to 2012-05-30 maintenance
Description: Players will encounter undead forces in all special battle. Defeat them and open treasure maps to receive following rewards!




Enemy at Gates

Peerless Bravery

1. During the event period, any battle won’t cost more than 3 MCUs.
2. A player can’t get any jewels if the forger level hasn’t reached to grade 101.
3. Servers that don’t unlock the totem system can’t obtain totems until the playtime reaches to year 209.
4. Players can’t receive the above items will have higher chance to win other rewards.
4. If any problems happen during the event period, DOVO Game reserves the right to explain, modify or terminate the event.

WarFlow Team