[Red Crucible 1 & 2] Favorite class based play strategies.

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My favorite is the hunter. You can play it with the assault or sniper (though assault is almost always better). It’s basically a map control strategy that takes advantage of your speed to stop your opponents team from setting up ambushes and clearing out snipers. The optimal way to play this strategy is to first locate all of the viable choke points or sniper positions with exponentially wide views on whatever map your playing. Then you have to set up a path that allows you to move from one position to another as quickly as possible(for some maps you’ll only be able to do this on one side of the map, always do it on yours to stop your enemy’s from camping on your territory). Once you’ve done that during the game all you have to do is strafe jump in between points and, hopefully, stop your opponents from setting up effective traps and sniper positions. Another thing the hunter can be used for is flanking large team fights. For example on the Red Dawn roof tops there are often large team encounters as a hunter you want to get behind you enemy and basically suicide jump into the middle of them. If your lucky you’ll get one or two kills but the real value comes from forcing your opponents out of cover and distracting them. Remember as a hunter always keep moving or you might as well be playing heavy assault.