[Immortal Empire]Guide for Will (Dialogue)

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1) (After Wild Plains 1)
- I don’t understand the mission’s puprose.
- I am not here to simply follow their orders!.

2) (After Nethir’s Forest)
- A man named Vuldreth is turning the Bran’nai into demons.
- Vuldreth is an evil sorcerer, I will stop him at any cost!

3) (After Nethir’s Camp)
- I saw Vuldreth capture Nethir and leave with him.
- What shall we do now?
- Go on.
- I will do as you ask.
- It was unimportant. Do not concern yourself.

4) (After Deep Desert)
- She brought me to Junji who summoned some kind of Giant Wyrm.
- The Matriach called me a Kaitan… this is not the first time someone has called me this.
- Tell me what it means, now.

5) (After Kwanjum)
(After dialogue with Vuldreth)
- Vuldreth came to me in a vision.
- He threatened to kill me if I continue to destroy his minions.
- What am I? Why did he approach me?
- I still retain my free will, my force shall be used against Vuldreth and his targets.

6) (After Caverns 3)
- I will find Vuldreth and put an end to his evil.

7,8) (After Siren’s Wood)
- I brought your ring, don’t forget our arrangement.
- I need help locating the mage Vuldreth.
- None of your business.(+ 1 Will)
- I have seen him forming an army of minions for some evil purpose.
- I have seen Vuldreth’s evil with my own eyes. He must be stopped. (+1 Will).

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Can you please add the numbers back in e.g. [1of5]

It made it so much easier as I forget to look at the map before leaving map screen and then forget which one I just did. If you leave the screen you sometimes miss out on getting the Will. So not possible to go and check.

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1) Caelwyn East 1/5
2) Caelwyn East 3/5
3) Caelwyn East 5/5
4) Gabu Desert West 5/5
5) Kwanjum 2/5
6) Windyng Canyons 5/6
7) Kianshen 3/6
8) Kianshen 3/6

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Thanks so much.

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what does Will do?
I can’t check this stat anywhere

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Will is one of the skills you can level up by talking to people (Elder to start). It along with Perception, Charisma, and Aptitude will increase by one during certain conversations.

Perception: Increase chance to find gems and items
Aptitude: more pure source from killing stuff
Charisma: cheaper store costs
Will: +1 (per level) to all attributes

I don’t have the percents of the first three, but hope this helps

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One that isn’t covered here:

After DeadCave (boss):
-She calls me Trucebreaker, she won’t trust us.
-Allies are not made with threats.