[Tankwars] Frequently Asked Questions (locked)

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Is Tankwars free & will it stay free?
- Yes it is and will be free to play

How often will you upgrade the game?
- Current plan is to upgrade the game as often as possible while releasing content over time.

Is there a way to start a new character / tank?
- No, there is not

Will there be a way to start a new character / tank?
- Yes, it is planned

Is there a way to change my name?
- No, there is not. Yes we will add this feature over time.

I’ve noticed someone is cheating / someone does not behave properly. What do I do?
- Please contact us directly @ info(at)yoone.de

Upgrading my stats does not seem to work, is there something broken?
- Yes there is currently a bug in the stats system, causing some upgrades not to work properly.

What is the stat ability for?
- This is a translation error, it should be named: cooldown, i hope this makes things clearer now.

What stat is what for?
- Health: Increases your health
- Firepower: Increases the damage / duration of a skill however, it does not increase both (i. e. Shaft)
- Speed: Increases your movement & turnspeed
- Armor: Increases your armor (armor absorbs incomming damage based on a damage type)
- Cooldown (Ability): Decreases the overall cooldown of your skills

When will you add my idea/tank/etc.?
- It goes against our philosophy to publish content that is not well considered, please show us a little patience.