[Esgrima Online] The Intellectual's Instruction Pamphlet (a brief guide to the game)

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Hey guys, Bob10110 here. After exploring the various lands of Rio De Luz, I have come to learn much about the dangers one will face. I have created this guide to help others learn the game, and perhaps learn a few tricks to help us all succeed at finding out just who “they” are. ;)

The Town

This is the place you and your fellows shall gather, to tell those ravishing tales of adventure and heroism. Walking around town is as easy as using the Arrow or WASD Keys. Various things can be clicked in town, and here is but a brief list:

• The Portal: At the far left edge of town there is a portal that leads to the map of Rio De Luz. Here you can enter instances that you have unlocked. More on this later.

• The Leaderboards: A short walk over and you will see a bulletin board listing the top ten players in various categories: Level, Wealth, and PvP Wins. You can also see your own ranking in the world on these leaderboards.

• Merchant: After you cross the bridge, the main town area has a few NPC’s. The first of these is the Merchant, who sells Normal quality items and will buy any of your items for half of its listed value. To sell items, simply drag and drop items from your inventory into his shop.

• Blacksmith: The second NPC, the Blacksmith, can refine your weaponry to make it stronger and provide more benefits. This requires the use of Upgrade Stones and a small fee of Denars. To add to the chances of successful upgrades, you can also use up to two Luck Stones to increase your odds.

• Market: This is where you can sell your items to other players, and buy their items that they have put up. Anything can be traded here, and the Market won’t take anything from your sales — you get 100% of your listed price when you sell an item.

• Arena: The last NPC in town, you may come here to challenge other players in the Arena. In the Arena, your maximum HP is significantly buffed so that powerful skills do not one-hit players. If you win, you will earn PvP points which can be spent to buy high-quality Combat equipment.


There are four classes in Esgrima; below is a brief introduction to each.

• One-handed players tend to be fast attackers when they need the damage, and tanks when they need to protect their allies.

• Two-handed players have powerful attacks for single enemies.

• Ranged players have powerful damage skills for both single enemies and groups of mobs, but the cooldowns tend to be a bit lengthy.

• Force players mainly support allies with healing abilities.

You can train all of these if you would like, and switch between weapons in battle to use the different skillsets. Mastery exp gain is dependent on how many times you strike at an enemy, so Area-of-Effect and multiple-hit attacks will grant more mastery exp. Misses grant less mastery exp than a normal hit, while critical hits grant more.

Some players find that the best way to begin training new masteries is to use all of their powerful skills that hit multiple times, ideally on some weaker enemies with low dodge/block rates.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: How do I sell things?
A: Visit the Merchant in town, and drag items from your inventory into his shop. You can also visit the Market and sell your items to other players there.

Q: Why don’t I have all of my trained skills in battle?
A: Most classes have more than one weapon to use, and some skill trees only support a certain way of using weapons. Dual-wielding weapons is also considered separate from single-wielding. Generally, looking at the first skill in a tree will tell you what that tree focuses on; there are very few trees that apply to all weapons in that class.

Q: Someone’s frozen in battle, and their turn isn’t ending! What now?
A: This is a bug that still rarely occurs. Generally, if the player who is frozen leaves (logs out via the Option menu), things should return to normal. Keep in mind that if you join and leave an instance, re-joining that instance will not yield rewards for you.

Q: What is the best class?
A: All of them. No really, multiclassing is awesome. =P

Q: How do I train main level quickly?
A: Fight the highest level zone you can, preferably on Normal. The exp gain doesn’t seem to be much (if any) different between difficulties.

Feel free to post comments, questions, and advice here! =)

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When/How do you open the second weapon place?

Or why cant i put my second weapon in that place?

Thank you.