[Warband] Patch notes (locked)

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V 0.1
Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a crash in the combat server caused by using Rangers
  • Fixed a bug that caused users to disconnect
  • Fixed a bug where the barracks didn’t properly units to full
  • Fixed a crash that occurred if a user disconnected from a combat mission

Other fixes:

  • Partial complete tooltip now appears properly
  • Buildings can be selected more easily while they are upgrading
  • Clarified tooltip on harvesters, now says “per hour”
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V 0.2
Bug fixes:

  • Fixed some tooltips
  • Partially fixed the healing bug which affected high-tier units
  • Fixed a bug that caused the terrain to turn black when switching between the camp and world map
  • Fixed a bug which zoomed out the camera


  • Significantly changed the way savages spawn. There is now a concept of “wilderness” where high-strength savage warbands will spawn. Markers are placed in the Wilderness that let players know the strength of warbands found in that area.
  • You can now decommision old units and recover resources used to train them
  • There is now a proper Alliance tab that will allow you to form alliances with other users.
  • You can now relocate your base camp once every 7 days.
  • Users that do not log on for mores than 7 days will have their camps deactivated. No progress will be lost, however, the camp will be removed from the world map until the user logs back in.
  • There is now an event log that will keep track of important events.
  • There have been some UI tweaks to support the new features.
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V 1.0
Bug fixes:

  • Fixed avatars in the Alliance window
  • Fixed a display issue in the Combat HUD
  • Fixed the Barracks tooltips; the Barracks has no effect the training of units
  • Fixed an issue that displayed bases that should be shrouded


  • Added tooltips for training and instantly training units
  • Added slight backgrounds to announcement popups
  • Made the “Collect” warehouse action base-wide
  • Added detail tooltips to warehouses and harvesters
  • Inverted the display for magical / physical “reductions”

This patch marks the last patch of the Closed Beta period. On Thursday, June 13 we should enter the open beta phase in which the rest of the Kongregate population can access Warband! We have tons of additional content planned for Warband. In the coming weeks, we’ll be launching a server-wide event and adding new customization options for units! Let us know what you think!

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V 1.1
Bug fixes:

  • A bug was fixed that assigned incorrect arena ratings upon winning or losing
  • Collecting from one warehouse should no longer cancel upgrades at other warehouses
  • Alliances can now have multiple leaders, leaders can be demoted by other leaders
  • Connectivity issues should now be closer to being resolved; users that had chronic disconnects before are fine now
  • A misconfiguration prevented battles from being fought manually some times; this has been fixed


  • You can now see who you defeated (or got whooped by!) in the arena
  • Warbands should now heal 50% faster, this is to compensate for the Salvation tweak
  • Salvation has been converted to a damage shield, as opposed to a heal
  • A versioning system has been put in place so future updates are smoother
  • “Unprotected” state has been removed from the UI; it caused a lot of confusion
  • “Get Coins!” button has been added to facilitate the purchase of coins

Patch 1.1 was collectively applied over two days (Sunday, and Monday). The previous patches have largely been focused on fixing bugs and making the experience smoother. We feel the game is getting significantly more stable, and now will be focusing on more content/gameplay issues.

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V 1.2
Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a display bug was preventing the paladin Salvation from showing correctly


  • Added a brand spanking new leveling system, with a maximum of 30 levels
  • Leveling up now confers talent points; you can get a maximum of 30 talent points
  • You can access your talent points at the Castle
  • Talent points allow you to specialize your units or base across the board
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V 1.3
Bug fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that turned player warbands into savages…

Tweaks and improvements:

  • Significantly cut healing times for Warbands. A rank 8 warband should see a 96% decrease in healing time
  • Bumped up resources salvaged from retiring units from 50% to 100%
  • Implemented a “failure tax” that reduces the resources a savage warband is carrying if it is not defeated – basically, this mechanic prevents low-level players from “zerging” a high level warband


  • Added a new specialization system that allows further customization of classes
  • Four new specializations: Executioner (Warrior), Alchemist (Ranger), Evoker (Mage) and Spiritualist (Paladin)
  • Two new quests that introduce the player to specializations

We continue to evaluate build times and resource costs. We want the game to be fun! We’re also now working on implementing multiplayer dungeons and more content.

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