[Sacred Seasons 2 MMORPG] [to DEVS] Just my opinion if you care now.

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I got a message in my inbox that read: ’NEW CONTENT ALERT!!!!

Frostwoods (the newest area in the game) has a new addition: The Shroom Maze!

Check it out and play it now!’.

So I didn’t mind checking it out.
Once there I asked 2 questions on the Kongregate chat portion:

1. Can weapons be traded now?

2. Are event still at random?

Answers were No and Yes respectively. So, why should I come back to this game?

The trade market is debatable but it is without a doubt a great source of income if gold comes into the equation. Leaving out getting gold for weapons sold. I would personally pay for content if I leaves a player happy and incidentally the devs happy, but not them directly. For the simple reason I don’t have any relationship with them. I don’t know them, they don’t run with me and they are not my friends. But I would gladly give my friend some gold rather than give it to the devs directly, which I’m still doing but in a different fashion.

Moving on to events. Why am I suppose to stay logged in all day ‘hoping’ for an event to come while 98% of the time it doesn’t? Staying up overnight, losing sleep waiting while I just do and redo the same button clicking.
But when I’m not logged in, an event happened. How do you feel when that happens? It doesn’t make me feel very good.
And when an event does happen how long would it last? I lose sleep then too and I get stressed out so I can run as many times as possible.

If I was told a certain event will take place I’d gladly come to spend some time with my old friends and do some runs but just logging in to hope for something to happen is not fun for me.

I could go on but I don’t know if anyone cares. If you do I’ll post more if you are interested.
It saddens me to see this fine game the way it is know.
Good luck to all of you.

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I entirely agree. For some reason the Devs have not been listening to any player feedback in the least and I’m sick of it.

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The devs aren’t active on the Kong forums.