[Immortal Empire]Conversation Paths, mildly better formatting

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Just spent 2 hours trying to get this in a half decent format on here . . . and or on the wiki . . . no luck (knew there was a reason i never learned html at school, it’s fucknig pathetic)

So i’ve put how i format my convo paths and the first 5 areas (4 attribute points) onto a page here

Sorry it’s fb again but it does only take 10 minutes to make a smurf hotmail then smurf fb and it was the only place i could get it to just copy/paste with mild tweeking from my notepad.

My suggestion would be to copy and paste the actual important info (the convo paths) into a .txt file for using it. Once you understand how to use it from my description there :P it’s pretty simple thou imo, logical even maybe.

Let me know if i can improve it and please add to it either here or there if your inclined to get the full convo paths public as i’m unlikely to release any more on them myself.

Tzo out! o/