[Terra Monsters] How TerraPedia Stats are Calculated

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I’ve noticed some people mentioning that they’re noticing large scale changes in the TerraPedia recently so I thought I’d do a post to explain how the stats in the TerraPedia are calculated:

The “dots” in the TerraPedia are made relative to the best and the worst creatures currently in the game..

0% = The worst creature for that stat at Level 100
100% = The best creature for that stat at Level 100

The dots are then calculated by where the creature your looking at falls within the range above.

<20% – No dots displayed.
20 – 40% – 1 dot displayed
40 – 60% – 2 dots displayed
60 – 80% – 3 dots displayed
>80% – 4 dots displayed.

What this means is – if you notice that your pet had different stats one day to the next, your pet did not necessarily experience a change in it’s stats, it could also be that the best monster or the worst monster in the game could have been changed.

Hope this helps explain a little!

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Would it be possible to explain some other things about stats? Especially why the names of the stats are inconsistent (if I look at stats of a particular guy I have it has accuracy but while looking at the pedia there is ranged attack). Is accuracy the same thing as ranged attack, if not than what does it do? Also what does agility do? And if something decreases my ranged defence what stat is that?

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No problem:

Accuracy – Combines with stats from moves to help determine whether a particular attack will hit or miss. Imagine a ‘Robin Hood’ type creature, it would have high accuracy and be able to land difficult moves on hard to hit targets.

Range Attack – Helps to determine the damage your Terra Monster will apply to your opponent with a range attack.

Agility – Helps determine how likely it is that your opponent will miss. Ie. a Dozer will have low agility – even if I’m fighting with a monster with low accuracy – it will be rare that I’ll miss a Dozer because it’s so big.

Range Defense in Terra Pedia – This is something that needs to be improved still. At the moment the defence stats are added together and divided by 2 to display just one defence value.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks, that is a big help. It’d be really nice if there was a place that I could find all of this info at once though. Knowing the difference between each monsters range/melee defence would be really helpful, and especially having the stats page for your individual monster include stuff like range attack would be nice so we know what the superior stat is for each monster. I’ve also noticed things happening like my lvl 29 Tortipous outspeeding an npc’s lvl 40 one, which obviously doesn’t make sense (no I hadn’t reduced its speed). Lastly it’d be great to know how attacks that raise/lower stats in-battle actually are affecting those stats. Is it a multiplier by 1.x? addition of x points?

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Another thing that happened today was I attacked before an opposing electripine on the first turn. I used mudslide on it thrice (lowers speed) and obviously attacked first each turn. Then it used Thunderbolt (raises speed) once and the next turn went before me. Again, an explanation of stat changes would be great. Also the effects of attacks can often be confusing as the text is cut-off, for example if I use entangle it says “Goon’s … Melee Attack, Melee defence,” so it’s not clear what is actually happening. I also don’t have any examples but I think I have seen cases where an attack when used by me has text describing effects that do not match with the same attack being used by an opponent.