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I really love the game because it’s not unfair, it gives any leveled player the chance to defeat higher level players. Also it has single player missions, which players can play in case of lags in multi-player. Please reply to my requests as soon as you can :D Thank you very much!

•Team battle
•More Hair & Clothes selection
•Mage Class ► Divides into (Witch/Wizard)
•ArcherClass ► Divides into (Hunter/Marksmen)
•Invite Button in PvP Battle (Must show all Dueling Bladesplayers in Kong chat Room)

Thank you for creating such a wonderful game! -

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•More Missions
•Repeatable Missions
•Loots for Boss Missions
•Rumble Battle
•*Clan* Selection
•*Helmet* Selection

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Hey Dude, How about

*Illusionist class,Mentalist class (Adding onto Mage class)

  • The Expanding the class tree.
    *A battle where more than 2 (Or more) bandits come together