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So I just watched the trailer and saw some new avatars to use, I also noticed that all of them required just a few tickets to purchase.

1 – When can we expect those new avatars?

2 – Those new prices are going to be seen in the future?
(if yes) 2.1 – What will beta testers get for having to purchase those avatars for more tickets and for real money at the moment?

4 – Those stickers will be seen during gameplay on our character?

5 – At the second 0:32 of the video, is that a new mode?

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Hi Volrathx,
Here are some answers for you:

1• Yes there will be new toys. We’re starting with Alice Pack on June 19th. After that we have some more toys+weapons lined up for release in the coming months. There might be something before Alice Pack as well ;)

2 • Those prices in the video are not reflective of the final price in the game. It was from an early stage of development. But we are looking for ways to reward the community for playing the game.

4• No, the stickers will be used in a different manner.

5• Good eye, yes that’s a sneak peak at a new mode we’re developing. You’ll see it in future updates.

Also Check out this post -http://www.kongregate.com/forums/157-bigheadbash/topics/271778-straight-from-the-spicy-horses-mouth
We’re trying to address all the questions the community has. So please keep asking them and I’ll do by best to answer them all.

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Thank you once more. ;)

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so cowville isnt going to be released? damn… was really looking forward to that, the game seemed quite promising

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yeah thats a bummer isn’t it? maybe some day ;)