[Thunderstone] [BUG] Amazon Huntress

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The additional attack on rank 2 or 3 does not work. It is replacing the standard attack.

For example, my hand is:
Amazon Huntress +2A (additional +3 if rank 2 or 3)
Dagger +1A
Militia +1A
Feast +1A per hero
No light.

This should give me attacks of 6, 7, 5 against rank 1, 2, 3. Instead it gives 4, 5, 3 so the flat +2A is not being added.

Either the code is wrong or the card description is misleading.

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You have no light – you’re losing two attack for each level.

You should not have 6 7 5, you should have 4 5 3 (minus two for no light, and you need more light as you go deeper).

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Oops, forgot the light kicked in immediately, ignore me :P