[Redshift] Welcome to RedShift, get started with the best fleet!

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KongFront and their Sister alliance is looking for members… We are overflowing our 50 members now active in game… Yes we hit 50 active members in Redshift even with the death of this game!!!

Best part is we don’t just play this MMO we play all sorts of games on Kong!

Like the Hitch Hiker’s Guide to RSO?

Did you know the people that brought you that have also made guides for Tyrant, Kingdoms, and have one’s for other multi-player games on Kong in the process?

Come join are inclusive Kongregate Only Guild!

Come join the best fleet on RedShift Online!

Message RenegadeSpade, Qazzaq123, or Flying_Dutchman for details!!!

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The new sister alliance was set in place to take on more members and train our new members the best of our abilities.

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Roller Crew now Hiring… Please apply in game and post application here on Kong forums for RedShift.

In your application please include:

Why you want to join KongFront/our sister alliance.
Current Ship
Ship Goal
How long have you played?
What you could do for KongFront
What you hope KongFront can do for you