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Design your own ally, item, or power card for Clash: Rise of Heroes.

You can include the following details.
- Ally Name
- Affiliation
- Health and Strength
- Ability Name
- Focus Cost
- Rarity
- Image (You can either give a description or include an image, but this is not required)

- Power Name
- Power Set
- Effect
- Focus Cost
- Rarity
- Image

- Item Name
- Effect
- Rarity
- Image


Here’s some examples to kick things off:

Name: Sadie
Affiliation: Unaffiliated
Ability: (Sink) While Sadie is in play, for every point of Sadie’s missing health, the opponent is unable to play one card.
Strength: 2
Health: 5
Focus Cost: 40
Rarity: Epic

Name: Cannon Barrage
Power Set: Munitions
Effect: (Harm 1) Deal 1 damage to a random enemy seven times.
Focus Cost: 45
Rarity: Rare

Name: Portable Trap Door
Effect: A 0/1 Trap Door is placed into target empty slot. (Trap Door: Any enemy ally that attacks Trap Door is instantly killed.)
Rarity: Epic

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Blitz Loli
Tactical weapons
If there are 2 or more enemy allies on field, harm all 2. Otherwise, aim 4, crit 4.
(I’m not good with rarities…)
Description: A young girl who have uncanny affinity with all types of fire arms from the age of 5, or perhaps earlier if she met her first MP5 before that.
Pic description: young girl with Gatling in hand, sniper rifle strapped to the back and a sub machine gun on the hip.

Claire St. Clair
If this card would be destroyed, it would be destroyed after its next attack instead. cleanse self then +1 attack when this happens.
This card is unaffected by mental effects.
Last of the Paladins, a maiden knight who process the strongest will among all mortals or immortals alike.
Picture (check out saber from fate/stay night….)

Port X Lina
Esc… Evasive Maneuver!
Move to a random open slot that does not have an opposing enemy ally if possible.
A genius of a girl, inventing dimension bending technologies all on her own, but also a girl who haven’t an ounce of courage
Pic description: a girl with a bunch of high tech gadget strapped on to her.

Ai (this is NOT AI, but the Japanese/Chinese term for sadness)
Target hit by this is affiliated with one of the following effect (randomly selected): suffer 1, disorient(1 turn), immobile(1 turn), weaken 1(1 turn), burn 1. (if on hero, daze 10, sink 1 are also possible, if on ally, redirect against enemy hero is also possible, and generally any other type of debuff that I missed)
The world have shunned her for the curse that was placed on her, yet she seeks not revenge, all she ever wanted was to be left alone.
Pic des: A cross between Raven(teen titan) and Evangeline (Negima) should do. Of Asian trait ofc.

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Name: Allie
Affiliation: Unaffiliated
Health: 7
Strength: 2
Ability Name: (Assistance) Whenever an enemy unit is dealt damage with Harm, Allie attacks the unit as well. Deals 1 less damage on each consecutive attack in the same turn, minimum 1.
Focus Cost: 70
Rarity: Rare
Appearance: A cheery teenage girl with pigtails. She’s just happy to help.

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Sweet ideas! Keep ’em coming!

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Power (Since there is none yet), one for each! - Exile - Arcane - Veil, Stun (Target enemy cannot be the target of powers or items and loses its attack for one turn) - 30 - Epic - A panicked-looking individual pounding an arcane barrier - Tumbling Shot - Archery - Aim 3, Evade (User evades all attacks next turn, and has a 50% chance of dealing 3 damage to target enemy) - 35 - Epic - A dynamic, leaping archer shooting - Recurring Nightmare - Dark - Suffer 2 (Target enemy loses 2 life at the beggining of each of its turns) - 65 - Epic - A desperate individual with horryfing images on the foreground - Fissure - Earth - Harm 6, Disorient (Enemy Hero is dealt 6 damage and has a 50% chance to lose its next attack) - 45 - Epic - A bigger, badder looking version of Tremor - Reflection Shield - Energy - Reflect 1, Shield 1 (Target friendly unit gains shield 1, then gains shield 1 at the begging of your turn, and it deals 1 damage to anything that attacks it) - 50 - Epic - A shooter being hoisted by its own pettard due to a barrier - Neuroshock - Electricity - Haze 20 (Enemy hero loses 20 focus at the beggining of its next turn) - 25 - Epic - A neural map of a human body, obviously electrified - Flare - Fire - Mark 1 (Target enemy unit takes 1 additional damage from all attack until your next turn) - 10 - Epic - A grayed outline looking up to a flare in the sky - Reverberate - Light - Focus Allies 10 (Your hero gains 10 focus for each Ally you have) - 15 - Epic - A zoom up of Harmony, brighter - Kick Through - Might - Harm 4, Harm Right 3 (Target enemy and the 2 enemies to its right are deal 4 damage) - 35 - Epic - Chuck Norris action, nuff said - Magnum - Munition - Harm 1, Aim 1, Crit 3 (Target enemy is dealt 1 damage, has a 50% chance of being dealt 1 more damage, and has a 25% chance of being dealt 3 more damage) - 15 - Epic - Desert Eagle =D - Suggest - Psionic - Sink 4, Focus 10 (Enemy Hero cannot use 4 cards during his/her next turn and gains 10 focus) - 20 - Epic - A pondering individual with the usual Psion on the foreground - Hose Down - Water - Sap All (Target enemy ally has its Strength reduced to 0) - 40 - Epic - Someone trying to cover from a stream of water
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Blarg, Kong cluttered it up and now its super hard to read ):

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Name: Poisoned Quiver
Power Set: Archery
Effect: (Aim Burn 1) All damage dealt by your hero, allies, items, and powers gains a 50% chance to deal 1 additional burn damage. Lasts for the remainder of the battle.
Focus Cost: 45
Rarity: Legendary

Name: Wildcard
Affiliation: Villains
Health: 8
Strength: 1
Ability Name: (Cheat) All of your crits and aims have an additional 25% chance to occur. Your damage/heal ranges will always produce a result in the upper 50% of the range.

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Effect- Do 2 damage to target enemy ally, who is unable to attack next turn. At the end of their next turn, they take 2 more damage.
Focus cost- No idea. 30?
A mighty uppercut knocks the target into the sky. They’ll come back down eventually…

Minor Teleport-
Effect- Target ally’s next attack is redirected to the enemy hero.
Focus cost- 20
A minor folding of spacetime allows an ally to sneak past an enemy’s defenses.

Major Teleport-
Effect- Adjacent allies to the hero have their attack redirected to the enemy hero, and their attacks ignore all damage reduction and shielding.
Focus cost- 55
A major warping of the fabric of space that you could drive a Mack truck through.

Flame Form-
Effect- Target ally gains +3 to strength, and when it attacks, it does damage to adjacent targets. At the end of it’s turn, it is destroyed, and friendly targets take 1 burn damage.
Focus cost- 45
Bathe your ally in fire for a last-ditch suicide strike.

Fortuna Arcana-
Effect- All damage dealt to hero until the end of it’s next turn is randomly dealt to one of the targets on the battlefield instead, including the hero and it’s allies.
Focus cost- Probably slightly cheaper because it’ll blow up in your face occasionally, so.. 35?
A random reshuffling of the Deck of Fate can have unpredictable results…

Death Shroud-
Effect- Target ally absorbs 1 HP/turn from either it’s opposing enemy, or an adjacent opposing enemy.
Focus cost- 30

Standing Wave-
Effect- Target ally permanently gains a shield value of 2. Lose 5 focus at the beginning of each turn until ally leaves play.
Focus cost- 40

Imposing Visage-
Effect- Target ally’s opposing enemy takes 1 damage and has a 75% chance of losing it’s attack at the beginning of each turn while ally remains in play.
Focus cost- 50

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Power Name: Nightmare of Bats

Power Set: Dark

Effect: Summon 1/1 Bats in every open ally slot. Bats have Rush and Suffer skills so they will attack on the turn they enter but will die as soon as the turn ends.

Focus Cost: 25

Rarity: Slightly uncommon?

Tear apart your opponent’s mind and cause them to suffer an onslaught of bats for one turn.

Name: Dorian (Appearance is Magician-like with a dark cloak, top hat, and cane.)

Affiliation: Heroes

Health and Strength: 4 Health and 1 Strength

Ability Name: (Rise/Resurrect) The damage received to Dorian has 25% chance of being returned to opponent after Dorian is resurrected. Resurrect Name is Risen Warrior and is Dorian but set on fire…

Focus Cost: 55

Rarity: Umm, I guess Uncommon to Rare, depending on balance.

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Name: Essence Theft
Power Set: Magic
Effect: (Steal) Your hero gains the ability of the target ally. The target ally loses its ability.
Focus: 35
Rarity: Legendary
(If you steal an “on play” ability, it activates the ability again, as if the ally were played a second time. I.E. Quake. Instant-kill abilities of any kind cannot be stolen. I.E. Singularity.)

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Name: Stoneheart
Affiliation: Four Corners
Effect: (Reflect 1, Block X) Whenever Stoneheart is attacked, he will deal 1 damage back to the attacker. If the attack dealt damage, Stoneheart gains Block 1 (stacking). If the attack did not deal damage, Stoneheart loses Block 1.
Focus: 55
Rarity: Legendary
Strength: 2
Health: 12

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1/2 speed