[Platoonz] Move Speed= Dog Turd?

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Alright, so i have to point this out because im pretty shitty.

I spend a BUNCH of skill points on one of my tanks so that he would be the “main” tank, the guys that initiates first ahead of the other 4 soldiers. Pretty common sense shit here.

Instead of this basic idea working, it failed due to a shitty job by the dev.

My main tank has 20 movespeed, yet my 3 movespeed ranged grunt always runs ahead and gets owned. It would be okay if we could click and control individual units’ positioning, oh wait we can’t.

Trololol no wonder this game is dead. It’s money hungry as f*ck and the dev is a failure. PEACE PLATOONZ.

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You do realize in order to put a certain person up front you have to select that person first from the roster, right?

I thought this was going to be a discussion about issues with speed, but it’s just a complaint with unnecessary ranting. You won’t be missed.

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Agreed, selecting your tank first puts him in position #1. I use this to also shield my commando from harm but this does not always make sure they stay in that order.

Note to the dev’s, make options avalible for more close control over the soldiers. That would improve the gameplay greatly

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By the way, enlisting squad members from first to last will organize them when they’re charging forward (Running, not attacking), but as soon as they’re given the order to attack an enemy or initiate combat, they will break form and their initial move speed will take place. To fix this, order your troops to march forward or order them to halt. (You must press it twice to have them regroup)