[Monsters' Den Chronicles] Questions About Character and Monsters

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What stats increase as Monsters gain levels? I’d like to know this because I am not sure if I am leveling my characters the “right” way. I’m not even sure if I’m getting the proper gear. I have quite a few sets of gear and some of them have purple-colored weaponry. I have a few Spark of Legends and have 815 Renown.

The highest leveled character is 18; the lowest is 12.

I apologize if this image doesn’t give enough information. I figured showing what they look like might give some clue at least.

Basically, I’m a bit afraid to play any further because I’m not sure if my characters will end up falling behind or not. To explain what my questions are: 1. What stats increase as a monster gets higher levels (besides HP)? 2. Should I reset my characters? How do I go about doing this? 3. Will stats gained by Tonics stay even if my characters are reverted back to level one? 4. What should I do on equipment before using the Spark of Legend on anything? 5. Am I making good progress so far?

Sorry if I’m asking too much without giving enough information. It would take quite a bit of time for me to gather all the data about my equipment, so, again, apologies.

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1. monsters will stay at your level, basically their relative strength will not change.
for front line you would want endurance+secondary stat, int for cleric, strength for warriors respectively. for everyone else use main stat to increase damage output and endurance when you feel its necessary.
rogue is way better when using bow, you will maximize his ‘opportunist’ stance’s potential. go all dex with a bit of endurance
assasin may go dex for pure damage or int for poison. up to you
marksman will benefit the most from pure dex. warden could be built as melee, ranged or healer\poison, get str, dex or int :)
inquisitor could be built with retribution as main damage tool. get a lot of hp and power regen for that
other chars are pretty straight-forward.
2. you can prepare high-tier eqipment sets and use spirit guide enchantment on it to be able to use all your equipment at level 1. you may want to do it only if you want completely different build or just a fresh start, overall its rarely meaningful.
3. nope
4. nothing. clear all sockets of useless enchantments and use spark. you can take it out later by using ‘artifical dissolver’ item
5. dunno :D if you are having fun, then yes, definitely!

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So only HP increases with the Monster’s Level then. Alright, so now I know that only increasing the difficulty increases damage potential. Thanks for the heads-up.

Wait, tonics don’t stay with the characters even after a reset? I feel like I’ve been just ripped off.

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i clearly said that relative strength remains the same. means that both damage and health scales with monster level

well, its called reset after all :D

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So there is a chance my characters could be utter crap? Well, fantastic…

Maybe I should post pictures of their stats here. See what everyone thinks on how they’re doing.

I’m still dreading the resets though. That’s a lot of hard work down the drain since the tonics’ effects won’t stay with me on the resets.

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As i said, difficulty of battle for lv20 party vs lv20 and lv100 party vs lv100 is more or less the same.

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Alright, I guess my builds are okay then. I just need more… erm… updated gear. Sparks sparks and more sparks.