[Red Crucible 1 & 2] I love this game

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Hey guys I am new to this website but have played this game a lot… but my mac laptop cord broke :( Now i use another friends computer and play the game on this site. To answer some of your questions, the best camper gun is the OSV96, a one shot kill .50 caliber sniper. Unfortunately for me when my cord ripped I lost all of my guns such as OSV96, Sa80, and a MGL grenade launcher. Anyhow, to the person who asked the best anti aircraft gun, it would be the OSV96, as it works as a great gun for helicopters (6 shot kill) but there is no airplanes in the game. A very good gun would also be the MG3 as it is a all purpose weapon. My old user name on this game was sharpshooter108 (shadows) so if you guys know me or want to join this clan shadows (An elite sniper only clan made by the admin) just ask.
Thanks for your consideration