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Hi All,

This thread is meant as a sticky to keep a log of the updates and fixes we do.

To keep it relevant and accessible we’re going to lock it to only have devs post in here.

If you guys would like to discuss certain aspects, please start a new thread!

Thanks much

-Kingdoms Dev Team

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Bug Fixes
- Hero abilities Calm and Unholy Warcry now work as intended
- We also fixed another bug that caused certain charge upgrades to not apply properly

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- Tier 1 Heroes now grant their starting decks (existing players were rewarding the starting decks)
- There is now a set filter in the deck manager

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Battle Tweaks

- All battles now cost 3 energy instead of 5! and there was much rejoicing

- Multiplayer battles now reward 150 for a victory and 75 for defeat!

Store Tweaks

- Epic packs can now be purchased for 25k Gold

- Tier 3 heroes can now be purchased for 100k Gold


- There is now a nifty invite button in the bottom left to make it nice and easy for you guys to invite your friends! We’ll wait here while you do that :)

UI Tweaks

- Remove the small blue button from the player row in the ladder page to go to their profile; now to view someones profile simply click on their player icon!

- Disabled hero abilities are now much more distinct from active ones

- More hero ability icons have been added

Everyone also got a full energy refill!

And just a reminder to please rate the game if you haven’t yet.. the higher the rating, the more exposure we get and the more cool stuff we can add! and be sure to join our Facebook page for chances to win Free gems – http://www.facebook.com/KingdomsCCG

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- Upgrade store was added where you can buy additional deck slots and increase max energy

- Single store refreshes every 15 minutes instead of 60

- Coin toss visually shows who wins and gets to go first (you can click to skip this)

Card Tweaks

- Realm Sworn Bard now has 3 HP

Bug Fixes

- Some hero bug fixes

- Some achievement related bug fixes

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Bug Fix
- Gold packs can now be purchased again

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Hi All,

Another day, another small update.. list is as follows :)


- Achievement Rewards are in. You will now get a few gems for completing them. (Please note: there is currently a display bug in the profile that just repeats visually the first 5 values when you scroll)

- Arenas now have different energy and gold rewards associated with them. Bronze is 3 with a reward of 150 and Epic is 6 with a reward of 350, everything else is in between :)

- Shop tweaks have been made to the main page to better highlight the Promo section (So I dont have to answer where it is all the time after you unlock cards :))

- Collection page tweaks: You can now cycle through the sets and mouse over for details on all cards


- 2 New promo cards added: Brave Recruit and Relentless Bones.. check them out!

Bug Fixes

- Hopefully fixed a main source of the 1009 error, but not all of them


- After some further review, we feel the epic pack gold cost might be a tad cheap right now, treat this as a headsup to a possible future change to it :)

That’s it for now.. as always Happy Battling and Good Luck with your pack pulls!

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Hi All,

We just pushed up a hot fix to address the store issue some were having, particularly new accounts.

We would also love to ask you guys for help in squashing these bugs.

For those experiencing issues please install the Flash Debug Player. This will give us more details about the error should you get one. It can be downloaded right from Adobes website here: http://www.adobe.com/support/flashplayer/downloads.html

Just choose the content debugger based on your browser.

And when submitting a bug, please include information such as: Your browser, where the bug occurred and if it is reproducible – if so, what are the steps to cause it to happen?

This would help us tremendously in fixing the bugs in a timely fashion.

Thanks much!

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Hi All,

Another minor update today, including:


- Skirmish Arena has been added.. no restrictions, no energy and no reward, but a great testing ground

- Refreshing/quitting in battle now results in a loss

- Filter buttons in deck manager look much nicer and should be clearer when you have filters turned on

Bug Fixes

- Jester no longer maintains damage

- Splash damage no longer damages fliers

- Timid creatures no longer animate

Happy battling!

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Another small batch of fixes, including:


- You can now use any deck in campaign mode

- Filter buttons now change color when a filter is on

New Card

- Gassy Gnome is released. He’s a 1/1 Cost 1 Alchemy creature with Volatile 1! What better way to answer that pesky armor?


- Ancient Guardian no longer gives 1 HP and 1 Mana for his first stat upgrade (it was never intended to give mana)

- Warsmith ability tooltip text is fixed

- Unholy Warcry bug is fixed – it no longer heals the creature when it would kill it

- Hero confirmation popup now has the appropriate icon

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Hi All,

Today’s update includes:


- Completing a campaign now unlocks the a campaign in the same alliance for you (this is to ease the experience for new players, doesn’t affect existing unless you haven’t unlocked all campaigns)

- New campaigns are now highlighted better on the main screen

- T1 Hero price has been raised slightly since they are no longer needed to unlock a campaign

- Epic Single and pack prices have dropped to 110 and 150 respectively; all players who have purchased them will be refunded the difference (we apologize about the fluctuating of the epic price recently, but its settled now)

New Card
- Boltling was released today. It can be obtained in the promo store after you complete story mode in the elemental campaign.

Bug Fixes

- Faithful Worshipper bug is now fixed – If he is buffing an ally, and they take damage, then the worshipper dies, the ally no longer will die

- General buff fix – when a status effect would be removed, sometimes it would reset abilities. This actually affect a lot of cases.

- Grizzle Beast now works as intended: it only gets destroyed at the beginning of your turn if any other creature came into play since it was played.

… and we’ve been busy working on synchronous (live) play ^^

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Hi All,

We were going to wait til later today for the update but since we got a hot fix in for the white screen issues people are having we decided to do a push.

Card Tweaks
- Ancient Priestess now has 2 HP (was 1)
- Mana Flask now costs 0 and grants 1-2 Mana (this should save a lot of explanation headaches)
- Rejuve Potion now gives 2 Mana and 2 HP
- A lot of T3 Heroes got some HP buffs

- Tie Breaker scenario is in now. In the event of a tie it weighs in: Damage dealt to enemy hero, Current HP and Current Mana and the highest total determines the winner. If that is still a tie, the player who went second gets the victory.

Bug Fixes
- Fixed the white screen bug, so now it should tell players properly to update their flash player

An update later today will likely be coming with today’s promo!

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Today’s update is jammed pack full of awesome bug fixes!


- Tie game notifier alerts the players when the match is about to go to the draw

- You can now press “space” to end turn

Bug Fixes

- Peasant Militia (created by ‘Call to Arms’) no longer have a legendary border

- AI reacts with Recoil correctly

- Getting a tie in a versus battle no longer gives a ‘#1009 error’

- Adjacent buffs are effective immediately when a creature enters the battlefield

- Top player list now directs to the correct player profile when clicked

- Drop shadows added to campaign flags

- Card count in the collection/store now accommodates multiple sets

- Card count only show total available cards (was showing expansion set)

- Rune word mouse over popup will now update if a new rune has replaced it

- Abilities now being activated correctly on: Selfless Adept, Battle Cleric, Captivating Doll, Honored monk, Grizzle Beast, Fae Trickster, Jester

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- The arenas have a new UI system, and players will no longer choose their opponent

- Players will now be given gems on their first loss and be shown how to buy a pack

- Special store now has proper icons for different areas

Card Tweaks

- Illusionist now creates token copies of himself

- Wild Behemoth got a buff, he now has Splash 1, Armor 1, 3 HP and costs 4

- Shrivel no longer removes flying – it’s quite strong as is :)

Bug Fixes

- Maelstrom Champion no longer kills himself when he comes into play

- A bunch of grammatical errors are fixed

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Feature Tweaks
- Arena match making has been modified slightly to try and find a higher ranked opponent

New Cards
- Weaken was added to the promo store

Bug Fixes
- You can now view the Promo cards from the collection again
- Plus a few other small ones :)

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6/22/2012 Update (Part 1)

Campaign Tweaks
- There is no more initial Kingdom select. All new players now start with the tier 1 non-aligned hero (existing players will get her)
- Campaign system has been reworked to be linear (This was done to avoid any friction for newer players)
- You will unlock the tier 1 hero of the appropriate kingdom after you complete that kingdoms “chapter” in the campaign system
- This will also allow us to add additional chapters easier later on

New Cards
- Ancient Ritual promo card has been added

Card Tweaks
- Wording on Each Turn has been clarified to “On your turn:”
- Essence/Mage Mantles now cost 4 (They were far too powerful/flexible at 3 given rarity)
- Return to Elements now costs 4 mana and destroys 2 enemy gear cards at random
- Golemnify now costs 3 (same reason) and it no longer slows the creature since its changing a creature, not bring a new into play
- Fae’s Charm now slows the creature after you take control (same with Dark Conversion)
- Undead Doomsayer now has 4 HP and costs 4 Mana (was 3)
- Gift of the Mystics now costs 0 (was 1, and not really useful at all)
- War Mammoth now has 4 HP (was 5)
- Blessing of Light is now called Holy Blessing
- Black Bear now costs 2
- Ravenous Gull now costs 1
- Dark Conversion card is now called Torment (to avoid confusion with the Hero ability)
- Anti-Air cannon got a tweak to be more suiting to its strategy. It’s now a 1/5 that costs 5 (better survivability so it can at least get off it’s special)

Hero Tweaks
- Enlightened Elder’s calm ability now gives the status effect weakened (so it can be removed)
- Lich’s Frost Nova is now charge based (was mana)
- Undead King’s conversion now slows the creature after taking control

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6/22/2012 Update (Part 2)

Other Tweaks
- Border colors for rarities got a face lift, also the tooltip information was cleaned up
- Damaged cards now have their HP in a slight red color
- Packs got a bit of a revamp – There is no longer a core alliance pack, and they now contain 6 cards. There were some slight price adjustments to reflect this
- You can no longer receive duplicate cards in packs
- Updated some of the star requirements for deck unlocks since there is no longer a Light and Dark deck slot
- Main page got a bit of a face lift as well to accommodate the new campaign setup
- Server time is now displayed on the main page (will be useful for daily rewards + tournament timing)
- Deck UI component can now be clicked to bring up the change deck popup
- Going to the Arenas page will take you to the last one you played on
- You can no longer sell cards (wasn’t much of a point to before, and could cause players to get in a stuck state)

Bug Fixes
- Lots of grammatical inconsistencies were fixed
- Pressing spacebar during opponents turn no longer gives #1009 error
- Dwarven Dragoons stun shot on hasted creatures no longer slows them
- Warsmith Shrapnel Blast deals damage to the enemy hero properly if they have no creatures in play
- Noran’s Copy Spell no longer negates Fae’s Charm
- Gear highlights correctly
- Reassemble text now shows correct HP value
- Angel General can no longer summon angels in an opponent’s slot
- Undead King’s conversion no longer gives your creature to opponent if used on an ally
- AI won’t use bury on your corpses
- Campaign progression loss no longer occurs when you receive an error
- Volatile no longer kills a reassembled unit (if they both activate at the same time)
- AI won’t use stun shot on its own creatures anymore
- Dragon Priestess will no longer waste her summoning ability
- Achievements are now displayed in the proper order
- Single store reshuffle on purchase bug is fixed
-Tool tip for number of cards in deck corrected
- Various UI fixes
- Hero selection arrows click boxes fixed
- Status effects removed from ability filters
- Hero restrictions no longer applied to the default deck
- Preserved corpses no longer play their attack animation
- Slowed timer moved above card dim
- Text wrapping fixed when HP/Mana goes to 3 digits

- We’ve also been very busy working on the back end set up for weekly arenas, tournaments and guilds :)

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6/25/2012 Update

Hi all,

We just did a small push with a few hotfixes to address some of the bugs we introduced in the last update.

Patch notes:

New Cards
- Elemental’s Boon promo card has been added

Bug Fixes
- The first two deck slots can be renamed
- Upgrades can be purchased properly
- Arena deck rules enforced (if you did have an improper deck it will be removed from the arena, you’ll need to rejoin)
- Moving creatures gives an additional slow
- When a deck fails to load, it no longer gives the player all Gnomish Enforcers opponent
- Time Rift now applies slow to hasted creatures
- Some campaign balancing
- Slow/Haste/Reassemble/Resurrect reworked
- Fleshbag’s ability now longer gets blocked by the shield

Eve Prelease
- Just a reminder that the new expansion set “Eve” has a pre-release special that starts tomorrow night at midnight (server time). Be the first to play with the awesome new cards!

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Eve Pre-release is Live!
“As the Great War approaches, each Kingdom searches deep within their armories and calls upon their great forge masters to craft the salvation they’ll need.”

There will be a pre-sale available for 1 week before the live launch.

EVE Expansion Details
Overview: Eve packs a lot more power to the Kingdoms CCG universe – boasting powerful creatures, epic spells and new Kingdom specific gear, your heroes will now be able to hone their decks to their desires.
Cards: There will be 140 cards (37 Common, 34 Uncommon, 48 Rare, 21 Epic)

PRE-SALE Details
Overview: There will be a limited edition box pre-sale available 1 week before the live launch. The box will include: 4 commons, 4 uncommons, 3 rares and 1 epic from the Eve set. Each card opened will also contain limited edition gold etching on it and allow you to play with the cards 1 week before everyone else. This offer is ONLY available during the week before launch. There is no limit on purchase amount.
Availability: June 27, 2012
Cost: 215 Gems

Launch Details
Availability: July 4th, 2012
Packs: Gold pack available for 40 gems or 18,000 gold. It will contain 1 rare, 2 uncommons and 3 commons with a chance for an epic.
Singles: A few singles will appear in the featured section of the store (coming soon)

Q: Will there be a limit on how many I can buy?
A: Nope! There is no limit on how many you can buy. Try to get a complete limited gold text set!

Q: Will the limited edition box be available after launch?
A: Nope! You can only get them during the pre-release!

Q: Can I foil a Gold text card?
A: Absolutely! The two effects compound for extra pimp factor!

GL with your pulls :D

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7/5/12 Dev Notes

Feature Updates

- Decks now get copied into new slots when entering an arena, this keeps your deck slot free to customize
- Players can no longer exit arenas
- New arena arrangement with a beginner ladder (this is to help newer players ease into the multiplayer portion)
- The Epic Arena no longer has an HP/Mana bonus, and will shortly be replaced by the rotating arena that will have new rulesets regularly
- New store UI flow with a featured section
- Due to the rework of arenas; all players will need to rejoin
- As a cautionary note: we have tested the server changes for the arena’s (and future guilds/tournaments) to the best of our capacity, however there may need to be some bug fixes required once we have it available on the scale to the live player base

Balance Tweaks

- Shrivel now deals 3 damage to target enemy creature with flying, it loses flying (old ability was just too powerful as a common) and costs 2 mana
- Goblin Cannon now deals volatile damage to both the enemy creatures and hero
- Power Pendant now grants +1 to any ally creature, if its ancient, an additional +1 and costs 4 mana
- Ent Flamelings Forest Fire now only damages non-flying creatures and heroes

Bug Fixes

- Tome of Life no longer heals all allies
- Tome of Life no longer prevents ally death when used with scorchblast dragon
- Goblin Assembly or Replicate no longer trigger the when played effects of gear
- Bahamut’s Ancient Summoning no longer triggers when played effects and is now called Summon Ancient
- Curse of Dark is now called Undead Curse


- lots of server side changes to support new arenas, tournaments and guilds

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7/6/12 Dev Notes

Hi all,

Just a small patch today to address a few things:

Slow/Haste Battle Mechanics
- Slow/Haste functionality has been altered slightly to better represent conditions with creatures
- Now when you play or gain control of a creature it gets a “Cannot attack” state
- That state is only removed at the start of your turn OR by giving it haste
- Moving a creature will now give it a “Cannot attack” condition, which will be removed at the start of your next turn or by giving it haste
- Slow counters are depleted at the end of your turn
- Slow counters now can be removed completely with anything that removes a status effect
- This should be much clearer of how haste/slow and just played behave

Bug Fixes
- On death triggers got fixed, so consume, reassemble should behave properly
- Fixed a few 1009 null pointer errors

That’s it for today. Have a great weekend and gl with your pulls!

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7/9/12 Dev Notes

Quite a few bug fixes going live today as well as the return of the Bronze Arena

- Back by popular demand is the “Bronze” arena

Card Tweaks
- Magic Ward now acts like the Wooden Shield – it absorbs 2 Magic damage then gets destroyed (reason for this was: ability to neutralize a direct damage magic deck was too powerful as a 1 cost common)
- Shatter now destroys an enemy gear card at random and costs 2 mana
- Mage’s Ring now can grant mana on playing any card instead of any Spell, to compensate it now costs 2 mana

Bug Fixes
- Hose Down and Undead Curse now effectively work on ANY creature, not just the enemy creature
- Streamwind Assassin now deals physical damage as intended
- Arrow Volley now deals physical damage as intended
- Shrivel now deals physical damage as intended and removes Flying
- Fixed wording on Fae’s Charm to match what it does: Requires opposing battle slot to be open
- Elemental Bequest works as intended
- Ability Shift no longer crashes when there’s no opposing creature
- Captivating doll will no longer steal attack while shes a corpse
- Maelstrom Priestess should only reduce your mana costs
- Power Cast no only works on the next creature
- Clicking the rune word will no longer end turn
- Poverty no longer lasts forever

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minor update:

New Card
- Strange Concoction promo card has been added. Collect it by completing chapter 6 on hard mode

- Arcanos now starts with an additional mana and the 3rd attribute upgrade is + mana

Bug Fixes
- Shatter now properly only targets enemy gear
- Phantom Image no longer replaces your creatures
- Undead King/Torment now properly shows the kingdom change

- Featured cards changed to Splosive Gnome, Powder Keg and Goblin Cannon
- More ability icons have been added

Other cool news
- We’re expecting to do internal testing of Live play this week. Stay tuned for more details
- And guilds is chipping along..

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v0.6 is LIVE!
Wooo! V0.6 is now live!

The key thing in this update is Live PvP beta. You can access it where the Skirmish arena used to be.

Please note, that it is in beta. We are looking for feedback and bugs. Please post on the official forum @ http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/287

Also in this update is a whole lot of balance adjustments (that came into light with Live play). To note: balance tweaks could take place through the week as we get feedback from players.

Full dev notes can be found here: http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/253

As a celebration, we are awarded all players with some FREE gems in this update! (They should be arriving shortly). Supporters of Antic will receive a few more bonus gems :)

Thanks all and happy battling!

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v0.6.1 Hotfix is live!
A small hotfix went up today to address a few of the issues with live pvp.

For a full change log view it here: http://wiki.kingdomsccg.com/?q=node/296