[Heroes of Kung Fu] Anyone have some new ideas for interesting monthly events? (ideas inside)

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I’m guessing any event has to be easy to program.

Anyway, here are a few ideas.

(I’m trying not to suggest things like “double X” but things that kind of change the game a little bit, or things that don’t usually get an Event with them. My fav ideas are in blue)

1) Logistics week.
Every day for 1 week, 1 logistics.
The Qin are attacking Mianchi all week and need your help daily!
For 1 week we get to do Logistics once a day.

2) Infinite Instances Week.
Every hour, the total # of instances you “have done” goes down -1.
For example, if you already did 2, then it will go down to 1 at 9am, then again at 10am, then again at 11am.
This can also apply to QT.
This would be interesting. It should be every hour, instead of all at once. (because then people would just do them all at once, and that wouldn’t be interesting)

3) Mirage Tower events.
a) Extra challenges this week.
b) Additionally, some more fun bits for mirage tower is Infinite SHIFT buttons for that week (0 gold), AND, let’s say, 5 free Bribes. So you can pass a few floors of MT that you were stuck at. This can MT new an interesting for some who are constantly stuck, every week, at the same spot.

4) Guild Task event
Allow everyone to do 10 Guild Tasks a day.
I would not want a Double Guild Task event, as that’s kinda plain. 10 tasks a day is more, interesting.

(a few days)
Every drop in Hangu and QT is purple. Also MAYBE, Archaic and Tomes, don’t drop.
This might also apply to Practice, and the Wisdom Room, or maybe Mianchi Mystery Shop. IDK, pick 1, or 2, or all, Powermmo. But you get the idea, Purple Gear drops, somewhere, at 100% rate.

6) Reverse ARENA DAYS!
Instead of people fighting upwards in the arena, for a few days, the arena order will be reversed!
Everyone can fight the 10 people BEHIND HIM.
But the fun part. It’s random. This will happen randomly, for 30 minutes, 10 times a day, for 1 week. (it might be unfair if it was scheduled at 1 time or had a set starting time)

7) Triple Buff Days
Any buffs you apply to yourself these days will last THREE days.
(this will encourage people to buy buffs)

8) Double Arena days.
You get twice as many arena fights a day. (30 free, 30 gold), but the timer on the arenas are halved (instead of 10 minutes, 5. For VIP, instead of 5, make is 2:30 or 2)
This is a much much much better way of doing double honor event than the usual way. More interesting.

9) Slave Freedom Day
Slaves can pay 0 gold to go free. (instead of the usual 10)

10) Double Powered Heta day.
Any Heta used in the forge today will act as 2 heta. 2% per heta

11) 5 free rolls, daily for 1 week.
Every day, you get to roll equipment, 5 free times.
The advantage to this is, people have to roll that day, they can’t save them.

12) Mianchi Champions!!
For every level of the mianchi daily tournament, every winner in spot 1,2, and 3 get an extra prize.
Maybe, lots of extra honor for all 3? And number 1 gets 20 points? and second gets 10?

Also, lots of old ideas on events in this topic: