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Not really its so glitched and was released just to keep players happy. I am thoroughly unimpressed with how glitchy it all is as well.

First of all lets get through the bugs before I get into what I view as needed fixes.

Things are laggy in Empire Space.. The game always seems to get lag spikes here and there but it has seemed to got worse after the update.

Turrets suffer because of this.

Now collecting resources is flawed, after you build a certain amount of collectors it ends up being something outta +NaN.

During an attack on 1 of my outposts I caught the attacker in the middle of taking it, this posed a further issue since after eliminating my buildings he didn’t take the HQ, but I was unable to build more buildings in this sector. Seems something got messed up on the server side.

There is a big issue with death in empire space.

Someone could die and than log out… territory gets claimed by someone else, they log back in during protection and voila they get the system. Dead players can sit and spy and travel to and from one sector that they died in, even if they go to council space and don’t repair

Low Levels:

Alts or new characters unconfirmed as who but because of the lvl 1-5 rule that applies in main space these players can stall out and take sectors because they can not be killed but by other lvl 5 and below players. This makes these players boss and almost essential to have.


First the low level thing is highly annoying… All players lvl 1-25(and higher if/when cap gets raised again) should be eligible for attack in Empire Space.

Fleet Space-
There is no teamwork needed for ANYTHING in empire… The only benefit to having a fleet is defense of territories. Claiming, attacking and defending can really be done solo. Is it easy? NO, but all it really takes is a lvl 25 player, with a decent ship, knowledge of how to attack with said fitment to that ship(there are two easy strategies at the moment that make turrets useless) and Credits.
This means empire space is a war of attrition. He who has the most goodies ect will always maintain control. Most ores and most credits to be specific. As repairs are easy to get and fuel is hardly spent if you have many sectors. So you can easily buzz in and buzz out.

This should be changed. Attacking a base/outpost should be a whole fleet operation. You should need more than yourself and an armload of Credits(not even star tokens needed here!) The best times have been not battles of an outpost but so far battles trying to claim the “takeover” spam of an outpost because it can at times require a whole fleet. Gee, who would have thought this would be something we liked? OH THATS RIGHT ALL OF THE LONG TERM PLAYERS!!!

Resource gathering:

Not only is it broke but it should be able to be shared. If not a full percent than a percent of the resources collected should be able to be collected by members of your fleet. Space is limited and so are certain resources. If your fleet controls a sector why should you not benefit as much as the owner?

That said:

Shared ownership… Sure a player can “own” a sector but why can’t fleet mate’s help build/maintain the sector for them? The option is practically built in already… THESE THINGS WERE BOTH ASKED FOR AFTER BETA TEST WAS DONE!!! WHY DID YOU FAIL US?!?!?!

It seems no update was done for this patch before it got released, you wasted a lot of our time and energy by hyping up Empire Space to deliver a failed product 3 months past your deadline you gave yourself. You, not us, YOU as a development team. Its no surprise to many of us who stick around and check in on the game that the player base went from a vast number of players TO NOTHING!

You guys have other projects, we understand this. But if your intention is to concentrate on all other projects almost exclusively than I am sure we would be happy just knowing that was your intent, and that you no longer want to update this game like you once did.

I expect your knew Public Relations person to respond to this thread. After all it is his job is it not?

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There were players who suggested the same fixes as you during open beta and more on the official forums but once again it seems noone cares enough to read what’s being posted on forums so pretty much we all wasted our time. They can’t say oh we do read what’s being posted because many players posted saying they would like answers from the developers. The community isn’t cared for and not much thought is placed in this game as it was KongFront members who advised the developers on what needed to be fixed. Empire Space needs much work and this solo feeling for having to build everything for yourself to have it destroyed in the next 6 hours is a waste of playing Empire Space. We as KongFront wasted far to many components trying to build up.

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Any feedback on this from our new community manager? :)
Developers said they would release a newer roadmap soon to keep us coming back so whats new or getting fixed finally?

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2 ideas to pop in:

1) Death in Empire Space: just reset the players location back to Sol. (easy change)
(similar note: Players who log out while in Empire Space should also be sent to Sol.)
2) How to handle levels 1-5 in Empire Space: Put in a minimum level of “6” to enter Empire Space (should be easy to put in this filter)

Other Notes:
1) Resource collection calculations seems to be a bit messed up and needs some major work: having 3 mining stations vs 1 mining station seems to post no benefit and messes up the resource calculations.. this should be reviewed / fixed

Thanks again!

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1. Only reason for fleet space now is to have a safe place to mine asteroids
2. Anyone below level 25 shouldn’t enter hostile space, and not because level 25s are there, defending it.
3. Only one who can collect resources is the system’s owner

1. Let fleet mates do all functions of the owner currently (to a point)
2. Hard to solve, other than to decrease curve to level 25 (been at 23 for how long?)
3. See #1

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Thanks for your concerns and suggestions. We’re working on getting Fleet Empire working soon, so we’re well on our way. It means a lot to us that you guys care about the game enough to let us know whats up and we’re working on improving it.

Keep your eyes peeled and your engines hot.

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Keep your eyes peeled and your engines hot.

We all have been doing this for months. :P

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Do our engines ever cool down?

I think we keep them running as much as they can… and the lasers never stop fighting

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Originally posted by RenegadeSpade:

Do our engines ever cool down?

I think we keep them running as much as they can… and the lasers never stop fighting

Talking about engines just like SF:DG (StarFighter DisputedGalaxy) why doesn’t each ship have their own speed as smaller ships are faster and larger ships are slower however you can upgrade your speed by training them?

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WAIT and I stalked him with questions… LOL >.<

SF:DG… ugh… way to kick a dead horse with its own shoe!!!