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My party is as follows:

Note: all party members are level 12

Warrior – Champion (He has the morning light turned legendary)
Mage – Conjurer
Ranger – Warden
Rogue – Assassin

While playing, I noticed I don’t have healing ability, rather, not enough. The only one that can heal is my warden and it seems that is not enough. Should I start from scratch (losing the morning light) or switch out a party member? If switch out, who & why?

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You can restart with a new party but keep everything that’s in you inventory. So you can do both. Also, in my opinion, you need a Cleric- Confessor in there somewhere if you want effective healing. My party is a Warrior- Captain, front and center, in Guard stance. Then a Cleric- Confessor directly behind in Radiance stance, with a Mage- Sorcerer (Empowered Stance) on the Cleric’s right and a Ranger- Marksman (Healing Lore Stance) on the Cleric’s left. With some heavy armor with resistance and retaliation and the Cleric to keep him alive, the Captain tanks like a beast, and the Ranger and Mage dish out more damage than you can shake a stick at.

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What I use, and seems to be very effective vs any enemy type (the only difference a boss made was the higher hp.. otherwise id have killed them within 10 seconds or less as well)

Front Line
Warrior – Champion (attributes go to strength and endurance, evenly)
Cleric – Confessor (attributes go to intellect and endurance, evenly)

Back Line
Mage – Conjuror (attributes go to intellect only)
Ranger – Marksman (attributes go to dexterity only)

All characters dish out damage, Cleric and Warrior do more to a single target while I use Ranger and Mage to attack multiple targets. I rarely need to heal because they kill everything so quickly.

Btw before you reset characters, make sure all equipment was taken off and put into an empty bag so you can filter through them easily. If you dont remove equipment and reset characters, you will lose it all.

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I got an interesting setup if anyone wants to hear it.

I have:
Cleric, Confessor-Attributes go around 1:2 with constitution and intelligence. Healer, focus on maxing his healing skills.
Warrior, Champion-Attributes go evenly with strength and constitution. Defensive guy, but also has decent melee damage to finish off enemies.
Rouge, Assassin-This is where I get weird. All attributes go to INTELLIGENCE, and I focus almost entirely on poison skills. Poison weapons and gear are good, and I ignore things like weapon damage; I am doing all my damage with this character through poison. He goes in the back row, I sometimes use ranged weapons and sometimes use melee weapons w/ sneak attack.
Mage, Sorcerer-Attributes go to intelligence. Pretty much around just to summon War Golems.

Note that I don’t actually stick with my parties long, I tend to swap characters around a lot and so my levels are a bit off from each other. The Clean Slate from special orders is my best friend.

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i go for maximum DPS,here is my team:
warrior – champion with annihilator set and martyr’s signet,all attributes go to strength
cleric – inquisitor with ccclesiarch garb set and covenant of blood,all attributes go to intellect,mainly use “smite” and “litany of pain”
mage – sorcerer all intellect with aetherweave set
rogue – Assassin all dexterity,stalker set and bloodletter
only mage goes to back row.because all my team members have health regeneration or health steal,i dont really worry about healing,just all attack all the time.the result of that is i rarely have to do a 4th round,even in extreme mode.

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my team used to have a ranger,but i found out them dont really good at anything,crapy healer,cant get rid of any debuff,and even worse dpser—a all intellect confessor use only smite can do more damage than them……maybe them need to be buffed.

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I have changed my party recently. In case anyone is interested:

1. Champion. All goes to Strength. He has Devil’s Tine, Annihilator Set, Black Flag of Dilaera and Martyr’s Signet. He is by far the most powerful member of the party. In Act IV, he solo-killed a Nexus Engine without effort and similarly effortlessly killed tons of waves until he was frightened to leave. Insane regeneration and armour, Devil’s Tine makes him even more deadly. Almost impossible to kill.

2. Sorceror. All goes to Intellect. Blightreaper, Omniscience set, and Healthy Gold Ring of Thorns; not to mention Cape of the Conquering Hero and Black Incunabulum. He stands behind the Champion, and the combined retaliation damage practically cripples Banshees and Spellslaves if they attempt with the wrong attacks. He is fragile, but has immense health steal, practically every one of his attacks full-heals himself; and his vastly reduced skill cost and immense free skill chance make sure that he never runs out of power.

3. Assassin. All goes to Strength, and sometimes to Dexterity. Demon’s tooth, Prowler set (though the torso piece is missing yet, he uses Weald Protector instead), The Best Defense, Opaline Band and the Bandolier is not sure yet (Poisoner’s Kit or Tools of the Arch-Assassin, I need to decide, though probably the latter). He has immense damage and critical chance, and can literally wipe out the back row.

4. Marksman. All goes to Dexterity. Has the full Moonglow Set, MA Bolt-thrower MkII, Frostbite Quiver, Opaline Band. The most versatile member. He can finish off weak enemies with Hail of Arrows, or stun powerful ones with Pin.

As you can suspect, the party members deal immense damage, but they are fragile. Therefore my tactic is – get the next one! I always seek to eliminate threats in the correct order, so that only one or maximum two of them can actually attack. Kick and Pin are very helpful for this one, so are Cold Front (believe me, many bosses are easy if you Animate Shadow, spam Cold Fronts and Point Blanks). Against crowds (5-6 enemies), I pull off the Sneak Assault-Lightning Storm game. If there are leftovers in the back row, then I use Pierce or Hail of Arrows, if not, I pin the opponent that’d come next. From there, it’s straightforward.

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My starting party:
- Champion: heaviest armor and shield, full endurance build, can tank everything, shield wall works wonders against those pesky enemies that want to hit back row ( just switch to adrealine stance before using it if enemies can stun you ), if you lower on hp/power at the end of battle just leave one meele oponent and spent some turns resting/healing, you want some hp regen and retaliaton damage, ofc extra endurance never hurts
-Confessor: back row in the middle, radiance aura to all alies, full int build, nice heals, smite always hit, low cost and average damage, revive just in case something went terribly wrong
- Marksman: jack of all trades, just little of everything, extra heals/regens just in case, quickness buff, solid damage, stun against those pesky enemies imitating your champion and trying to protect rest of team
- Sorceror: full int build, very versatile damage, hit all enemies, 100% hit ability, burn front row, freeze them, give him some health steal and he can heal to full in one firaball or storm

probably not best party damage wise but very solid and safe

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I would absolutely certain go for:
- Inquisitor
- Sorceror
- Assassin
- Marksman

Best combo ever :)

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I built my party completely out of whimsy, if anyone wants to bother reading it
+Captain, frontline fighter, I used him instead of the champion after act 3 because all the mental debuffs were really getting on my nerves. He has good healing ability, and does excellent damage on top of it
+Confessor, a tank and support, the way clerics are meant to be played. When he can’t try to land a stun with judgement because there’s still a crowd of enemies, he can use annoin to supplement the mage
+Sorcerer, surprisingly, I didn’t find myself using push harder on him so he can spam electrical storm. I popped him a spirit leech, and he has no cost on electrical storm if he hits all targets in an enemy party of 6. He can keep himself on Empowered the entire fight, melting the enemy down. With annoint, he does so even faster.
+Warden, Another healer, you ask? two revives in one party that already has good healing power seems like an oversight, considering disentegration from enemies like ghouls and doomcallers. I still prefer him over the marksman because of his Force of nature passive, which can remove game changing buffs from the enemy

So…that’s my party, it works fairly well, but it has it’s gaping flaws. Accuracy is a bit of a problem, but with the ranger’s passive that gives 25% accuracy, smite on the cleric, fireball and electrocute on the mage, it hardly seems like it could cause defeat for the party. Damage output is unquestionablly low compared to other parties out there. I still dig the sustainability though. I believe I can easily clear 60-some waves of survival with my current build, but I haven’t actually done so because I always get distracted. Ah well, i should try it some time.

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If interested, my highest level party which I have used more than the rest on Act IV and consistently go past wave 50 is as follows:

Croca – Warrior; I use adrenaline style and he is equipped with 4 pieces of Campaign armor, High Centurion’s Guard helmet, warplate sabatons that have a small retaliation damage and Stalwart Protector for a shield. He uses Bloody Murder one-handed axe as weapon. Helmet, shield and weapon all have Spark of Legend.

Lucious – cleric; Benediction style and is equipped with Annihilator hands, legs and feet. Ecclesiarch shoulders and also has a High Centurion Guard helmet and Stalwart Protector. He has Shatterstorm as a weapon. Weapon, helmut and shield all have Spark of Legend. He also has Martyr’s Signet as a ring.

Roderick – mage; Spell mastery or arcane armor as style. Equipped with a hodge-podge of items. Does good damage, and has some retaliation damage. Is very quick and very accurate with some protections as well.

Holm – ranger; Healing Lore mostly, but Force of Nature works as well. Equipped with three pieces of Shiftsteel armor (feet, chest and head), Moonglow legs, rebel arms and padded shoulders of evasion. Mosswood Crossbow as a weapon. Crossbow and all three Shiftsteel pieces have Spark of Legend on them. Does real good damage and is an excellent emergency healer when needed.

I put Lucius in the front middle and Croca at the top front. I put Roderick behind Lucius and Holm behind Croca.

Biggest problem I have is Holm fleeing after wave 50 on Act IV. Other than that I usually just blow through the dungeons no problem.

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As I said in another thread, dungeon and survival demand almost totally opposite party setups. To maximize loot in dungeons you need to get Flawless wins, which means your party should be built on all-out offense. It’s okay to blow your power on high-cost AoE abilities because you can get it back with cheap consumables, power-after-battle gear, or just by walking around, and it doesn’t matter if you have limited healing ability because debuffs go away after each battle and, again, you have consumables. On the other hand, in survival mode you get quadratically increasing rewards for surviving as long as possible (the more waves you clear, the more Dimensional Pockets you get and the higher level each Pocket will be) against enemies who are constantly increasing in strength, quickly outpacing your ability to one-shot them. You need at least one and preferably two characters who can resurrect, and you need some way to cure debuffs or you’ll lose characters to fear and Curse of Mortality. Big nukes like Fervor and the various AoEs will put you in an energy hole; conversely damage-over-time moves and gear are more valuable than in dungeons, both because enemies have more HP and because they’re more power-efficient than moves that do damage upfront.

As far as I’m concerned the Warden and Confessor both have a big stamp on them saying “for survival mode only” because their unique abilities are 100% defensive and don’t contribute toward getting Flawless.

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Mage Mage (either one cause I spam electricity 100% accuracy thingy) One of each normally although I did run 2 war golem peeps once. that was fun. ANYWAY back to build. I then use 2 rogue’s.

WTF!?!?!?! You might say but it’s actually pretty straight forward. Mage, mage, ranger rogue (rogue with high INTEL) in the back single rogue up front. This is by far the highest damage party I have used.

**The rogue up front is decked out in full Prowler gear (cause I only like using sets), Cape of conquering hero OR assassins belt thingy. and Martyrs signet. ALL POINTS go to strength I have him use hide every other round so he doesnt take much damage but then when he comes out he kills most things once hit with the exception of bosses. Shards emphasize crit chance and damage (dont have game up and do not remember the exact name but its just one shard.

**Rear rougue is in Moonglow to increase intel. ALL POINTS GO TO INTEL. He then has poisoners kit and preferable any weapon with poison. Stance is obvious, use poison. IF he has ranged I just attack, if he has dagger I use sneak attack. can use hide to dodge some ranged damage if needed. His poison rips through enemies.

  • Mage 1 Full Omni or aetherweave. Both very good mage armor again I use full sets One on one, one on the other. ALL STATS GO TO INTEL. obviously. I normally have this one as a mage that can use Electrical Storm. I equip any 2 handed staff as they normally have better attack stats than the wands. preferable one with power steal, If I use Spirit Leech waepon (rare) I use Lost writing od Sel’ Zabar for stats there. Spam electrical storm or if you have high dodge use electrocute/ fireball.
  • Mage 2 (normally conjuror) Same equip as above except I ALWAYS use spirit leech and Lost writings os Sel’ Zebar. Goal is to get 2 war golem up front to take damage. Sometimes only one is needed or with little fights none. but then just spam Electrocute/Fireball

There ya go. I have made a ton of various buids but as I said before this one os by far the most damage output.

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ur team is kind of a mix

the conjurer is really good for act iv, but not the rest of the acts, since you spend to much mana and time summoning creatures that will fade away when the battle ends

the rogue is really good for all acts, but act iv where a cleric healer would be necessary

its not optimal for any of the 2 scenarios, but if it works for you

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Confessor-Tank and healer
Warden-Damage, stuns, secondary healer and removing enemy buffs
Conjuror-Wargolems and good damage
Thief-Good damage dealer with sneak attack (I put him in the back row).

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Here’s one that I’ve found works fantastically:
Warrior- Champion: All stats to Endurance. Get him as much health regen and retaliation gear as you can. Go for single handed weapon and shield instead of two handed. Barbed Brutalizer is good. So it Martyr’s signet. Get him Sovereign gear as opposed to Annihilator. Put him in front middle.
Cleric- Inquisitor: In early game, put stats into strength. Get him gear that improves his healing ability because you’ll probably be using it a lot. Late game, go all Intelligence. Get him a Barbed Brutalizer and Liturgy on the Covenant of Blood. Also, he’ll need power regen because he becomes a Litany of Pain machine. Front left.
Mage- Conjuror: Power regen and free skill use and starting action. All you really need him for is summoning a War Golem to the front right position, but he has to at least do this before the Warden’s first turn so that the whole front row will get Thorns applied. After that’s summoned, use offensive spells as you see fit.
Ranger- Warden: Make him quick, but he must always be at least second to the Conjuror. He needs to be in Force of Nature stance to remove enemy buffs. All stats into dexterity, because outside of applying Thorns to your front row, he’s your best DPS.
Basic strategy:
Conjuror: Summons War golem
Warden" Thorns on front row.
Champion: If there’s a full enemy front row, do a lot of Cleaving. If your front row is hurting, Hold the Line.
Inquisitor: Usually either Holy Light or Litany of Pain, Purify if your allies are debuffed.
Repeat as necessary.

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Also, your Conjuror is going to be using Power Siphon a lot. 1 or 2 hits right after another will stop most enemies from using their best spells and abilities. Another tip, if there’s an enemy Doomcaller, forget everything else and kill it immediately. Your Inquisitor won’t be able to use Purify fast enough to save your entire party from Impending Doom.

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Full-Endurance Confessor with six-piece Sovereign, South-ling’s Shield-Cloak, Dawnslice Hard-Iron Link, and Stalwart Defender. Front-center with Radiance; mediocre dps and nonexistent speed, but amazing durability and tanking. Strike with occasional heal/full-heal.

Full-Intellect Conjurer in “mastery” with full-Omniscient with Scorchwand, Icon of Savantir, and Cape of the Conquering Hero. Evade-ring because it’s all I have. High speed with decent damage. Golem on survival.

Full Intellect Sorcerer in “mastery” with Mystic wrap, Mystic’s Turban, for now; Helios Spellstaff and otherwise Int-based gear.High speed and damage. Both mages use Fireball, freeze, lightning-strike, and bolt.

Full Dexterity Jester in “opportunist” with MA-Bolt-thrower MK-II, full Stalker set, and dex-based ring and accessory. Auto-finish and decent damage. Only uses strike.

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I’m another who likes a Cleric over a Warrior. You lose some offense, but having 2 guys who can resurrect is too nice (not to mention the other reliable heals).

If you really want to keep your party, I’d focus on vampiric equipment so the guys can self heal as much as possible.

As for the Warrior, I’d go with a mix of vampiric and lightweight equipment. It’s a trade-off. He’ll take more damage from attacks, but he’ll be faster and able to gain more health back by bashing enemies.

Alternately, you can build your Warrior as a pure tank. Get the most protective armor possible and spam shield wall. Soothing and vampiric equipment will improve his survivability. During fights, use the Warden to put Nature’s Balm on anyone who takes major hits (and ALWAYS on the Warrior).

Unless/Until you have full sets of whatever flavor of special armor you want to use, don’t wear it (unless the prefix/suffix is actually helpful – like vampiric/soothing). Keep all the odd pieces of armor in a bag while you collect the set and have your guys actually wearing the stuff that will help them most now.

Gambling dice are your friend.