[Monsters' Den Chronicles] Getting desintegrated/corpse eaten

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so i’m fighting the act 3 final boss, i’ve only tried a couple of times now, but inevitably the traitor priest will oneshot my mage with his infernal fire spell and then the soul harvester will eat his corpse and summon his soul on their side of the field.

every time it happens i just exit to the menu to try again because i think it’s perma-death for my mage otherwise. is this kind of death really permanent? because his corpse is not in place i cannot res my mage in combat. does he come back after combat in this case? or is he gone for good? will i only be able to choose him for a new quest or not ever?

same thing with those demons that cast black hole and disintegrate my party members.

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Disintegrated/eaten characters can still be resurrected after the battle using a revive potion.

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oh ok thx