[Waraxe] Winterfell Mountains, a new region in Waraxe

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Heroes of Tygoria,

after your arduous journey through the Deepstone Caves you finally arrive at the snowy foothills of Winterfall Mountains where you will meet the tribe of the Frost Giants.

We proudly present the 5th region in Waraxe, both on Facebook and Kongregate. So what is new?

New region
A new region with 5 mainquests, 5 sidequest, one daily quest, and one epic quest. As usual, the boss in this region, the mighty Crystalwyrm, will come soon.

New races
Each faction will be joined by a new race: The Frost Giant tribes for the Forces of Good, and the Conclave of Shadows for the Axis of Evil. These new factions won’t be able to be played on their own for now, but we will continuously add new heroes and units for them.

Experienced heroes
Some heroes from the beginning of Waraxe have grown on you and on us and we are happy that we now have a way to reflect their development in the world of Tygoria. You can buy a new experienced version at the merchant’s in Region 5, but you will need the original hero. Careful, the old hero will be deleted, but the experienced version is much better anyways. If you like this feature we will continue with more expereinced heroes. Tell us which ones you like most!

Daily quests
There have been daily quests but to be honest they were boring. Now you do the daily in region 2 and 3 for one guaranteed Blessed Wartoken, and the daily quests in region 4 and 5 for one Token of Faith. You can buy new hero banner bearers for Tokens of Faith at the merchant in R5.

New procs
Counter magic: Whenever your opponent casts a spell, all sources of „Counter magic“ will be added and a check is made against that spell. If the check passes, the spell fizzles, its mana is spent, and its effect doesn’t happen.
On dying procs: Events that are triggered once a unit or hero is defeated.
Leech: Transferring damage to the health of the unit and caster. The heal portion only happens when the hero or unit is not at full health. There is life-based and death-based leeching damage.
Resurrection: bringing one unit or hero back from the dead with X% of its original health

Buffed heroes
Heroes now take less damage and can go head-to-head with units. The newer heroes are mostly immune to being rounted.

New PvP Token
Now the part where you will get mad: You need an additonal PvP token called „Token of Glory“ for new PvP items. Why? Because we want you to progress at the same pace as PvE and not to buy everything on release day.

UI improvement for Manage army: You can now show and hide units and items for the Manage army screen in your inventory. This should make managing much easier for players who already own a lot of units and items.

New donation items
… and of course a few new cool donation items.

Next is the Crystalwyrm boss and then the journey to the Moonshade Highlands, the homeland of the Shadowelves.