[Striker Superstars] Unfinished Matches: A Few Comments

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From what I can gather, it seems to be a common theme that matches show up in the “Form” data as unfinished when they shouldn’t. It’s certainly happened to me a few times in the last few days. Anybody else noticing this?

Also, there desperately needs to be some sort of punishment for persistent quitters. In most games I’ve played, within moments of one team gaining a significant advantage – usually by being two or more goals in the lead at any point in the game or one team taking the lead late in the game – some or all of the losing team will quit. If there is any sort of system, it shouldn’t kick in after one quit; I can understand that people would need to leave a match suddenly in emergencies. It should be something like two or three matches in five. As for the penalty, there are a few potential options, such as temporary training bans or not awarding XP or dollars for completed matches for initial offenders, up to outright bans for repeat offences. I don’t know about anyone else but I get a bit annoyed when you’re suddenly up against one human and 3 AIs or when all of your team-mates suddenly give up (but hey, at least the computer will actually pass to you…)

What’s the general opinion?

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update on the above post

Seems like the game is mistaking Draws for Unfinished matches. This needs fixed.

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Apologies, the mistaken did-not-finish icon is symptom of a known bug which we are working on and will have fixed as soon as possible. It will probably be affecting other aspects of post-match processing on the server too, but it is intermittent so it’s hard to spell out exactly what the impact is.

As for penalties for persistent quitters… we recognise that it’s an issue and have been trying to fix it by rewarding non-quitters more than by punishing “quitters” (because as you say, it’s not possible to tell when they’re wimping out just because they’re losing). It’s something we will of course keep an eye on and reassess after each change.

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Glad to hear it, looking forward to the fixes.