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Im carefully choosing teams that are potentially good when mixed together. I.E using all 5 immortals.

The main purpose of this guide is to show my insight on a good combinations with teams on a 5v5 match and making it difficult for any enemy. (a soloing hero with lvl 35 can easily be beaten by a team coordinated balanced heroes no matter what it is)

Valkyrie – Can deal massive damage in short period of time and has great mobility using her skills, she can also deal an aoe damage increase within her casting range creating a combo with Paladin’s massive AOE skill Godly wrath. In addition, valkyrie can be switched from a mobility for scouting purposes or a supporter cases and a damage dealer based on her ulti. In my suggestion a combination of Battle cry will greatly increase the survivability and desctructive forced by your whole team.

Paladin – Can combo with mostly everyone and his heals makes up for the loss of priestess in the team. Ultimate skill Divine word or Spell immunity differs. Divine Word + Battle cry can create a devastating amount of damage. Although I haven’t tested if battle cry is still in affect if spell immunity is casted(someone look this up pls) if it does then any negative buffs casted on the team will be negated thus creating a whole new advantage. In addition to being a combo with valkyrie, he can also remove buffs from enemies + it damages them. EVERYTHING EXCEPT righteous fire is very good combinations for everything to tank, save, or damage dealer.

Summoner – A MUST HAVE Using the eye can scout area than valkyrie(which is far safer than sending valkyrie even while she has positive buffs) plus his teleport can damage and set up traps. I.E he’s going to be our soloer on our team and goes back to the team when the perimeter is secured using his traps. while he is our soloer, he can send in the eye to make sure his location is safe or confirm that he is safe, if not he can summon golem that could take hits or damages the enemy. In a scenario where he is in dead set in the middle and enemy is focusing on him, your whole team can flank them from behind and set the game winning damages with aoe and buffs on them.

Treant – Our main AOE stunner as well as our tank. With the entangle your whole team can create opportunities whether you want to choose to go for a positive buffs on your team or deal massive damage on the enemy team while they are dead stoned and frozen in their tracks. He can also be our anti-melee hero using boulders and colossal strike. I personally do not think that there should be a lvl up where he needs to be upped with nature’s essence since there’s already a valkyrie and a paladin on the same team.

Dryad – She can be our main supporter mostly because of negative buffs she can provide. stone prison can greatly minimize an enemy team by focusing on their key point character and taking out their weaker character instead. Basically what she can do is stone prison their supporter, and then nuke main problems (damage dealers) with negative buffs. It wouldn’t be bad too if you use pixie dusts on the supporters so they can do anything at all to help the team and basically render them useless. Dryad can be our sneaky fellow where she has stay behind or sneak behind enemy lines.

I have some team combinations with different types of kinds including a 1-man with 4-supporters type of combinations where the key character can just become Hulk and annihalate everybody before they get the chance to do something. It works most of the time but if you placed them in the wrong position you are screwed guaranteed so it’s better to position yourself 1st before go out and hunting.

Well I’ll leave this guide incomplete because I’m still trying out new things and i know that some of you have a say in it so leave a comment and tell me what your opinions are. and as always.

Have fun gaming _