[Monsters' Den Chronicles] Am I playing this game incorrectly?

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So I went through act 1 on veteran difficulty, all my characters made it to lvl 4 and were moderately challenged. After completing that i went to act 2 and in the first fight against 3 specters and 3 banshees my entire party was wiped without getting an action. So i tried again, same result, I ended up trying 4 seperate times, and the best i could get was to injure slightly a few mobs before being wiped. I figured maybe i needed more lvls so i tried act 1 again only to find the mobs there were my lvl as well, and they wiped my party handily. My party makeup currently is: Lucius and Hadrian in the frontline and Parthian and Rodrick in the back. any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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higher difficulties are meant to be used when you already have more or less well-geared characters, so i’d suggest trying normal difficulty :)
Specters and banshees are highly vulnerable to magic damage, so use smite from cleric on specters and electrocute\freeze on banshees. Also, war golem is and excellent additional tank, you may want to put him in the middle row instead of your main tank to soak some damage for you.

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Do you only have 2 party members Quinton?

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“Lucius and Hadrian in the frontline and Parthian and Rodrick in the back”
Does that answer your question kaygo? :P

Freijie has it right, the game is designed to be fairly balanced at low levels for standard play

veteran is when you’re starting to get better gear at a faster rate then they are scaling with you

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Starting out on veteran difficulty with the basic armor that the characters come with is probably not your best bet. You may want to farm some equipment on beginner or normal first.

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Originally posted by Quinton0227:

So I went through act 1 on veteran difficulty…

Let me just say bravo, I give you a lot of respect for trying out the higher difficulties earlier on. However as weird as it may sound some people actually start off on lower difficulties (I KNOW, it’s crazy) and I’m guessing Garin took this into account when he put in the leveling and difficulty system. The difference between veteran and normal is more significant than other games and if you want a hard mode to go through the game with then you are out of luck.

As for why you were able to get through Act I and not Act II: When you start a campaign, the enemies are at the same level as you and go up one level with every floor you descend. Now, since when at level one you rarely see enemy parties with more than 3 monsters (you can get a lot of battles at level one with just one enemy you need to defeat) you were able to get started in Act I, and you could level up faster than the enemies by battling more enemies and getting more EXP to deal with the difficulty increase on lower levels. However once you finish the campaign, when you start a new campaign the enemies are back at your level and you have lost all your advantages over them. Now at the first battle you are stuck and can’t get a grip since there are no enemies you can now kill to gain EXP. It’s a flaw that is really hard to tackle: you need more than an on-the-fly strategy you develop from playing the game like most RPGs, no matter how good your execution is, but you can’t really develop one without the wanted gear and abilities and you will likely need to spend some time into the game to get the gear and abilities you need.

In other words, you need to grind before you do hard.

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I’m starting off the game on extreme and am currently on act 2, 3rd floor. I suggest investing in armor early on and attempting to outfit your team to make them as strong as possible.
-If one team is giving you trouble, skip over them using the scroll and fighting weaker teams to get stronger/find better armor
-If that still doesn’t work, use consumables that give you a bonus to give you the edge in the fight
-Get the ressurect ability asap… this has saved me countless times.
-If all this fails, and you insist on sticking to veteran… attempt a new team of people you haven’t tried, maybe it’ll work better than your current team (and all the enemies will be level 1 if all your characters are too)

I always enjoy starting off on the hardest difficulty, so I too commend you on attempting veteran… Good luck