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Well the mana crystal is gone and i’m going to have blame people who can’t work out the numbers for themselves as aparently people have been buying the attribute gems, which should’ve been removed instead . . .

Using mean averages for all the gems and the now current (lowered) radiance prices.

Strength Crystals | 20 str | effectively | 200 HP | 2 hp regen | 10 dmg | 1200 radiance
or in other crystals | 2 purple, 200hp | 1 green, 5.5 hp regen | 1 black, 12.5 dmg | 1040 radiance | only uses 4 crystal slots

Agility Crystals | 20 agi | effectively | 2 atk speed | 1 move speed | 10 dmg | 1000 radiance
or in other crystals | 1 black , 12.5dmg (62.5dmg/turn) | see note about MS | 1 black crystal, 12.5dmg | 720 radiance | only uses 2 crystal slots

The atk speed equates to 0.2 attacks/turn which depending on your damage/atk (~100-312.5-600) equals ~20-62.5-120 dmg/turn. Damage on the other hand is multiplied by your number of attacks (assumed to be 5 for the calculation above).

Note 1) The movespeed admittadly can’t be bought from other gems but 1 more movespeed when it takes 10 for 1 extra move/turn means even with all items with full agi crystals you still wouldn’t get an extra move/turn from just the crystals so…

Inteligence Crystals | 20 int | effectively | 200 mana | 2 mana regen | 10 dmg | 4% spell power | 800 radiance
or in other crystals | 2 (old yellow crystals), 200mana | 1 white crystal, 5.5 mana regen | 1 black crystal, 12.5dmg | 1 red crystal 3.5% sp | 760 radiance | only uses 3 crystals, but you now can’t get the mana crystals so you lose out there)

This shows the Agi and Str crystals are in effect completely useless to buy and the Int crystals are aswell if you have enough max mana already.

I’m not saying Spell Power crystals shouldn’t have been added cause they should’ve, people have asked for them, there logical and balance-able, what i’m trying to say is that mana crystals shouldn’t have been removed.
While after a certain level you really don’t need them any more and you likely lament getting them when farming at 50, i say they’re integral on the road to getting level 50.
Many of my characters struggled with maximum mana cap especially after level 10 when you got an ultimate spell if you chose to, because using this would puke your whole mana cap in one turn, and that doesn’t change until 15-20 levels later (probably more now there’s no mana crystals) meaning you couldn’t cast anything else that turn and depending on your mana regen for many turns after.
Also as you level your spells up to rank 4/5 some of them end up taking large amounts of mana aswell which can mean your cap can’t accommodate two spells in one turn or in quick succession, not because you mana doesn’t recharge fast enough but because you just don’t have the mana to start with.

While no one probably ever bought Mana Crystals with radiance they did drop and they will have undoubtly been used, either on crappy temp items you only hold onto until your natural mana cap gets high enough or thrown in with 3/4 more useful crystals (3/4 regen, 1/2 mana, i’ve done this a few times) and whether you realise the magnitude of the difference it makes or not. Its effect needs to be stated here, 80-120 mana (100 mana) when you have a base mana pool of 550 and your spells all take 300+ mana is a huge difference in down time between spells.

Also worth saying, leveling 10-30 say, you don’t exactly have shed loads of cash to spend on items that are level requ equal to your character level, leaving you shopping in the 1-10 section where your unlikely to see high +mana values and even more unlikely to see them high enough to make the same difference a single mana crystal does.

In the end all i can say is, please bring mana crystals back quickly, I can see their not being in game dettering people from playing purely because they can’t use there characters properly and can’t do anything about it.

Bring back mana crystals.
Everyone stop buying attribute crystals.

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There should be much more crystals, not only mana added back. I would like to see Tiers of crystals, Where being a low lv you could enchant your items with lower Tier crystals (and you could get all types of crystals at lower lvls, ofc the more valuable ones would be rarer). That would also make the game more balanced. Since a lv 10 couldnt have 45 black crystals equipped that give 10-15dmg.. but let’s say he could have 45 black crystals with 2-3 dmg.