[Striker Superstars] Release Notes v4.0

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Game Improvements
• Added achievements to the game.
• Compare panel shows achievements and the counts for bronze, silver & gold.
• Achievement tab now unlocked.
• Achievements shown during & post match.
• Achievement panel shown when achievement awarded.
• Achievements shown in the escape quit menu.
• Added a ticker bar to the lobby to display various information about the server.
• Player character appearance improved (the hair colour is far more obvious now).
• The Top Forward and Top Defender Leaderboards have been combined into a single Cash Prize Leaderboard.
• Added extended statistic descriptions on the stats screen.
• Teams of 5 are now submitted to match finding queue so they get a cash prize match even if someone drops out of the queue after submission.
• Notify users when a player in their group leaves the match finding queue.
• AI Improvements.
• AI players celebrate with character and celebrate when they score a goal.
• Stadium hoardings made more visible.
• Double click on the server select list item to enter the server.

Bug Fixes
• Fixed a bug where some stats could occasionally come through to the match incorrectly.
• Glitchy celebration removed and replaced with new ones.
• Tooltips no longer pop up over panels that they shouldn’t appear over.
• Fixed a bug where clicking and moving the mouse quickly in the shop would change selection.
• Items slots no longer highlight the stat bars if hovering in the chat area.

Known Issue
• Achievements awarded as soon as you get into the match for past events are not persisted if you quit. They are not lost and will be re-awarded and stored upon completion of a competitive match.

European Championships 2012 (PROMOTION)
• Added 32 x “Limited Edition” GOLD Euro 2012 items.
• Made a Euro 2012 homepage.
• Euro 2012 themed user interface.

We look forward to your feedback & thank you for your continued support!