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Discuss your suggestions for Immortal Empire below. I will totally read all of them.

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Everything is very confusing and I didn’t understand much besides how the game played until I asked in the Kongregate chat. Listening to the elder was very boring, he either needs voice acting or needs to make his point sooner.

I would like for everything in general to be explained better, I didn’t quite understand how rooms worked until I asked in Kongregate chat, and I still haven’t been able to play multi-player with anybody.

I rate the game Three out of Five
Good idea and fun game, but needs to be easier to understand and play with others.

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1) Higher sight range – like someone complained in different topic basically the moment you se a mob is a moment it see you too… meaning it and probably all his “friends” will get to you the same turn which makes you tip-toe through levels.
Suggested solution:
Make character sight range higher and also that “time” or action point or whatever we call it should start counting when you get “into battle” so you dont have to move 1 square at a time to have enough to either start running away or actually cast something when you get into combat. That could be easily done by “turning off” the turn based system while out of combat.

2) Problems with many immortals and so called NPC “teammates”. Moving them takes soooooooooooo long (ok npc move by themselves but no at the same time as you and can potentialy agro mobs)
suggested solution:
Make something like “usual” party walking in jRPGs or whatever we should call this type of game where you teammates follow you nicely or are even invisble until you start fighting and then go into “formation” automatically or you can place them in X squares around your main immortal.

3) Slow hp/mana/skill cooldown while out of combat – as you answered me in chat it’s supposed to make healing/regen skills more important but it’s simply incredibly boring to skip like 20 turns in a row (and you have to wait a while after each…) just to get my char to top shape.
Suggested solution:
Increase all regens while no one is in combat and/or use the suggestion from point 1 to “turn off” turn based system while out of combat then we can at least do something productive while waiting.

4) Strange difficulty scaling. Rather fast in game surviving take everything you character can do even while fighting some supposedly “cannonfodder” mobs. Also some warning before entering harder locations would be nice like “unless you’re high level blablabla if you want to beat this level take some friends with you” so we know it’s not that our immortal is weak it’s just this one level is supposed to make you cooperate or farm a lot beforehand. Also on this topic even though it’s a MMO at lest as far as i got there is not much “multiplayer” (ok you CAN do everything together but read further) or rather it’s partialy discouraged since with monsters hp scaling killing won’t get faster but you get higher chances of survival with many different immortals and their skills.
In the same topic though it didn’t happen to me there should be message asking if you allow someone to join your game even if it’s public. Since if someone join in the middle of your fight and mobs suddenly hape a hell lot of hp it won’t really be nice right? Unless there is something guarding against it i don’t know of then it’s ok.
Also about difficulty unless it looks like that after i finish storyline like i mentioned with those warnings some choice for location farming between the ones you can solo and the ones that require cooperation but give better rewards would be nice. Same way hp scaling could be completly turned off and instead gold/items gained could be divided with harder maps giving a lot more which would hopefully motivate people to play together more. Some more difficult chalanges that would require you to fight in certain way using tactics like in most “normal” MMOs would be nice addition too.

5) Randomity… seriously it may have started with diablo or even earlier but goind all random with items and their stats is NOT fun.
Suggested solution:
Make enchanting system much more complex for example letting you “take out” and “put in” bonuses from different items with some limitations connected to for example item rarity (magic, divine and mystic if i remember correctly). That way you can make “perfect” items for your immortal chosing desired bonuses from any item item you found/bought.

6) Not enough informations about the game in game.
Suggested solution:
Like i also read in chat etc add tooltips for all stats in game. There is a topic in this forum about what strenght/agility etc gives already but such informations should be avaible in game. Also explanation of attack/move speed etc would be nice since i dont really understand how it works. More natural approeach would say attack/move speed value is deducted from action points (time?) of character but it don’t work that way.
Also adding informations from tutorial and more in form of tips or something accesible from anyplace in game would be good too since many seem not to read tutorial and once you get past it you cant go back to check it once more.

Hope it wasn’t too chaotic (especially point 4) and sorry for any mistakes english is not my native language.

Also some additional info like mana cost (in the character screen since during battle you can see it) and effects duration, cooldown should be added to skill description.

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1. Make the space key or any other than the number 1 to skip conversations where u can only do ‘continue’, so u can speed up the talking and dont lose valuable points by being bored of waiting.
2. Possiblity to send items/gold to other accounts/players (this really needs to be done! Farming low lv areas with a new char when u got a lv 50 is just a pure waste of time)

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I already wrote this in the comment section. But I think it better suits itself here.

It would be amazing if we could select several units all at once. Click, drag, and be able to send them out on a single order. That way, I can move all my characters in the same direction all at once and have them all attack the same character in one action. Also, It would be great if I had the option to attack with all my stamina without right clicking five times for each turn. If we could do something like Ctrl + right click for attack. We’d have a lot less complaining about the speed of the game with these features.

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It would be really nice if walls and units in front of other units (particularly enemies) would become transparent and allow one to easily select the target. There have been a lot of times where I accidentally end up moving my guys around because it’s too easy to accidentally not click on the enemy I’m trying to attack.
By the way, great game. I love the storyline and most of the gameplay so far and am looking forward to there being more.

One other thing that would be nice is if items of higher level were more consistent in being better in at least some sense… I’m kind of sick of finding lv10+ stuff with bonuses weaker than my lv 1-3 gear (this is regarding items of the same rarity). So far mystical stuff seems just fine in terms of costs vs. benefits, especially when one considers the relatively low level requirements for the awesome gear being part of there extremely high cost, but magical (and to a lesser extent rare items) could use some more consistency.

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I’m not going to include obvious things like more immortals, quests, PvP modes, and better AI, but I figured I should leave this little note here just as a reminder ;)

1)More character slots: Playing through the entire quest chain as it is right now, you’d acquire roughly half of the radiance necessary to unlock one of the locked immortals. This means, to unlock all 4 you’d have to play through the game about 8 times, assuming you didn’t do any post-game grinding or created tons of new characters to farm radiance from the first two levels. Clearly, this means that you’d have to delete multiple characters if you want to have all of the immortals unlocked without spending money. I propose that new accounts start with 5 slots, and then unlock a new one for every character whose total party level reaches level 50, with a max of 15 slots or so. I wouldn’t mind if you could also unlock character slots with radiance, as long as that wasn’t the only option because there are already a good amount of things that cost radiance and having to spend your hard-earned radiance on character slots would be a downer.

2)Sprite color customization: This would not only allow players to make their immortals more unique, but also make multiplayer play more streamlined, as it would be easier to tell who controls which units. Making this cost radiance would be fair, and would probably get more people to buy radiance.

3)Multi-tile enemies: This one’s not very important but it crossed my mind so I figured I’d list it here anyways. There’s really only one place I can think of that would really use it right now: the boss of Deadwood Cave. Basically, it would let more melee characters attack at once which was something that I wished was possible when I first ran through the level with three other players. I wouldn’t mind if the difficulty was increased because of this change.

4)The ability to rearrange the order of the characters on the character selection screen: self-explanatory.

5)Giving different terrain tiles different properties: right now, trees, water, and mountains all act exactly the same. In my opinion, the only thing that really has to be changed is that you shouldn’t be able to shoot through mountains. Making this change would also let you add additional PvP maps with different terrain, which would be great.

6)An achievement system: having achievements for completing certain quests or clearing maps in a certain way would give people more reason to replay all of the different maps in the game. Upon getting one of these achievements, it could reward you with some gold or radiance. Not only would this drive players to work together, improving the community, but many of the achievements could be impossible to do on solo characters if you play alone, encouraging people to use parties more. Here’s a pretty easy one that I just thought of off the top of my head: Clear the map “Nethir’s Camp” with all of the Bran’nai still alive. Obviously, harder achievements would give bigger rewards.

I’ll add more stuff to this post eventually, but that’s all for now~

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Well, here’s a few things I noted whenever I was playing.
I don’t think I’ll say anything already said.
Really, I could just go for more skills in general, but here are the specifics of what I think

1) More passive skills for the classes.
Basically I wouldn’t mind classes getting more to level with by adding these in.
For example, Valkyries could use more damage, so they get a passive skill that adds in damage

Mage-type characters I would believe tend to depend more on their spells for damage, so
it would be nice to have more potent spell or quicker cooldowns.

Warriors could have skills that allow them to take more hits

Also, I really wouldn’t mind two or so unlockable spells acquired via a quest, but that can wait.

Also, please change cooldowns so that they don’t get higher as I level up. Please.

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1) Character can go through other friendly characters while moving, but it doesn’t do that when it’s attacking. Sometimes it takes really long way around and looses all movement because of this. This should be fixed.
2) There should be a possibility to show shooting and spell ranges. It’s irritating that for example if you cast a spell to far, character moves and loses time needed for casting.
3) I often end up moving character wrong way because of accidentally clicking different tile. I think it would be better if first click would only show the route that character will take and second would be a confirmation.

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1) there aren’t enough gold or good items dropped at higher levels by monsters.at level 50 on last stages of game you can’t get any items higher than level 15 i believe.also the gold dropped and rarity of good high level items in the shop makes it hard to get any decent items without not only hours but days of boring grinding of the same map.even if you finish the game 2 times you wont have 200k to buy a level 20 mythical item from the shop!
2) not being able to move all your party members at once as others mentioned.
3)monsters having double hp when someone joins you.not only it makes the game slower,but also by the time they come to your dead your party could be dead by the same monsters that you could beat on your own.I suggest maybe one and half instead of double hp.
4)lack of any hard bosses that could drop decent mythical items or crystals.after finishing the game 3 times with different immortals in 2 weeks. there is no point to play anymore since it becomes boring to play the same story and fight the same monsters again and again.
5) balance is another issue.I only found dryad,priestess,berzeker,Valkyrie kind of balanced.the rest of immortals are way underpowered compared to these 4.
6) useless ultimate.some immortals have really useless ultimate.like paladin for example. can’t find any use for both of his ultimates, or priestess’s peace is really useless and most of the magic spells become useless as well later in the game.

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endgame weapons with fixed stats

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I think that this game can be generic except for the storyline but it is very well made and there are no major problems with it.

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I dunno if this is feasible to implement but it’s an idea. It would be cool if we could set our own hotkeys. (Could be stored client side) So we can bind ‘End Turn’ and ‘Skip 100’ to extra mouse buttons.
Much love,

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NPC should scale with more players (Caverns 3 is nearly impossible with people your same level)

Scrolling over your stats in the ‘Immortal’ tab should give a description on what they do (str, int, agil).

When selecting your skills to level up it should tell you the mana cost and maybe cooldown of each level as well.

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There’s probably only 2 things i find unappealing about the game itself,

I have played many games that have done this, I find it hard to get any items unless your grinding hours upon endless hours, If the prices won’t be lowered then at least the increase in gold dropped (Depending a monster’s current level. Like the monsters who drop 15 in the first level of the game is good. But its pretty much the same 15-30 gold per kill even with the monsters in the later levels. (Ive only made it to the third place of the game besides the PVP area).

Yes, people have mentioned this before, I pretty much have to Tip toe across the map in order for my characters not to get killed in 1 turn of the opponent’s. This applies to bosses who have friends with them. As soon as your seen you get raided by 3-6 monsters at once, even with heals there is no living from that.

Well that’s it for me for now. Ill edit this post to add anything I am concerned about.

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About the sight. an potion to stop the party one tile before the monsters can aggro u would be awesome. Just like the ‘stop on monster detection’ option but one tile earlier, there could a white skull apear in a corner of the window or something.

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I’m not sure this is the place to post a rebuke to a suggestion but I would disagree about having much larger sight radius or some warning mechanism when you enter aggro field of a monster that you may or may not see. This is a tactics game, not the usual ‘’enter battle on equal terms’’ RPG. I’ve had many of my more interesting and intense battles by getting surprised by monsters and even dying. I’ve found this to be a fun element, keeping on my toes and making the first time through a map quite exciting. Second time through a map, you know where the enemies are, there’s no excuse getting caught off guard. I’d also like to point out that there’s even a spell designed to help you with this: summoner’s summon Eye spell.

On a somewhat related topic, enemy AI:
Sirens are dreaded by many for their crazy stun Charm and rightly feared by soloers. However it seems the way they target makes them all use their stun Charm on the same target, making no difference between facing 1 or many sirens (except for the fact they will still shoot you to death). Specifically, I think this happens if they are all in range at the beg of their turn of their ’’ideal’’ target.

…I fear a fix of this, but I’d like to think sirens that Charm hardened Immortals are smarter than that XD

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If a game is ‘private’ it shouldn’t be able to be joined unless you get invited to the game or maybe know the actual game name.

As it is now if you have the person on your friend list you can join their private games (even if you are not on theirs). As someone who has the same name hero as my Kong… I get trolled pretty often and this requires me to make new games in order to play… when all I wanted to was play solo… which is why I made a private game in the first place… but people can still join it…. without my permission…

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Can we get an ‘end turn’ option that ends the turn when we have 0 moves and 0 attacks left, assuming it’s not being made 0 by some sort of slowing effect. Something like:

check if (‘number of attacks’ == 0) then
check if (‘number of moves’ == 0) then
check if (‘current atkspeed’ >= ‘base atkspeed’) then
check if (‘current movespeed’ >= ‘base movespeed’) then
end turn()

sudo code, obviously optimise that so it doesn’t check everything after every move but you get the idea

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Originally posted by Tzoshirzup:

Can we get an ‘end turn’ option that ends the turn when we have 0 moves and 0 attacks left, assuming it’s not being made 0 by some sort of slowing effect. Something like:

check if (‘number of attacks’ == 0) then
check if (‘number of moves’ == 0) then
check if (‘current atkspeed’ >= ‘base atkspeed’) then
check if (‘current movespeed’ >= ‘base movespeed’) then
end turn()

sudo code, obviously optimise that so it doesn’t check everything after every move but you get the idea

There’s already an option for that, Go to Main Menu>Options>Auto End Turn>If cannot move. Move speed is mostly higher than attack speed so you’ll get the effect you want

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Haidere. My name is StarlandAI and I have some ideas!

Number 1:
Daily or weekly radiance awards, but small ammounts so you can still earn money from this game. E.g. 10 or 5 radiance a day. This is only 10 or 20 monster kills anyway, just saves a bit of time farming radiance.

Number 2:
After the Storyline major update has been added you could give radiance rewards (Again small ammounts, maybe 5 per quest) from quests, to reduce people farming and increase activitity in quests in the game.

Number 3:
This one you might like, as you earn a bit more money from people buying radiance. An option to buy items from the store for radiance instead of gold. For example, an item worth 100,000 gold could cost 100 or 1000 radiance (Divided by 100 or 1000). This has been approved by a lot of players I have asked in chat.

Number 4:
More different types of characters. You may be already working on this, or not planning to, but I would really like to make new types of solos, parties and test out new skills.

Number 5:
I doubt this will ever happen, but two options when starting the game, choosing the good side or the evil side. This would be a MAJOR MAJOR update and require doubling the whole game as it is. There would be two types of characters, for example, on the good side there is a priestess, but on the bad side there is a mage-killer or sorceror.

Number 6:
Cosmetics for characters. Drag00n wanted this so I thought I should put this. The ability to buy and get new clothes for characters. Increases attractiveness of the game.

Number 7:
My last suggestion. You know you can trade in 5 crystals for 1 of the higher level, you could trade in 1 of the higher level for 5 of the lower level, or a random ammount (1-5) without you knowing which to add luck.

Thank you for reading, StarlandAI


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Oh yeah, I forgot. Add an instructions page. >.>

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Suggestion 1:
Item Combining/Crafting system:

As it stands to get a nice item for say my Zerker, I have to check the shop constantly and wait weeks for an item with the required stats I need. This discourages players since they just have to sit around and farm to maybe get a useful item. What I’d suggest trying to add is a combining system so,

Axe A has dmg and mana, Axe B has health and int, Axe C has attack speed and agil, I was an axe with dmg, health, AS and agil but finding an axe like that would take ages, so I stick all 3 in a combiner and pay a fee based on how many items im combining, and there rarity, select a stat from each of them, so A I choose dmg, B health, C i take AS over agil, then press combine, A, B and C are destroyed and out pops a new Axe D, with dmg, health and AS, now this can either have the values from the previous axes, or a new random value based on the rarity of the items used(and therefore the new items rarity).

Then you could add a more expensive 4 item combine, and maybe a 5 item rad only combine. This gives high level plays a purpose in grinding, instead of looking for that all round amazing item, they are looking for pieces, so when you get that divine axe drop, you aren’t sitting there thinking, oh great another int axe. Getting gear will become realistic instead of purely luck based.

Some of the technical things now;
Level:the new item should probably be the average level of the items used combining it, 3 magics make a magic, 3 divines make a divine, but what about 2 magics and a divine? 33% chance for a divine, or a magic always unless its 3 divines?
Cost: Based off the new items level and rarity?
Rad: A rad only system would feel unfair unless the cost was extremely low(levelxrarity=rad cost?), however say a 5 item combine for a reasonable rad cost could be done since rad is grindable ingame, this gives people with money an incentive to donate, meaning more monies for karma, meaning more updates etc for everybody, and if the cost isnt too extreme grinding players would still be able to do it.
| Added spacing to make it more readable :P
Suggestion 2:
Set benefits:

A system I’ve seen in a few games to encourge people to be more selective with gear is adding set bonuses based on material, so say add a new stat to helm, chest, gloves, and boots. The new stat could be either cloth, leather or chain, these wouldn’t limit what you can wear though summoners can still wear chain, and paladins can wear cloth, if you’d prefer it could be material like iron, mithril, adamantine.

If you are wearing all cloth, you get a 10% bonus to all the effects of your items, that +10int is now +11 etc. This system would reward players who pick their gear carefully over those who randomly throw on whatever seems good. It would encourge the better players to calculate what gear is better, is it worth breaking your set bonus to use that new mythical drop you got, etc.
| Added spacing to make it more readable :P
Suggestion 3:
Shared Items between chars on the same account or item transfer system:

Currently when you reach max level on your main, you can either grind more, or create another account and try another immortal or setup, people who have done this 2 or 3 tims have 3-4 50s, if I’m farming on my 50 valk and I get a really nice mythical axe, I can’t trade it to my 50 zerker and have to sell it to the shop for something like 2k, this would make me cry big fat emo rage tears.

I propose having a shared item vault or perhaps the ability to send items between characters either for a gold cost, or perhaps a small rad fee? If you go with the shared vault it effectively means your lvl 50 can buy your lvl 0 some gear and give it a boost early, but hows that different from your 50 friend coming in and 1 shotting everything? If going down the shared vault idea gold might as well be account based like rad.

The other alternative to this is ‘item mailing’, have a window, you place the item in, type a character name, and either for a gold fee or a small rad cost maybe the item gets delivered to them. This would be the prerunner to the trading system, and if you add messages to this, you increase the social capacity, I could mail my 50 friend about the new item I got that he could buy when he’s not online. The cost for this system is up to you, if you made it a small rad cost, it would be more likely to be used for transfering mythicals and divines to a char who needs them, more end game effects, as most people wont spend 25 rad sending 1 lvl 2 ring over to their new toon, when he will find a decent one within 20 minutes of playing or have outgrown that one completely. If its free, players are more likely to gear their lowbies up, but as I said before, its not much different than getting a high level to run with you.

Allowing people who already have max level accounts to gear up their lowbies isn’t really a problem anyway in my eyes, they have spend the time and effort to get a max level account, why not let them have a bit of an easier time on their second, third, tenth play though?

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I suggest:
auction house / trade options, or atleast an option to inspect what items other players use..

1) You can make a “city” on the map without monsters, but where players can trade items and gold.
2) You can make it pasable for a player to buy there own " house or castle" in the game, for some radiance :). When a player have bought there own “castle” that player can create a game with special name For Example “Freja’s Castle or Freja’s Tradepost” By doing so, other players can then join in, and trade with the owner of the castle. (if you as a player then have bought a “castle” you will get the ability to trade with other players, and to show of your castle, your castle could also be working a bit like the shop, but only active when you “as a player” have your game open.

Hope it makes sense, please ask if you dont understand my idea..

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I would love to have a full screen button