[Immortal Empire]Characters and what they're good for.

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A little thread for new people to find out what character they need or want.

Dryad – PVP and Bosses. Slow is useful for disabling bosses and running away. It can also be used to stop enemies attacking you. Pixie dust is considered overpowered and is very good at bosses and PVP. Bosses cannot use spells and are vunrable to your spells for a very long time. It also stops people in PVP using level 5 spells on you and killing you in one turn. This gives you an advantage if you are a lower level.

Priestess – Healing and Large Crowds. Priestess is usually used as a second character after one of your characters have hit level 50, as they are useful for healing. Cure is the most useful healing spell in the game, as well as sacrifice healing too. The priestess also has an ultimate spell, sleep, which stuns all units in a large area for a period of time. Useful for running and when you get ambushed by scorpions in higher quest levels. Priestess is weak though, and its other ultimate spell, peace, is one of the most useless ultimate there is. I suggest leveling it up last, or not at all. It affects enemies too, so only use it in an area with no enemies or you get damaged more by them than they do by you.

Druid – Tanking, Blocking and Preventing Enemy Escape. Druid is considered the worst immortal in the game, although it is extremely useful when used properly. The stone wall spell helps escape for you and prevents enemy escape. It hits high damage at high levels, more than ranged units, and the axe it uses usually has the highest damage in the item that ny other weapon.

Paladin – Healing, Damage and Killing Multiple Enemies. Paladin has the highest heal in the game, and the largest area of damage with the godly wrath spell. It is useful at big crowds but if it gets blocked in the chances are you will die. It is an all-rounder like the Pheonix Mage.

Valkyrie – Everything. Valkyrie is considered to be overpowered with good buff spells. Its only disadvantage is it is melee and not ranged. Not a very big description but it is extremely useful.

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Druid is good for luring :D

If there are enemies directly up, down, left or right of you, if you cast Wall while leaving a sort of “diagonal gap”, you can pull 1 enemy through the diagonal gaps with Summon :D
Or you could do it the normal way and block all but 1 enemy :/

P.S. Thank you for helping noobs like me xD

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I see the post as slightly useful for new players, and utterly useless for experienced players (especialy about the valkyrie). I’ll not get into the details of it but i’ll try to write a short guide on the characters and then post a link to it here.