[Terra Monsters] Terra Monsters FAQ (locked)

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Make X,Y,Z Free.. Things cost too much

The game costs a significant amount of money to operate, in order to keep the game running we need to charge for some items. The current price levels of items have been determined by a number of experts (external to our company) and are priced cheaper than many other similar games.

Doorways are hard to get through

This is something I’m working on at the moment – Users who use the mouse to move around find this to be less of a problem.

How can I make my Terra Monster Evolve?

Terra Monsters must reach both an Evolution Point requirement and a Level requirement. To get Evolution Points you must keep your Monsters fed and clean each day. You can speed up this process by buying evolution stones in the store. Note that if you reach the Evolution Point requirement after the level requirement, you will either need to level up your monster once more OR use an evolution stone to evolve that monster.