[Monsters' Den Chronicles] Party build?

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Ok, i need help here.
I have read several posts about party builds here, but but they don´t seem to agree much… .
So far i have used sorcerer (and spammed E storm), captain (end, spammed push harder), confessor (int, mostly annoint,purify, sometimes holy light, rarely intervention) and warden (int, dex, using swiftness, natures balm and debuffing).
after reading throughthis forum im pretty much set on assassin, warden (heals and debuffs), one mage for magic attacks and… and here im lost. some say champion, some say captain, not to mention clerics can tank too and i cant really imagine not having purify, and holy light is quite useful. Then again i would lose push harder which (especialy with swiftness from the warden) give almost unlimited mana. Ghouls and such can pull ppl from back ranks forward and thus im hesitant to not have change formation or 2 front line and 2 back line fighters (assassins seems to be prefered in the back line) and even then (due to terrain conditions) i would be in danger of having back line character pulled in the front… which is pretty much death sentence… I would really appreciate your thoughts on this. Thanks.

edit: and which mage? golems + disintegrate vs E. storm + cold front… it really boils down to this pretty much i think

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Are you doing dungeons or Act IV? Act IV you can not use potions once the battles start, so you will probably need healing capabilities and since the monsters you fight will level up the War Golem can come in handy for a little extra damage done and damage taken.

I don’t run up levels like in the extreme levels guide, but I do use spirit guides to equip my lower level character with better equipment.

My next run at Act IV is going to be with 4 level 11 characters that are all equipped with level 40+ armor and weapons. Using the names assigned to the characters, the four are: Kain, Reid, Katan and Malar. I would actually prefer to use a conjuror over a sorceror, but I already have both conjurors over level 11 and I really do not want to reset all my characters for just this purpose.

My higher level team that I used to farm gear for the low levels usually consisted of Lucius, Rodrick, Holm and either Croca or Faran, but mostly Croca. If I use Faran I have him equipped with a shield and put him in the front row.

I am sure others will disagree with me.

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My bad. I wasn’t thinking that you may not have the premium content when I named the characters.

Kain = Cleric – Confessor
Malar = Battlemage – Sorceror
Reid = Rogue – Assassin
Katan = Ranger – Warden

Also, if you decide to try Act IV with four level 1 characters, there is a huge chance that they will end up fleeing. That is how I ended up with the 4 at level 11.

Purify is a real good idea with a four person party that are around the same levels in Act IV. It doesn’t hurt in the dungeon acts either.

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thanks for that, i don´t have premium content.
sound real good. what are the stats though? Kain is end build i quess… and is assassin in the front? also, don´t you have problems with ghouls and the like pulling your back row into the front?

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On the level 11 characters, I put pretty much all the level points into endurance for all of them. I have lots of the appropriate bonuses from the gear I have them equipped with.

Kain gets gear bonus endurance and intellect if both are possible. Intellect helps his healing as well. His stats won’t make sense to you right now as the equipment is way higher than his level.

Yes, I put the Assassin in the front row and equip him with a shield. Assassins can use bucklers. If you give either Rogue a shield, they do not need dexterity as much and you can concentrate on endurance and strength for health and damage.

For the mage classes, if you use scepters instead of the two handed mage weapons you can concentrate on endurance and intellect. If you use the two handers you may need strength or dexterity as well.

The rangers need endurance and dexterity. Remember for rangers that crossbows have a -5 quickness stat that the other bows do not have. You will get a turn faster with the other bows. Crossbows have a little higher damage, but if you can’t get gear with starting action bonuses then stay with the other bows if you can.

As for the getting pulled forward in battle situation, yes it happens in the dungeons some times. This is where high endurance for all characters comes in handy. In Act IV there are no square effects to start with, neither good nor bad. So you can just put who you want in back behind who you want in front in Act IV. In the dungeons just put whoever has the higher health or takes less damage in an open spot if the squares have bad starting effects.

If you are really worried about getting pulled forward, use Croca as he has a switch formation power that he can get to switch it back. Use him instead of the assassin to keep two back row and two front row.

Your ranger can get some pretty good medium armor to use in the front row if you need to have three there.

You may have a preference for certain fighting styles, but I generally just leave them on the defaults for beginner or normal settings. It is much easier to farm for items on beginner. If you don’t have at least some better armor and weapons than what you start with, normal isn’t all that easy.

If you ever restock the Emporium, make sure that you have your highest level character/s in the game set-up or it will reset with lower level items.

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thanks for the tips!
i don´t think i will go with much endurance though, even my last party was ok without it and it wasnt as good as this one should be… also, i don´t want to use higher lvl items intentionaly (other then maybe when levelling new characters)
assassin gets dmg (if he uses daggers) from dex as well.
ok, i think i pretty much got it now. Just one last thing, how do you play the warden? i used to make him heal as that HoT hes got is both cheap and real powerful (clerics heal is pretty useless). i need to figure out whether to up Dex or Int, i think Int is a better idea at the moment. he wont be doing any damage other then pin shot after all i think…
btw wouldn´t I get better gear at higher difficulties? seems fishy to me to farm at the easyest difficulty.

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I think that only thing that is better at higher difficulties is the end reward. The reward that you get at the end of the Act. I don’t think it affects drops, but I may be wrong.

I use the Warden for both healing and fighting. Mostly I have him fight until such a time as I need him to heal. I use the Cleric to heal. Lucius has a heal all power as well as just the power to heal one party member. Both warriors also have hold the line which has a small healing power to it and they can heal themselves if needed. Mostly, I use endurance to up the health points and try to get good armor to reduce damage taken so that I don’t need to heal as often.

I don’t use Pin that often as my warden does more damage with his regular shot and I find killing the monsters quicker to be more effective than stunning them where they may get another attack. I do use Pierce when the monsters have a front row that “demands attention” and there is someone behind that one.

Everyone will probably have their favorite group and styles, so just play around until you find yours.

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you are mistaking pin and pierce, also, im going with the group you suggester before – warden, confessor, assassin, conjuror.Assassin has coup de grace, a ridiculusly powerful ability, but only useable on stunned targets.
btw with my alst group i almost never used heal all. likely because of my low end i had to heal right away i quess… btw i started playing and found out and end increases the HP regen from radiance stance of clerics, that, along with my wardens healing stance (also gives him HP regen) means all but my tank have a very hight HP regen rate… looks promising :)

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The average level of your party will affect the level of the drops. The higher the average level of your party, the higher the level requirements will be to use the drops.

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Pin is the one that stuns and Pierce is the one that passes through the front row monster and damages the monster behind it as well.

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my bad, misread pierce for pin.

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ok, 3. dungeon done, looks mighty fine :ú thanks for the help!

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ok, works great so far. Just wondering through, shouldn´t i use sorcerer instead? i hardly ever use disintegrade or summons… nad sorceror has cold front…

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Wargolems are for Act 4 (survival) and for getting the small party achievements. Disintegrate is for boss battles, both for bosses that resurrect minions and for blowing through the last 1/3 of a boss’s HP in one shot. The Conjuror’s true massive hax ability is Time Warp… but it requires careful tuning of gear for the entire party. The Conjuror needs to be the slowest party member but still faster than the monsters, and all your members need to be faster than the monsters in terms of raw quickness (not just first action). If you meet those requirements, you can do the following: First three members attack, Conjuror uses Time Warp, then all four members attack again before the monsters make a single move. This is terrific for racking up Flawless wins, and the bonus loot you get from them.

If you don’t have the gear to tune your party’s speeds to take advantage of Time Warp, though, you’re probably better off with the Sorcerer.

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thanks :)

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if you want to take act iv for a long run (past turn 50) check this guide i just made

im in turn 70 right just now

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Originally posted by AWJ9999:

The Conjuror’s true massive hax ability is Time Warp&#8230

Confirming this. With enough power regen or high crit chance+power on crit equipment conjuror is a truly one-man army. You could use Time Warp on your shadow, thus cyclyng between conjuror and his shadow, effectively denying turns to all enemies, solo. :)
Though you could just one-hit kill all enemies at once with your sorcerer and save some time, if you wish.

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Hahahaha, I forgot all about Summon Shadow. With that the requirement that the Conjuror be slower than the rest of the party goes away… rather, you want him fast enough that he can summon the shadow and have the shadow act before the monsters do (mental note that the shadow comes into play with its action gauge half full, and does not have access to styles) You can Time Warp once with the shadow and a second time with the Conjuror himself, getting three rounds of attacks before the monsters can do anything.

I have to try that once I finish putting together the Aetherweave set… right now I have hardly any Quickness gear for a mage.

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nice! good advice, thanks!

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Glad to see some more experienced players jumped in on this thread. I made it to wave 153 with my level 11 party before I just got too bored to keep going.

The only real problems I had were when the red monsters would make a version or versions of my cleric to fight against me. I can’t really attack those as he has some pretty good retaliation damage. I had to keep passing on everything except my sorceror power draining him/them so they couldn’t heal as often.

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I have to try that once I finish putting together the Aetherweave set…

5 items from Aetherweave + Suncloth robe> aetherweave set

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If you want to get far in Act 4 just get a confessor cleric with high retaliation damage equipment and you will last a while I’m already in wave 438

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If you’re still looking for a solid party build, try this one.

FYI the %‘s when leveling up are every 10 levels.. i thought i’d state that for the record.

Front Center – Champion, 80% str/20% end, default fighting stance Wide Arcs? the stance that gives 100% accuracy
When first leveling him, start him with DPS gear with lots of armor and give him a 2 hand weapon, I find 2h axes to be quite handy due to armor piercing.. once you start seeing the storied “Siege” gear.. begin equipping him in that. Focus your stats on Retaliation and Stun Resist.

Front Left or Right – Rogue – Assassin, 90% Dex/10% Str to begin with, start evening them out after lvl 20ish
Your melee DPS has a lot of synergy with your back up healer and is extremely important for removing troublesome casters in the back row with sneak attack. If you’re lucky enough to get Venom’s Kiss, keep it… SoL it if you have one on hand. This weapon is a nuke, combined with the Poisoner’s Kit purple bandolier, the assassin can melt people in 2 rounds if they all proc. Focus stats around evasion and Crit chance. In fact if you get shards/gems… put them on your Rogue first and foremost. The rogue’s default stance should be the evasive one for the reduction for sneak attack.. if you get into a fight with full casters… go into hide, switch to poison or crit then use sneak attack.

Back Left or Right – Ranger – Warden, first focus on intelligence, then dex, default stance = Healing Lore
I feel the Warden is perhaps one of the most versatile classes in the game… focus on intelligence based gear to boost her HoT (Heal over Time) she’s not much for damage but more for utility… troublesome enemy? Pin him down.. let the assassin finish the job. On a huge fight begin by throwing Thorns on your warrior, then have the warrior either hold the line or shield wall, on your next turn depending on the warrior’s HP either throw a HoT or snares… snares will give the rogue many choices to coup de grace. Many of the ranger’s skills are utility based and thus only cost half a circle. Quickness is an excellent choice to throw on teammates but not your tank.. it actually reduces the time you have shield wall up. Focus on gear that increases Power Regen + Intelligence

Back Center (Behind warrior) – Cleric Confessor, default stance = Radiance
You knew he was gonna be here, how couldn’t he? He’s mostly here as support tho, not so much healing… a flash heal here and there but never a full blown heal, they’re expensive and usually heal far more than necessary. Throw Anoint on the Rogue when he hides so he can eliminate an entire back row in one turn. Keep your eyes peeled for Afraid in later acts… nothing is more annoying than your warrior turning tail and running from a fight. Before tough fights, it’s always a good idea to throw up Holy Light, especially against Undead… unfortunately even with all the intelligence you’re going to be dumping into this guy… Smite just isn’t nearly as good as it was in previous games. Keep him waiting for that quick emergency heal instead of dumping power to wreck the enemy… leave that to your rogue/warrior. As for gear… heavy armor, Intelligence + Power Regen, Healing… there’s a really cool offhand that heals him every time you heal someone else… OH and find the cleric only sword that has a chance to remove a debuff on heals, it works with flash and is REALLY handy for those annoying arcane conditions.