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Here is my list of idea that I think would benefit this game; Let me know if you have any further additions or grievances!

1: Some sort of “Perk” system. Say have tons of perks (Unlockable, obviously) that would help benefit the player. They need to be made in a way that it doesn’t necessarily give 1 perk and edge over another. Some ideas could be “5% increase with the shotgun” or “10% chance to dodge explosions”

2: Definitely needs some sort of chat system; Both in-game and out of game. This certainly seems like the type of game where trash-talk would be acceptable.

3: Friending system. Have a way for friends to join matches together

4: Please don’t make any Kred-only items. If you must, make them extremely expensive but don’t make them cred-only. That ruins the game.

5: Make it permissible to permanently own an item with in-game money.

6: Going TF2 style here but… HATS!

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I’m gonna guess they already have a perk system in the works. If you look closely on the buy tab in the main menu, one of the things says “boosts” but is covered up with “coming soon.”

The only items I agree with that should be cred only items are purely cosmetic items. However out of the currently available toys I think more of them should be able to be bought by tickets, even if they they cost an astronomical amount of tickets compared to the other similar level ones. Everything else that provides some sort of advantage over the other player should be accessible to everyone who has the skill/tickets for it.

I also completely agree on having a chat system and friend or clan/guild system

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please add your ideas and suggestions to the above link.
Thanks for the great ideas. We’re looking at all of them.